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Posted: August 29, 2016 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels, Japan!!

Akihabara Grids Capsule – Akihabara

Just want to do quick review of this place. Stayed here for a total of “1 day” only, so can’t say much about it. 😛 The only reason why i chose to stay here because its location in AKIHABARA!!, and it’s quite reasonable price at around 3000 Yen per night!

Ok let’s get it started shall we. 😀


The capsule room is just like your standard capsule hotel type, so nothing much to say here.

The WIFI of this place, is quite good though ! Quite fast compared to the Iriya 1980 capsule hotel i stayed before lol. The main lobby of the hotel is also very spacious, and the staff can speak abit english so check in is not a problem at all. They also let you drop luggage at the lobby if you came too early, and there is place to sit around at the main lobby also.

Oh, there is a common room at the top floor- although it is kinda small. See picture below

Common Room at the Top floor

Now into the bad parts… .they do have Lockers storage — but the locker storage is quite small…medium size? one thing for sure , you can’t put your luggage there since it is kinda small, meaning you have to put your luggage somewhere else. Because of this, sometimes the capsule hallway is quite messy with luggages/baggages of other visitors!! Yeah, i really do appreciate the 1980 yen Iriya Capsule now for having so huge locker space.

The hallway sometimes filled up Luggages / baggages

Another thing is the shower. Well, the shower is kinda cramped, and there is no door (only a curtain to block the view) so any strangers can just easily peek on you lol. But if this is not your problem, then i think you’ll be okay. At least the shower is free 😀

Shower Rooom


Even though this hotel is located in south of Akihabara, the hotel is quite far away from the JR/Metro station. Walking distance to the Akihabara area would take at least 10-15 minutes depending how fast you are, lol 😀 Although this is not a problem at all if you’re not in a hurry. But going here and there with a Luggage when you’re checking in and checking out is kinda pain in the ass (because it’s far).

I would rather stay at the Iriya capsule hotel really, shorter walking distance, and even though its at Iriya, still near to the metro station and also quite near to akihabara. The only difference here you’re at Akihabara already, so if your plan is to spent everyday at Akiba, then you’ll save some train money. Haha.

When i booked this capsule hotel back then it cost me around 3000 yen+, so it’s slightly more expensive than the 1980 Iriya capsule hotel. My friend told me the they booked the hotel at the same price as the iriya hostel (not sure how they get cheaper price like that), but for it’s location- i think the price is rather reasonable.

Final Verdict:

For the cheap price of 3000 yen and location in Akiba, i think this capsule hostel only fits those who loves Akiba. Its around 10-15 minutes walk into the centre of Akiba (could be faster if you’re a fast walker) but don’t expect it to be so near!

– Reasonable price at around 3000 yen for a capsule in Akihabara
– Fast Wifi
– Huge Lobby (compared to Iriya – so small)
– Polite Staff who can speak English
– Can leave luggage at the Lobby (they give you tag number)
– Free Shower with shampoo and soap
– 24 hours access – no curfew
– Cafes and sitting areas near the lobby to relax.
(must buy something though before you can sit around there)

– Quite far from Akihabara district actually (10-15mins walk)
– Nothing much around the capsule areas, few combinis only.
– Shower room only got curtains — no doors
– Messy Hallyway because too much Luggages … (reason? see below)
– SMALL LOCKER – Luggages / baggages definitely wont fit !

My Rating:
6.5 out of 10.

Akihabara Grids
Agoda Link

And that’s about it for my short review, haha 😀


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