Local Idol Events in Jakarta – April – May 2017

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Actually i wanted to update my blog back then, but i’ve just been tooo lazy haha. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› So yeah, ill do this update back to back together with my #TIF2017 post whore updates in one go. So let’s start the blog update with this event “Sakura Matsuri” in April 2017

Festive @ Sakura Matsuri Maxxbox Cikarang – April 2017

Sakura Matsuri” is a yearly “japanese” cultured themed events which is held regularly in “Cikarang” which is located in the outskirts of Jakarta (further to the east from “Bekasi”). It is a free event, but i guess the only bad thing about it is that the location is really far off (me and my friends ended up renting a “Grab Car” to reach there) and the venue is basically in the middle of nowhere. Before i start with anything, i really feel i have to mention the location– because it is THAT FAR. Seriously!!! πŸ™

MAxxbox Cikarang / Orange County…a boring place with nothing interesting to see

And also, during the event there are this japanese fan who is ‘kinda’ stuck in the event venue in Cikarang, while his hotel is all the way back in Jakarta… by the time day 1 finish (after the offkai event) it is nearing Midnight, and he’s really troubled to find cab to go back to the hotel (because the distance and some other stuffs). In the end i have to help him order a “Grab car” so he can go all the way back to Jakarta to reach his hotel (around 2-3 hours if JAM…now that is far) and the next morning come back to the venue again to see Festive lol. I suppose those who not familiar with Indonesia might think that the venue is actually near Jakarta, when it is actually not. Plus the JAM in indonesia can really kill you. (of boredom, stress, and some other stuffs xD) πŸ˜€

Anyways, this event really surprised me with a sudden announcement of “Festive” as a guest performer in the line up. Last few years they only bring local idols here (such as JKT48 and Lumina Scarlet), but i guess they tried for something different this year! This is the 2nd time “Festive” actually visited Indonesia in the span time of one year (last time they visited Indonesia for “GJUI” Event in August 2016).

Here are some pictures of from the events:

The day after the event, they also went to visit a local TV station here for a public TV appearance “SCTV Inbox“. Here are some pictures also from the appearance.

Overall, i did learn more about Festive members, their songs,and also the chants (for the songs) after their visit here…but it’s hard to say if i really liked them, even though i find that some of the members quite cute (Like Hinarin, and the new member Saria for example), but they are still far off from my “favorite” idol lists. I didnt spend that much for the buppan, and even though i have some overseas guest from Malaysia and Thailand that spends like no tomorrow…most of the time i’m only observing them haha!

So yeah, Festive is just “not there” for me. The members are cute, some the songs are decent. but after their 2nd visit here in Indonesia….not sure why. haha. Maybe it’s just my personal taste in the end. I will look forward for them to visit indonesia again though if they decide to come again! But hopefully i dont have to travel so far from Jakarta next time… Lol!!

Thoughts about Festive:
– The songs quite decent. After their 2nd visit to Indonesia, Now i like “Shidare Yanagi”, along with my previous favorite song “Magical Parade” which i already mention in my previous blog post before.
– Members give alot of fanservice during their visits here
– Off-kai event (meet and greet at a Seafood restaurant)
– The new member Saria (white color) quite cute πŸ˜›

Jakarta Idol Festival – May 2017

Jakarta Idol Festival is a local idol events here which is held at a “quite rundown” mall in the North of Jakarta called “Mangga Dua Square”. Most of the performers is a idol group / dance cover group from all over indonesia (for example, “Lumina Scarlet” from Bandung, and “Momiji Velvet” from Jogjakarta, etc etc) and they also have one Japanese idol group / guest from Japan also, “Enka Girls”.

Actually, Enka Girls is also one of the guest performer for Ennichisai which is held 2 days after this event (also in Jakarta region) so their appearance here is just a bonus i guess. Besides, i didnt really like their songs in general. So didnt do much except taking some pictures. πŸ˜› Here are some pictures of Enka Girls at the Jakarta Idol Festival.

Thoughts about Enka Girls:
– I dont like the songs
– Members so so only
– The only good thing about them is that the fanservice is REALLY good. But too bad i have no favorite member that really interest me.

Also, like i mention before, there are some cover dance groups also singing idol songs etc etc.I made a 5 minutes “highlights” videos in Youtube if you want to check it out. Btw, this footage doesnt includes “Enka Girls” at all….So mainly, just some lifting part and urya oi parts only Lol. Check it out πŸ˜›

Ennichisai 2017 – May 2017

Finally the yearly event “Ennichisai“. A Japanese Traditional/Culture event held yearly at Blok M Jakarta, which features some idol groups as the guest star line up. Last few years they bring idols such as Pinkbabies, Love Android, Starmarie, Faint Star here. For this year, at least something for a change…KissBee / Tokyo Samurai Girls and also Enka Girls, which already appeared previously in Jakarta Idol Festival.

And if i have to describe Ennichisai in a nutshell…its probably : “SEA OF PEOPLE“. Just see the picture below haha. Because of this i am too lazy to move around elsewhere

So yeah. Basically i only came here 2 days just to take pictures of KissBee. To be honest i didnt really like their songs in general (its more like a slow paced songs and you cannot really chant lol) but i find that some of the members is quite cute- so it’s still okay as an object of photography xD πŸ˜€ Here are some selected pictures off KissBee / Tokyo Samurai Girls

Basically both of “KissBee” and “Tokyo Samurai Girls” is the same, they’re only wearing different outfits. They will wear samurai / kimono outfit if they appears as “Samurai Girls” and doing some traditional dance moves instead of singing idol songs like in KissBee. I find one of the member “Misaki Tani” is quite cute as well…most of the members are still 17 years old, with only one of them is over 20 years old (i forgot which one though) !

Thoughts about KissBee:
– Their songs are so-so only. Cannot really chant at all also which is a let down.
– Members are Cute though!! πŸ˜€ :3
– Chekis quite cheap at 50.000 Rupiah (500 yen for polaroid) or 30.000 Rupiah (300 yen for using handphone).

I think that should be all for my blog coverage about Ennichisai this year. Yes there are other things i’ve done at the event too (same as in Sakura Matsuri and Jakarta Idol Festival) but since this blog is particually focused on “Japanese Idols” or Japanese Travel…i will only focus on those only, which in this case, Japanese idols. Didnt really care much about Enka Girls either so for this Ennichisai update i only focused on KissBee…so sorry about that hehe πŸ˜€

I still forgot my Flickr password so im abit lazy to upload the pictures to Flickr nowadays…my backlog of pictures to upload actually is quite alot haha. But maybe someday~~

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