Thailand Japan Expo Trip ! (9th-13th Feb 2017)

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I went to Thailand for the “Thai Japan Expo 2017” around 2 weeks ago (during my 9th to 13th February Thailand trip). Actually, this is really an “impulse” trip — as none of my favorite groups actually performing in this events (well i kinda liked Up Up Girls…so yeah). But since many of my friends also went, and the fact that the event itself is a “FREE” event in a Mall (!!)…well…why the hell not. I found a rather cheap ticket to BKK at the end of December last year, so i booked it with my Christmas money (lol).

Thai Japan Expo 2017 Banner

If you see the Line up above, actually it’s not that bad at all. My main aim for this event (even though they’re not really my favorites — but i still kinda like them so its okay) is “Up Up Girls Kakko Kari”, “Wasuta”,, “Festive” and “Akishibu Project”. The rest is basically just a bonus, haha. πŸ˜›

So throughout the 3 days event, the Thai Japan Expo has multiple stages set-up throughout the Malls area (2 indoors and 2 outdoors), a buppan area, etc, so basically it’s just like a mini TIF. Their goods price is also normal price as their japan standard, although there are some bonus as well, such as free hi-5 or free handshakes. Some of the idol groups you can take group picture with them for “FREE” as well, at the Girls Bomb booth or some other booth (like Ready To Kiss, Say La, Wonder Weed, Festive, etc), while idol groups like “Up Up Girls Kakko Kari” surprisingly has a 2shot/group shot cheki (!!) My friend also told me that this is a rare stuffs by them — and their 2shot is also the most expensive there. UUG 2shot chekis is like, 1000 bath (3000 yen) while the UUG Group shot cheki is around 700 bath (around 2500 yen).

Up Up Girls Kakko Kari Day 1 Buppan…im already standing by since morning!

I remember being so overjoyed in my hostel room when i heard the news that you can take picture with them (UUG) ! πŸ˜€ ;which they didnt really announce until 1 day before the event started :/ Also, one other notable things is “Wasuta aka The World Standard”. As you can see, Idol Street sometimes is kinda “strict” with their 2shot policy in japan (most of the time you can take 2shot during their birthday event and you need to be OFC for that), but for Wasuta when they go overseas, you can pretty much take group photo with them for FREE!! So yeah, it is kinda worth it. You still get a free photopack of them also if you tweeted that group picture with #Wasuta hashtag in the social media. Neat stuffs!!

Wasuta Day 2 Appearance

As for “Akishibu Project”, i got addicted with them lately, and i am really gutted now that i didnt get the chance to take pix with Yuuna Arakawa during last year “TGIF 2016” bikini cheki segment haha. But oh well. Most of akishibu project songs is basically a generic idol songs that is easy to listen to. Some of the members also not bad looking but my fave one is definitely “Yuuna Arakawa“, while “Kera Hinako” is quite cute too haha. Most of the Akishibu project members are walking around in the venue giving flyers, and while they’re doing it, you can also take selfie with them for free ! Another free treat! But in the end i still paid to buy Cheki 2shot with Yuunarin and in the end my 2shot with her at the end of trip is 3x (which is the most i take with an idol during this trip !), so yeah, you can say i am kinda addicted with them lol.

Yuuna Arakawa of Akishibu Project

Thai Japan Expo 2017 – 3 Days Summary
At first i thought of doing a separate “day by day” post for each of the “Thai Japan Expo”, but then i decided not to because it would be too long. This is, because, during the Thai Japan Expo trip, i took like over 10.000 (!!) pix of idols with my DSLR (since im a part-time “Idolgrapher” :P). The event itself is in public place and there is no restriction of taking photos; so it is a good CHANCE for me to take pictures of them (which is another RARE thing in japan). Which explain why i took soooo many pictures during this trip (and they will be uploaded to my Flickr Eventually, although if you follow my twitter, i already spammed like dozen of pix there in the last several days lol) so imo, this trip is already WORTH IT for that alone.

So yeah, here is my “shorter” summary of 3 days “Thai Japan Expo 2017” Event:

Day 1 (10-02-2017):
-Free Group shot with Say La and Ready To Kiss
-Up Up Girls buppan
-Live Performances:
Ready To Kiss, Lovely Doll, Festive, Chu-Z, Yuu Kikkawa, Spring ChuBit, Up Up Girls Kakko Kari, Ciao Bella Cinquetti, Chu-Z, Wonder Weed, Say La, Team Manenki, Wonder Weed.

Group Shot with Say La and Ready to Kiss

Wallet Rape Day 1. Around 5500 yen just for UUG Group Cheki and 2shot with Minami Sengoku

Day 2 (11-02-2017):
-Group Shot with Wasuta
-Akishibu Project Buppan and signed cheki with Yuunarin
-Stalking Akishibu Project for free 2shots selfies
– Live Performances :
Yoyojo, Spring Chubit, Lovely Doll, Ready to Kiss, Akishibu Project, Wasuta, Festive, Wonder Weed, Chu-Z, Ready To Kiss, Lovely Doll, Say La, Magical Ban Bang, Akishibu Project, Wasuta, Festive.

