FES☆TIVE Live in Jakarta (20th August 2016)

Posted: August 24, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So, Idol group “FES☆TIVE” came to Indonesia for the “Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia” event in Indonesia, Jakarta(or also known as “GJUI“). They came here for a grand total of 5 days total, including some appearance at local TV here (SCTV “Inbox” Show), some radio appearance, and also “Fan Meeting” Event which is located at a ZOO (Ragunan, somewhere in South of Jakarta).

I attended the Festive Presscon a day before the GJUI Event.

Basically, since i dont know much about them so i will just keep this post “short”…haha. But it’s my tradition to cover an idol group when they visited my country (being an “idol-otaku” that i am, even though if i didnt know much about them, lol :D)

I did take 2shot with Mikki before during TIF2016 “TGIF” segment a few weeks ago though during my Japan Trip, but that’s just for fun. Haha. It’s funny how she looks so surprised when i showed my TGIF polaroid cheki to her at the booth merchandise stand there. Hahaha. 😛

Festive mebers @ Their Merchandise Stand @ GJUI

The goods their selling at the stand

Anyways, i can’t come up with a full setlist for Festive cuz all i know is “Magical Parade” and “Summer Jumping”. Their song is all fast paced one, but for some reason most of them didnt catch my ear…lol. So here is my short/quick summary of them during their visit to Jakarta, Indonesia. 😛

– The members quite ok in “fishing”. Especially Hinarin ^^ (and Kotone + Momoka also from what i heard).
– Cheap cheki/2shot 500 yen, group shoot 1000 yen
– The goods their sell at buppan/stand also very cheap (lightstick change color only 1000 yen? tshirt 2000 yen?)
– Members walking around the venue and can 2shot for free (use mobile phone)
– They performed 12 songs during the live. that is ALOT!!! :O They also didnt cut their screen time despite the delays, so thx to the organizer
– Energetic performance despite the performance is nearing to Midnight time already !! (Lol)

– Still dont like the songs, maybe only one or two songs only (Magical Parade, Summer Jumping)
– The Live got delayed until sooo late at night time. 22:30 start, 23:40 (!!!) finish lol
– 2shot only 50k rupiah (around 500 yen), but their Zoo Trip on Sunday actually cost 600k , in japanese yen is around 5000+ yen (which i think too expensive for local standards, but i think all the jap fans still go though!)
– Too bad got one member didnt come for this event, so its 7 out of 8 members (not complete)

Overall it’s still quite fun. But for some reason imo, LinQ appearance in Aeon Mall BSD last month is much better experience for me haha. Maybe cuz i like LinQ’s song better lol 😀

(…..Hinarin is still cute though !!><). Oh. About Hinarin. She likes idol too, in the end we talked abit about Hello Pro and C-ute being disbanding next year, since i dont know any other topics to talk her with xD. But surprisingly, we got along just fine during the 2shot + meet and greet at the stand/buppan there. Haha. 😛

Some pictures of course.

2shot with @aoba_hinarin (my fave member :3) 😛

Group Shot with Festive

You can also check out my Flickr album for more Festive photos….and that’s about it 😀

END OF (my short) REPORT.

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