TIF2017 Map Updates ! And some stuffs~

Posted: June 12, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So finally they have revealed the map areas for this year #TIF2017, and here’s what i thought about it !! πŸ˜€ Basically, on a quick glance, the map looks exactly/similiar to TIF2015 (2 years ago).

They removed last year TIF2016 “Ship Stage“, and bring back the “Heat Garage” from TIF2015 back at Zepp Diver, replacing the hot stage last year (which is held at zepp diver also). Instead, the Hot Stage this year would not be at Zepp diver again (since Heat Garage is now occupying the space again) so it’s probably be outdoor again just like in TIF2015.

Btw here’s a quick history of TIF Hot stage from year to years:
TIF2012 – Indoor (Zepp Diver)
TIF2013 – Indoor (Zepp Tokyo)
TIF2014 – Outdoor
TIF2015 – Outdoor
TIF2016 – Indoor (Zepp Diver)
TIF2017 – Outdoor?

Yes, if they follow the same format like in TIF2015, it will probably the same outdoor stage with some “shelter” areas which only covers the front areas of the stages. There is a priority seating area under the shelters, so if you cannot get inside this area, you have to stand from outside the areas without shelter, which means you’ll be burning under the sun..so get ready xD

TIF2014 Hot Stage Set-ups

Also, there’s one thing i didnt like from TIF2014/2015 outdoor setup. since there are “seating areas” here, many people are basically “chopping” up the seats and they won’t really move at all, so it’s kinda harder to move in front really. πŸ™ Basically if you really want to move closer to the stage (my experience in TIF2014/2015), you really need to be up for it. After each artist finished performing you have to get ready to move in front and wait for someone to leave, and then you can take over their seats.

This does not need to happen in indoor hot stages (tif 2016, 2013 and 2012) as there is no seating areas. No seating areas means NO RULE, you just need to squeeze through people if you wanna move in front (and if you can, xD).

But then again, i think they do this so can they can organize better. And most 48 groups will probably perform here anyway. So with seatings and stuffs, people cannot really build a “circle” or anyhow “mosh” there like you can do in Smile Garden. It’s easier for the security team to control the crowd also, so if you go crazy here (like Lifting and stuffs) probably the security will take a note and scold/kick you out, so be careful ! Haha. πŸ˜›

Ok enough about the Hot Stage. I did talk alot about the Hot Stage since most of the performers will be performing there anyways, i think it is kinda important haha πŸ˜€ As for the rest of the stage, i think they would be the same , so no need for explanation. Smile Garden, Sky Stage, Doll Factory all returning back. Festival Stage is the stage near the Gundam Statue (which they took down now and under construction), while the Dream Stage is called My Navi Stage back then in TIF2014. Greetings Area, Grand Market, and Tokyo Gravure Idol Festival is in the same areas again.

Good ol’ “Smile Garden” Stage!

Line Up Updates!:

There are some line up updates also yesterday, they finally added some groups like “BisH, “Gang Parade”, There There Theres” (formely known as bellring)– but still NO PASSCODE!!! πŸ™ Dammit, i guess need to wait up again for the passcode announcement…maybe they are still thinking whether to perform in Rock in Japan fest or in TIF…but hopefully they will still perform for one day at least in TIF !

Line Up Updates!

There’s also funny thing the line up there, as Tokyo Girls Style made it for this year TIF2017 haha πŸ˜€ If you didnt know btw, Tokyo Girls Style previously announced a few years ago that they’re NOT idol groups anymore and won’t be performing in TIFs — i guess all that changed now, they’ve made a comeback LOL :D. I heard there’s a change of management so maybe thats why they decided to come back?

Other things, they also have announced the dates of the performance for each idol groups. Even though the full exact timetable is not released yet (and probably won’t until last minute as usual), i am glad to see that 3 of my favorite groups will be performing in all 3 days of TIF2017 πŸ˜€ Babyraids, Maneki Kecak, and Kamiyado” all will be performing in all 3 days of the TIF!! Yippie ! πŸ˜€

3 days performance, thank you very much!

Passpo, Cheeky Parade, Supergirls also performed for all 3 days, while GEM and Wasuta only performed 2 days (4th and 5th August only), and Palet also (4th and 6th August only). And oh, BiS and BiSH also only performed for one day each (only on the 5th of august). Kamonegi also only performed for one day only (on the 5th of august…damn). As for the rest of the groups…haven’t really made any plans yet lol. πŸ˜€

Anyways, click Here for the TIF2017 Line up Pages and Dates.

Some things i hope for next TIF Updates:
– Passcode Passcode Passcode —- please announce Passcode!!
– Guest List performers for Tokyo Gravure Idol Festival xD πŸ˜€
(Need moar bikinis…)

That’s about it for this #TIF2017 blog/postwhore updates for me. Till next time xD

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