2shot with Arakawa Yuna of Akishibu

Day 3 (12-02-2017):
– Group Shot with Wasuta (again)
– Group Shot cheki with Up Up Girls (again..dunno why :P)
– Supergirls Ami Appearance (cosplay event)
– Live Performances :
Up Up Girls Kakko Kari, Ciao Bella Cinquetti, Yuu Kikkawa, Lovely Doll, Wonder Weed, Wasuta, Chu-Z, Akishibu Project, Ready to Kiss, Say La, Festive, Closing Segment

Group Shot 2nd time with Wasuta

Some notes about each idol groups during the Thai Japan Expo.

Up Up Girls Kakko Kari:

One of the member (Ayano) sprained her ankle during her previous event in taiwan (i think) so she didnt perform that much in thailand. Even though when they’re in stage, she always stand in the side and didnt really do much.

Their performance is as energetic as always though; and they performed 2 of my favorite song by them; “Appare”, and “Party People Alien”, so all is good !! πŸ˜€

There is one complain i have during Day 3 of Thai Japan Expo though. Me and my friend were camping in the morning for the segment (UUGs, Kikka, Lovely Doll, etc etc) and in the last minute before the performance started, they pushed everyone at the right side of the “T” shaped stage behind (which is where me and my friends at…shit!) because they want to prepare a space for “VIP’s” people (later i realized that its for the “guest” who wants to watch AKB48 and also the major announcement of BNK48). Some of the japanese at the right side/front row of the “T” shaped stage really complained about it because if not pushed, we would be sooo close right in front of the stage. The left side of the “T” shaped stage however, survived, which makes me think we should’ve been there at the left side of the stage in the beginning.

But other than that, i think i have no major complains for the event.

Akishibu Project:
Im a “late bird” when it comes to akishibu, i didnt even see them at all during my last 2 years TIF trip, so this trip is the first time i actually see them live ! Yuunarin is really pretty in real live, wow, i am addicted to her ! πŸ˜€

They sing 2 of my favorite songs also which is “Summer Summer” and “Manatsu No Serenade”.

Wasuta / The World Standard:
The free group shot is really worth it ! Enough said.
Also, β€œUltra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam” is my favorite song and they performed it almost every time, so yep…awesome.

Didnt spent alot of time in Festive buppan this time around because mainly my focus is either with UUG / Akishibu and Wasuta so really you can’t have them all. Managed to talk to hinarin for few times but basically that’s it. So Nothing much.

Decent setlist also, and they did sing “Magical Parade!”

Other Groups:
Magical Ban Bang is quite awesome; and i am really addicted to their song “袅↑穢ζ₯΅η΅Άε―Ύε¬ε–šι­”法陣” which is very addicting.

Magical Ban Bang

Ready to Kiss also has some catchy songs but i dont know most of the titles until now lol.

Say La…i didnt know much about them, but their song “I Love you” is quite catchy.

Lovely Doll did sing 2 of my favorite songs by them which is “Setsunatsu Diver” and “Bitter Choco Valentine”, and also got addicted with another song by them (“Calendar Girl”) after i come back from Thailand…Lol.

– I also think Robin from Ciao Bella Cinquetti is very pretty…the fact that 90% of my Ciao Bella pix i took with my DSLR is mainly her pictures only should explain everything lol.

Kikka, Ciao Bella Cinquetti and Up Up girls did this Berryz old song “Cha cha sing” during their day 1 performance which is quite awesome also.

As for other groups i failed to mention here, means that i find them as so so only — or i didnt have enough time to see them as a whole. I also skipped AKB48 appearance in the outdoor stage during Day 3 (lazy with the crowd, so many people), and also Pink Cres (with ex Berryz member Miyabi Natsuyaki) during day 2 night performance because clash of schedules.

Verdict about the trip:
– Took over 10.000 pix with my DSLR. Too many idols stock photos for me now !
– Thai Wotas is awesome.
– Thai Foods is great and everything is cheap.
– The hostel where i stayed for 4 nights is not bad also. “Glur Hostel Bangkok”. Lazy to link here, just google it.
– Would definitely come back next year if possible (and hopefully the line up is better !) πŸ˜€

All My Group Shot / 2shot during Thai Japan Expo

Pic Spams of Thai Japan Expo 2017

Supergirls Ami (Cosplaying as Kuropika “Hunter x Hunter”)


Kikka & Up Up girls

Kera Hinako and Yuna Arakawa (Akishibu)

Hinarin (Festive)

Lovely Doll

Magical Ban Bang

Ready To Kiss

Say La

Wotas in Thai Japan Expo 2017 in Action

Up Up girls “Furikopi” during Ciao Bella Cinquetti Performances from the sidelines.

Ok, enough pix spam for now…more will be upload on my Flickr when i have the time. (Actually for the moment…i forgot my own flickr password lol, which explain of the delays of my flickr post update) But i’ll make sure to do a separate blog post about it when the albums is finally up haha. πŸ˜€

TIF2017 is coming up in around 6 months, so expect more “TIF” postwhore from me in the future post too…very soon πŸ˜› Recently i’ve been liking Maneki Kecak and Kamiyado alot (thx to my friends for brainwashign me lol), so i guess they would be one of my “to-watch” list during this year TIF. More post about that in my next TIF postwhore update πŸ˜‰

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