2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 1-4 (PART1)

Posted: August 9, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally i am back home. This year Japan Summer trip is another blast for me, and it’s kinda different than my usual years. This year mainly i focused on 3 main groups and that is “Maneki Kecak“, “Babyraids“, “Kamiyado“, and also “Passcode” (although only managed to see Passcode 1 event and that is their release event…good enough though :D).

On the other hand, this year i only managed to see Passpo 1x (at day 3 TIF2017 somemore, lol, last minute decision.) and in the end i never see Palet at all even though i wanted to see the new members haha. Could it be the end of support for the “Platinum Passport” Groups for me? πŸ˜›

Anyways let’s begin with some of the summaries from my Day 1 to Day 10 of this year Summer Japan trip.

The flight to Japan using ANA was smooth and good.

(Jap Trip Day #1) 28th July 2017

Arrived in Narita Airport aroudn 4pm in the afternoon. The immigration queue was smooth, and so does the baggage pick up, didnt take quite long. This is important as me and my friend are both rushing to another event in the afternoon, so we rushed our way to Tokyo from Narita airport using the Keisei Skyliner. This is my first time using the Skyliner, apparently it only took 40 minutes for the train to reach Nippori from Narita Airport ! The price is 2400 yen though, big increase from my usual slowpoke “local train” that is Keisei Main Line that runs from Ueno to Narita.

Inside the Keisei Skyliner. 2400 yen for 40 mins trip to Nippori

Anyways, i dropped by my friend place first in the Mejiro/Shinjuku areas to drop my bags before continuing to Akihabara for the AV event. The AV event i want to go is Imanaga Sana at MiS Akihabara. I came to the event like, 1 hour and 30 minutes late after the event already started. But i went anyways wondering if i still can take part in the event if the tickets still available. To me surprise, the event is still going on, and my ticket is only numbered “31”, which means, there are only like 30 people before me. Kinda feel sorry for her, actually i thought the event would be sold out haha.

Anyways i bought 2 just enough to get me a short photoshoot session, autograph session ,and a 2shot session. πŸ˜›

Imanaga Sana AV Event (28.07.2017)

After the event, went for another short walk around in Akihabara looking for 2nd hand Maneki Kecak goods at Trio etc etc. But ended up buying nothing. So went back to my friend’s place to rest up for the night. And that’s all for Day 1 for me πŸ˜€

(Jap Trip Day #2) 29th July 2017 – Roppongi Idol Festival Day 1

Time for my first idol event for this trip. the Roppongi Idol Festival ! The event takes place in “Ropponggi Hills Arena” at Roppongi and its my 1st time going to this place. Looks like the TV-Asahi HQ is located around this area too. Anyways, reached the venue around 12pm to scout the location first. Saw Supergirls doing their buppan earlier, and Nana Asakawa and friends is there doing the handshake session. Observed her for a while before moving on to locate the stage.

The entrance to the stage is actually downstairs but i didnt manage to find the queue line for it. I only found out later than the queue only starts around 2pm and it was above the stairs for number 1-500, and donwstairs for number 500 and above lol (my ticket was number 600+). So after all the confusion, fast forward and i finally entered the venue at around 2.45pm and by that time the opening act (Up Up girls 2) already started.

Roppongi Summer Arena Stage. Images Found from Google HAHA (since cant take picture inside)

For the first part of the live, i think im not in the mood for live (long story) but some groups i recalled from the 1st session is “Party Rockets GT”, G-Girls, and Sora tob sakana. All of them so-so only thougbh as they didnt do enough to get my wota bloods pumping LOL. πŸ˜›

Halfway through i went out for a rest before going back again around 5pm for the idol singing/karaoke battle segment. this segment is really fun πŸ˜€ Some of the highlights i can remember :
– Hinnapu (kamiyado) and Denchan (babyraids) karaoke duet haha
– birthday suprise for supergirls member @SG3_yumeri. Suddenly they sing namida surpise and give her birthday cake lol. Her expression is really shocked.
– Last part of the Karaoke with “Nishi” from Namaudon is really Hilarious LOL! That really cheered me up.

