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Posted: June 5, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

What’s up guys! Been a while since my last blog post, today i will update my blog with some new thoughts about the upcoming #TIF2017…so here you go, my yearly “Post whore” segment!! Let’s get it started shall we !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 – Post Whore Edition 4th June 2017

So, what is up with this year TIF really? The updates are slow, and for some reasons they stopped giving “free pass” to gaijin this time round ! I must say, this is really/kinda affected me abit, as some of my friends who i knew is actually kinda “turned off” to the fact that they have to pay for this year TIF. ๐Ÿ™ To be honest,it’s been bugging me too — as i’ve kept on waiting for the free pass that never arrives…..i guss we really need to thank TGU last year for providing us service for the free pass lol. It seems that i need to pay again this year, after being a “cheapo” in the last 2 years using the gaijin tickets, But Hey, nothing is free forever you know ! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh yeah, more on about TIF being slow with announcing the line ups and stuffs this year around… I wonder why. Or maybe they’re just too damn fast last year with the updates ? I know last year this time around they already done with announcing the free tix for gaijin, more line ups, and also more details such as Sparkling Nights” events which i am not sure if its going to be back this time around…

On the bright side though, today they also just announced the “TGIF” for this year TIF, so yeah!! It’s back again guys!!! The bikini 2shots is back officially! Just what im waiting for (it is still slow though!)…Now what i need is the announcement of the guest list for the TGIF segment lol.

Ok, moving on to the idol groups. There are many idol groups graduation this year. For example. No more Rev from DVL. No more Sanmini / 3min. No more Doll Elements. No more Dorothy Little Happy ๐Ÿ™ andddd etc etc etc etc… so obviously they wont be appearing in this year TIF :/ And there’s so many more / others idols graduation this year – be it an disbandment, or some members graduating from their idol groups etc etc, so im just giving an short example here….1 year in idolling world is such a short time actually — many things could change so you should enjoy your favorite idol groups while it last. But in the bright side of life, as always, for every idol groups that is disbanding/ graduating nowadays– there’s always a new one that pops out of nowhere and looking for new hungry DD wotas to support them xD

Like, for example there is this idol group called KAMOใŒใƒใ‚ฎใ‚’ใ—ใ‚‡ใฃใฆใใ‚‹ใƒƒ!!! (i usually just refer them as “Kamo Negi”). Last year they are in Odaiba Zepp Diver City, walking outside the gundam statue to hand out flyers for their future debut event later in August 2016. Now fast forward one year later — This year, they will performing in TIF for the first time ! What a sudden improvement with just 1 year difference eh ? ๐Ÿ˜€

KAMOใŒใƒใ‚ฎใ‚’ใ—ใ‚‡ใฃใฆใใ‚‹ใƒƒ!!! / Kamonegi

That is just an example for idol groups i will certaintly “look out” in this year TIF. In fact, there should be many more others like this because for this year TIF, they have this “selection” round of some idol groups from all over Japan which would be performing in this year TIF. But im not sure how that goes because im not following those groups, i guess i can only tell when i see them in person lol. But yeah, this year TIF, even though there are so many Major disbandment from some idol groups, there should be some new groups as well to look forward too. Maybe at this moment we just didnt know it yet, and they are waiting to be discovered ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, if you are a regular visitors of my blog from the good ol’ days, then you should know that every year in TIF ever since 2012, my priorities has always been Passpo. Well, not anymore. Not for this year at least.

Passpo / Band Thoughts… Is it time???

I have to be honest that my interest in Passpo is slowly fading away. Yeah i know, i probably already mentioned this last year, but i feel like to mention it again because Passpo is still kinda important to me xD I still like them, i still like the songs, i still like “Annya”, etc etc. I can put a thousand reason why i still like Passpo, but in the end — i have to understand that they’re slowly maturing. Most of the members are in the 20’s and they are more focused to be a “band” nowadays compared to being an idols”.

Miomio still rocks with her guitar though!

I can already feel it in last year TIF, from the songs their sings at TIF, to the crowd ‘atmosphere’ when they are performing…it is soooo much….different. Man, i have to say that i miss the old Passpo back. Moshing to “Natsuzora Hanabi” in TIF2013/2014 is definitely one of the highlights back then. Nowadays i think most of the Passpo hardcore fans and ‘pinchikes’ has moved along to Puti Passpo. LOL!

This year TIF i will definitely drop by to see Passpo, maybe once, maybe twice. But they are no longer my priorities. Sorry Passpo ! I’ve been supporting them ever since 2011, But i can’t help to think that their time is nearing to an end – Especially with sooo many idol groups disbanding recently (like i mentioned before), i have a feeling they will follow the same path in 1-2 years time. Hopefully i am wrong though. I would be glad to see them survive as long as possible. In fact, being a “DD” i am, Passpo is actually the “Longest” idol group that i have supported ever so far. It took me a few years for me to lost interest in “AKB” and “Hello Project”, but it took me this far (6 years !! from 2011 to 2017) of Passpo before i can finally say…”it is time”.

