Silent Siren Live in Jakarta 2016 (9.9.2016)

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Silent Siren Jakarta Live 2016 @ Upper Room (09.09.2016)

Silent Siren went to Jakarta for the 3rd time in a space of 2 years time. Early Last year, i didnt know much about them (yep, i’m a late fan i know), and i just knew them ever since they started doing collaboration with “Passpo” during Last year “Tokyo Idol Festival 2015” at the Heat Garage Stage. I remember that day one of the saisai (Silent Siren) member “Yukarun” appears on the TIF stage together with passpo singing Passpo’s trade mark song “Material Girl”. Haha. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Fast Forward after that, they apperared two times in Indonesia during 2015; Firstly at “GJUI 2015” event as one of the Guest Performer there, before doing their first solo concert in Jakarta in September 2015 last year. If you track back my earlier blog post, you can see my post about those events as well πŸ™‚

Anyways, for last year concert at the Upper Room i went as a media to take pictures, so for this year Live, i decided to go for the VIP SEAT one. So on the 9th September 2016, The day of the Live, i met my friends quite early before the concert so i can secure the “Meet and Greet” ticket. The Meet and Greet Ticket cost 500k rupiah (around 4000 yen) and you get the “Silent Siren World Tour T-Shirt, A Towel, a Group Photo with Silent siren (!) and also handshake with them ! I think its a very awesome deal!

Meet and Greet Ticket Package

Queue at around 3PM

After securing the Meet and Greet ticket, basically it’s just a waiting game until the Live starts at 19:30PM. I queued in front with a fellow fans from Singapore, Hongkong and one guy from Malaysia. There’s also Japanese fans but i think they decided to queue at the back.

So the gate Open at 18:30 and i rushed inside to find a spot for myself. Strangely, i remember few months ago before the concert, they announced that the live will be an “All Standing” concert. But today, once we got inside there are chairs/seats everywhere. Haha. Oh well. Maybe the organizer last minute changed their minds about the “free/all standing” and decided to put chairs in there. So for the seats, i managed to secure a 2nd row centre row, which isn’t all that bad…Lol.

Inside the Venue

Now onto the concert part. It’s really awesome. For some reason they started to do “Bang Bang Bang!” and “Biisan” quite early in the live. They also sing “Hacigatsu No Yoru, Soukai Rock, Happi Mari” etc etc, but my favorite part is when they sing “Secret Base, Koi Yuki“, and “Stella” back to back half way through the concert…OMG !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

There’s also one song i got addicted lately, and that is “Love Fighter”. I didnt really like DanceMusiQ that much either, but during the live, it’s actually quite fun. Lol.

For the encore parts they sing 3 songs, “Sinbad, What Show It Is?, and finally Cherry Bomb“. Quite awesome setlist! Although they never sing “Sweet Pop!” and Kakumei this year to make way for newer songs…oh well.

Anyways here is the full setlist from the Concert.

Silent Siren – Jakarta 2016.09.09 Setlist

Silent Siren Jakarta setlist 9/9/2016:
1. Milk boy
2. Hachigatsu no Yoru
4. Biisan
5. Joshikou Sensou
6. Love Install
7. Hikari
9. Soukai Rock!
10. Hapi Mari
11. secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~
12. Koi Yuki
13. stellaβ˜†
14. Yoshida-san
15. C. A. F. E
16. DanceMusiQ
17. Guru Guru Wonderland

Encore :
18. Shindo Baddo (Sindbad)
19. What show is it?
20. Cherry Bomb

After the concert it’s time for meet and greet. Me and my friends quequed quite last minute because we went out from the hall quite late. And by then the queue already quite very long lol. Doesnt Matter though. During the Meet and Greet, i didnt talk to them that much anyway (since they’re not idols), so i just went to handshake with them and take a group shot. Haha.

Group Shoot with Sai Sai

After the concert, me and my friends went to eat a late dinner at my singaporean friend’s hotel for a late night gathering. Before i finally went back home at around 12-1am. Phew. Haha. What a day.

With Singapore, Japanese, Malaysian saisai fans

Overall, the concert is very nice. And the experience for this year concert leaves a MUCH BIGGER impression for me compared to last year live. Maybe because for this year, i see them much more closer (2nd row centre) and also still got the meet and greet after the live. Last year i went as a media, and watched the 3/4 for the concert from the back row, and also didnt attend the meet and greet (only high touch from what i heard, so this year group shoot and handshake is a HUGE upgrade, haha). πŸ˜›

I do hope Saisai come to Jakarta again though; Hinanchu said before that if possible they want to do a live in Jakarta every year. So let’s hope she keep her words for next year (2017) Live in Jakarta. πŸ˜€

Highlights / Best Part of the concert For Me:
“Bang bang Bang!, Biisan, Joshikou Sensou, Secret Base, Love Fighter, Koi yuki, Stellla, Cherry Bomb”

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