After that, im basically just looking forward for Kamiyado, and babyraids performance. Of course there’s also Supergirls, Up Up girls and Osaka Shunkansyuto and the rest, but i didnt really do much during those parts πŸ˜€

Kamiyado setlist @ roppongi idol fest day 1
1. harajuku sentai kamiyado ranger
2. action!
3. summer dream

Babyraids Setlist @ roppongi idol fest day 1
1. Baby Step
2. Senkou Believer
4. Babyraids
5. Cinderella Ja Ireranai

After all the performance ended i waited for the Kamiyado buppan which takes place at the end of the event. To take 2shots with Kamiyado you need to buy their product. I bought their tshirt for 4000 yen, and i got 4 Tickets. If i want 2shot without signature, it takes only 2 tickets. If you want 2shot with signature, it’ll take all 4 tickets. Since i dont really need the sign, i just took 2shots with no sign with both Mika and Meirin. Total 4 tickets from my Tshirt Purchase haha

2shot with Mika chan and Meirin Kamiyado @ Day 1 Roppongi Idol Fest

And that’s the end of Roppongi Idol Fest Day 1 πŸ˜›

Day 1 Schedule *click for bigger version*

(Jap Trip Day #3) 30th July 2017 – Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2

For the 2nd day of Roppongi Idol Festival, there are less idols compared to yesterday, but it doesnt matter because today got Maneki Kecak πŸ˜€ !! Woohooo !! It’s my first time seeing them during this japan trip, so i was kinda excited really. I heard about the queue for their 2shots being sooo crazy, and it really does. Arrived at the buppan around 1 hour before it opened, and the queue already starts. Haha.

Queue for Maneki Kecak Buppan

For Maneki Kecak, you can only buy 1 ticket each per person. If you want to buy more, you need to queue again from the back, and by that time, usually the tickets already sold out. For first, i choose to buy Reonyan’s cheki/2shot tickets. They have 3 different prices:
– 2000 yen for cheki without sign
– 2500 yen for cheki with sign
– 3000 yen for cheki with alot of sign (you can only collect it at the next day/event)

Went for 2500 yen cheki instead. and after that i want to queue again but then i see they only have miyuu cheki tickets left…oh well.

Cheki with Reonyan~

After the maneki kecak buppan finishes,basically me and my friend have 2 hours + time to kill since the event only starts at around 3pm (and we arrived for maneki’s buppan at around 1130-12 LOL). Went to walk around in Ropponggi for a while, and then suddenly while waiting near the roppongi hills area, i found out that Babyraids are doing this Abema broadcast thiny from the nearby building.

You can see them from outside- and i didnt know you can take pictures as well, since the very first front row all guys using cameras / DSRL lol. Damn. Went to snap a few pictures only using my Handphone since i am not ready πŸ™

Manatsu snaps i managed to take after the recording ended

Fast forward for the performance of the Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2 shall we. Some of the “highlights” idol groups for today is Maneki Kecak, Kamiyado, Up Up girls, Cheeky Parade, LinQ, 9nine, Wasuta, etc.

Below is some of the songs that some of the idol groups singing during the event. I will just copy and paste them from my Phone Notes, so sorry if its too messy xD

Maneki kecak:
-joudan ja nai ne

-harajuku sentai kamiyado ranger
-summer dream

-bunbun nine9
-cover (happy summer wedding – Morning Musume xD)

9nine :
-why dont u relax
-sun sun sunrise
– cover (Zone-Secret Base)

– Hanabi
– cover coco natsu (momoclo) xD

Finale Roppongi idol fest :
the Peace (all idol group) momosu cover xD

karaoke team contest winner:
red team (moso, wasuta, kamiyado, uug, chikipa) haha

And oh, during Wasuta you can also snap pictures using mobile phones. Here are some snaps haha

Wasuta @ Roppongi Idol Festival Day 2

Day 2 Schedule *click for bigger version*

(Jap Trip Day #4) 31th July 2017 – Konyafest @ Tsutaya O-East

Today is another crazy idol live day πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :P. Its the “Konyafest” @ Tsutaya O-East Shibuya, and they have 2 sessions, day time and night session. At first i’m thinking to go for both sessions, but then seeing that none of the idol groups on the 1st session actually interested me…me and my friend decided to rest at the nearby Saezariya restaurant to chill and wait for the Night session. Around 5pm, we decided to go back to Tsutaya O-east for the main event ! πŸ˜€

Some of the idol groups highlights today includes Task Have Fun, Appare! Harajuku, Maneki Kecak, Drop, Idol College, and Cheeky Parade Although i have to skip cheeky parade because i was busy queuing for the Maneki’s buppan xD πŸ˜€

Full Schedule *click for bigger version*

The first few batchs of the idol groups actually not bad. “Needs”, and “Pimms” is actually quite decent. But not good enough to warrant me to drop by their buppan anyways haha. Basically i was waiting for Task Have Fun — and their performance didnt dissapoint ! πŸ˜€ They sing 2 of my favorite songs – Task and 3WD so its quite awesome ! (then again….they didnt really have much songs anyways lol). Afterwards i also went out to queue for cheki with Task Have Fun’s Fuuka. Their cheki plus sign only cost 1000 yen in this event. Im also quite close for the live performance, i think around 2nd row or something which is great. Since the place is small anyways, its easy to see them quite up close. I Love this kind of Live house event to be honest πŸ˜€

A screencap from Task Have Fun webstream… can see me on the 2nd row left xD

2shot with Task Have Fun – Fuuka

After “Task Have Fun”, there’s also “Playballs”, an idol groups with a soft/baseball concept. Quite interesting, they also sing the only songs i recognized by them, which is “Diving Catch” LOL! πŸ˜€ After that, Idol College went to sing their old songs “Ichigo Parfait” and also used to be my old time fave “Yozora”…nice haha.