Priorities in TIF2017

So,if not Passpo…what is my target in TIF then?? Let’s find out !! Here come the good parts after all the doom and gloom xD ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Babyraids Japan

Babyraids. Well well well. If you see my last year TIF2016 post whore then you should know that they are my favorite idol groups of 2016 xD That moment of them singing “Yoake Brand New Days” at Day 3 Smile Garden is just toooo damn awesome and im glad i was there!

This year they will definitely wil be in my priorities to see again. I like their new single and the new single outfit as well, so im looking forward for it. The only lowdown about Babyraids, is that their “buppan” is kinda…boring i guess? There is no 2shots/cheki like other idol groups, so not much time for interaction there. But i already accepted (the fact that its gonna be hard to meet them in close range/in person/ or take pictures with them) the moment i liked group, so it’s all cool with me. Haha

Of course i am still waiting for the moment to come one day when i can take a 2shot with babybraids members. It’s one on my “bucket list” currently. Not sure when the day will come, but hopefully soon !

Maneki Kecak

Maneki Kecak is another group that totally appeared out of nowhere and got into my DD radar!! They’re only formed recently in 2015 i think, and i only started liking them recently also. My favorite member is tied between Reona and Chiai and it will still remains undecided until at least i come back after TIF / or after seeing themself in person ๐Ÿ˜€ Hahaha!

Their songs is not everyone cup of tea. They sing a mixture of weird songs such as “Monster to Kecak” and the crowd pleaser “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” (which also sang by their sister group “Drop” which much different dance moves xD) but they also sing some awesome slow/powerful songs such as “Kimiwazurai”, “Time Machine”, and my recent favorite “Arikitarina Koto ba de (ใ‚ใ‚ŠใใŸใ‚Šใช่จ€่‘‰ใง)“. It is a “slow burner” song, but once i got my addicted to it – i can’t stop but keep looping the song recently. xD

So yeah, they’re being new also helps, as they are still pretty fresh to me, so i can’t wait to see them ! The only bad thing probably is that one of the member (Mayuka) announced her graduation at the end of last May, when i haven’t even got to see her yet…damn ๐Ÿ™ Not sure if they’re gonna continue with this 4 member line up for a while or if they gonna add a new members in the future, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Kamiyado. Another interesting group, their songs is usually fast paced, and kinda different from others, but some reasons i liked it! There are plenty of songs to chant/mix, and their lives (from what ive see in youtube so far) seems kinda fun as well xD

My list of favorite Kamiyado songs keeps growing each day, but some songs that definitely stuck in my playlist recently is “Harajuku Sentai, Kamiyado Ranger”, “Zenkai! Kamiyado World”, “KMYD”, and my personal fave “Hissatsu! Cho Kamiyado Senpu!”.

Just like Maneki Kecak, i have interest with 2 different members in Kamiyado, and that is Mika-chan (red) and Meirin (blue). Which one is my favorite – will still remains undecided until i meet them in person…so its a similiar scenario to Maneki Kecak xD

(Btw they also got cover Drop’s version of “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” in the past, and its one of my favorite versions (compared to the original Drop or Maneki version xD) check it out)

Kamiyado version of “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” is sooo much fun LOL!!


Passcode. Now here is one group that is NOT ON TIF2017 Performer list yet !! I still do hope that they will make it this TIF, but i am kinda worried because “Rock In Japan Fes” also happens to be in the same day of TIF and they might be invited for that one instead….this is because recently they have announced that they will be performing in “Summer Sonic 2017” performing with other rock bands…uh oh…

So yeah, im not sure if they’re gonna make it in this year TIF. I really hope they still appears in TIF instead of “Rock in Japan fes” But i’ll just put this group in here because they’re one of my favorite group at the moment and i would be glad to see them again this year !!

*Let the praying begins*

+ I want to see the epic Yuna screaming again!!!

Other Groups:
Besides Babyraids, Maneki Kecak, Kamiyado, and Passcode, there are obviously other groups i wanted to see as well. Before above i already mentioned the new idol group “Kamo Negi” also. Other than that, i am still interested to see Idol Street again. “Cheeky Parade” (even though they will be a 5 members line up now after some members graduation) and also “GEM”. Will i actually see Supergirls this year? I never been a “hardcore fan” of Supergirls to be honest, in fact, they’re the last in my “idolstreet ladder ranking” but i can’t deny the fact that i like Nana Asakawa and she is smokin’ hot. HAHA. Maybe i will drop by one or two times but in the end — it depends on the time table schedule eh.

Also even though Sanmini/3min is disbanding, i got to give credits to Palet for surviving all these idols disbandment madness. Last year i would predict that they will be disbanding after soo many core members graduating from the group. But this year there is a light at the end of the tunnel (THANK GOD!). They have announced new fresh members to join the group, now they have a grand total of 8 members (more than Passpo!!). So yeah, i might drop by to see Palet for a few times because im kinda curious about the new members. Haha.

Palet new line up with 8 members. Should be interesting

#TIF2017 Post Whore Summary

So yeah. That should be that for this edition of #TIF2017 post whore edition by “Infzer0” xD In this edition, i’ve mentioned about my priorities in idol groups, my sudden lost of interest in passpo, and “Why the hell it is taking so slow for them to update the line up” this year?

Hopefully my next blog update will be more interesting than this though — and sorry if you got bored while Reading all this !! ๐Ÿ˜›

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