After that is time for Appare! Harajuku. Just like “Task Have fun”, this is my first time seeing them during this trip and i’ve become aware of their songs ever since watching the Idol Yokocho 2017 clips where all their fans gone crazy during one of the songs (Kimidake wonderland), and rightly so. During this performance everyone becomes high also. Suddenly the places became full of “Pinchikes” and many pushing, rushing to left and right and also lifting Lol. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It’s kinda fun to see though (as long yourself didnt get pushed and stuffs πŸ˜› but luckily i am safe) so during this time i didnt really do much expcet observing them Hahaha.

After Appare, it’s time for Maneki Kecak woohooo. Basically i went all out during this, even joined the circle pit with all the other Manekis wotas and pinchikes *yea i suddenly turned into one too, pardon me* LOL πŸ˜€ Especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne it was crazy. During TIF2017 (which i will get into in the future post) the security was damn tight. Here- there is no rule so it was crazy, many pushing and shoving aside (especially during the gachikoi after the 2nd verse of joudan ja nai ne). but anyways. it was fun when its your favorite idol groups hahaha. Just a tip – If you only want to see and not participate with all the pinchikes during Manekis, i suggest you to see from all the way back to AVOID getting pushed into the pit with all the other manekis wota Especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Anyways, Maneki kecak sings 4 songs total, and you can see the setlist below:

Maneki Kecak @ tsutaya oeast 31.07.2017
2. Monster to kecak
3. Time machine
4. Joudan ja nai ne

After Maneki Kecak, its Cheeky Parade turns but sadly i have to skip them as i have to rush for the Maneki’s buppan. I rushed myself upstairs and i accidentaly queued into Drop’s queue without noticing. After i realize, i went back down to my horror to see the queue for Maneki’s already too damn long. Luckily i met with this kind Japanese fan (a chiai oshi – twitter handle @wanchanpanic1) which helped me through out this buppan process, and i cannot thank him enough for helping me to get the Chiai’s 2 shot ticket here. Because of that i managed to get 2 tickets today (another one for reonyan also).

Queue for Maneki Kecak Buppan all the day till downstairs!

The japanese chiai fan (@wanchanpanic1) also helped me to talk to Chiai during the chekis to explain that i came from Indonesia etc, so during my turn Chiai already totally focused to me. Very nice gesture of him, and i am very thankful of that πŸ˜€ Suddenly this friend (twitter handle @GachiMETAL) also came to give me some idol cds including Wasuta CDs…again, thanks for the kindness!!

My friend used to told me most Maneki fans is mostly Pinchikes — But dont know, maybe im just lucky today to met up with some nice and very kind japanese maneki kecak fans. Thanks again ! πŸ™‚

Chekis Chiai and Reonyan of Maneki Kecak!

After the buppan, i went back to the stage areas to see Drop performing their own version of Joudan Ja Nai Ne hahaha πŸ˜€ It was fun, but i didnt join with the mix circle this time around as i was too tired. And not long after the drop performance ended, me and my friend decided to call it a day and go back home. What a very tiring day indeed lol. At first i wanted to take chekis with Appare! Harajuku members too but didnt have the time for that, so i guess i should leave that for TIF2017 next week.

After the day, we dropped by to a nearby “Yoshinoya” for a late dinner. I was going to take a picture of my chekis with my meal (japanese style HAHA) when suddenly some wotas from the event also dropped by and doing the same things (taking pix of chekis with their meals lol). Got this one group of people, i accidentaly saw them taking pix of the chekis and their food — and when they noticed i saw them, they suddenly covered up their chekis….i mean what…ive done the same thing too, no need to be ashamed man xD I feel like showing them my chekis so that i could see theirs— but im too tired. It’s still damn funny though, i guess. πŸ˜€

So that’s about it for my 4th day of My Japan trip. only 4 days and im already all out mode by going 3 days full urya oi Lives from day to night lol. Im gonna stop my blog post here and continue next time for the next 3 days of events (day 5-7) which covers mainly babyraids event and passcode release event, before continuing with my Grand TIF2017 Posts and wrap ups.

Until the next post!

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