2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 5-7 (PART2)

Posted: August 10, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Continuing where i left off for PART 2 of my japan trip. It took me 2 hours to do a write up for my previous blog posts, so i took a break earlier before continuing again haha.

(Unrelated Maneki Kecak Pix LOL)

(Jap Trip Day #5) 1st August 2017

There’s only 1 event here today and that is the Babyraids event at @Tsutaya Ikebukuro branch for a CD launch event and mini live. Although during lunch time i went to Shinjuku’s Tower Record first to secure myself the Passcode Mini Live Event tomorrow. The CD and event tickets already starting to selling from today, so i dropped by there first just to be sure. πŸ˜€

Over there i also bumped into a foreign Passcode Fan and we did talk for a while. They also have a show case of Passcode previous outfits inside the Tower Records shop.

Passcode Outfits Showcase @ Tower Records

Bought 3x Passcode Albums.

In total i bought 3x album and it cost me 10.500 yen. It came with a bonus poster too !!! πŸ˜€ Plus, i’ve got 9 event tickets in total, and you can take chekis with passcode using 2 tickets (no sign), 3 tickets (chekis with sign) and 4 tickets (for a group shot). Since i got 9 tickets, i already planned to get a group shot, a cheki with yuna + sign, and a cheki with Nao. But we will go into that details for tomorrow since the event won’t start until then haha.

After i’m finished buying the Passcode CDs i went to Akihabara again to look around as usual, window shopping without buying anything LOL. I did see a cheap external 1TB hdd for only 3000 yen though, and its really cheap compared to the price back then in indo. Decided to come back later days to get it since its really cheap.

Afterwards, i went back to my friend house to drop my Passcode CD’s and posters (i didnt want to bring the passcode posters anyway so just to be safe i dropped it at my friend house first) before continuning to the Babyraids event @ Ikebukuro. Once i reached Ikebukuro, it started raining very big. Luckily i bring my umbrella (which i bought the previous days) as it’s been raining in the last few days !

Rainy Season in Tokyo during Summer time this year!

Went inside the Tsuataya shop @ ikebukuro for the event ticket. Bought myself 1 copy of the Regular edition and also the CD/DVD version (so total damage for the day is 2800 yen). This enables me for an event ticket to the mini live, and as well handshakes with all the members 1x. If you want to handshake more, you can get more tickets buy buying more CDs (the 1000 yen version ones). I didnt want to talk too much so 1 ticket is just fine with me. xD πŸ˜€ After buying the tickets, i went to nearby McDonalds to rest before finally going to the venue at around 20:00 PM.

Handshake Tickets (left) and Mini Live Entrance Tix (right) with queue number 88.

The Mini Live venue for the babyraids is in the basement of the Tsutaya Ikebukuro Branch. Its like a mini-live house, and by i mean mini– its really small ! During the opening introduction, Babyraids themself told us that we cannot jump as our heads will hit the ceiling LOL. As the ceiling is really low. So you cannot do much here basically. the plus point is that the stage is really near – if you’re in the front row, you can basically touch them lol. That is very near for babyraids standard imo. πŸ˜€

Babyraids Mini Live @ tsutaya ikebukuro 01.08.2017

01. Ride on idorock
02. Wahaha
03. Namida nochi hare
04. Silence nonsense sigh
05. Baby revolution
06. Baki-baki
07. Cinderella ja irarenai

In total, they sing 8 songs, which is awesome i guess for a mini live. All full song and no half songs. πŸ˜€ After the mini live then it’s the handshake session. All the members are nice, but imo Manatsu is the nicest followed by Denchan. Manatsu still keep looking at me even though i already moved on to the next member to handshake, and her reaction is really sincere, i can tell you that πŸ˜€ . As for denchan, she is nice but…well we all know she is the “fishing” queen haha. So yeah, its totally different feel from Manatsu. Manatsu is just awesome. πŸ˜€

(Nao) Takami is the usual with her funny reaction after i told her i came from indo lol. Ricopin is cute, and Rioton is being…rioton. looks so un-interested during the handshake but i already expected that haha πŸ˜›

After the handshake i decicded to go back as the venue still filled with alot of people, not sure what time the event finish as i want to go back to rest earlier and i dont have any more handshake tickets anyway. But overall, its a fun event !! :3 πŸ˜€

(Jap Trip Day #6) 2nd August 2017

Another day , another events. Today i have 2 events planned, and that is the Babyraids Mini Live @ Laqua City and the Passcode Release event @ Tower Records Shinjuku ! I can’t really participate the babyraids one until the end as i have to leave / rush to the passcode event in shinjuku, but thankfully the place is quite near. haha.

In the morning, me and my friend went to Nakano first to look around the Trio3 shop. Things has changed alot here since i visited this shop back then in 2012. When i visited this shop back then in 2012, the shop is dominated by AKB48 stuffs. Now the akb section is already quite small, and most of the stuffs is non idol stuffs like Exile-Egirls or Perfume and some other groups. In the end i didnt buy anything here, which reminds me again that i should skip this branch next time and just stick to the akihabara Trio branch next time! πŸ˜›

After from Nakano, me and my friend went to the Laqua City at the Tokyo Dome City preparing for the babyraids mini live. As i have to rush to the next event (passcode) @ shinjuku, i did not purchase the “priority seating” tickets area, and only bought the 1800 CD DVD version that comes with the Autograph signing session coupon. I also can’t attend the autograph signing session anyway, so i give it to my friend to cover it up for me (i asked for Denchan’s autograph haha).

By the way, this venue is the same as the venue the first time i’ve seen Babyraids back then in 2013. Back then the event also held in this place, Laqua City, and back then im not so hardcore babyraids as i am now. I remember only watched them from far away from the 2nd floor. Time does fly by quite fast !

Laqua City on 2.8.2017 and 4 years ago on July 2013,my first encounter with babyraids

Babyraids mini-live @ Laqua 02.08.2017 – 19:00 START

01. Pretty Little Baby
02. namida nochi hare
03. silence nonsense sigh
04. babyraids

For babyraids mini live today they only sing 5 songs in total. But its already expected because afterwards they still have handshake and autograph signing event so they need to cut the time. After they sing the last song “OOOOO” i immidiately rushed off to Shinjuku tower recods for the passcode event. I left Laqua by 1930pm, and i reached Shinjuku by 19:50pm. I already memorized the route so i took the shortest possible route and managed to reach on time LOL !! πŸ˜€

Passcode Event @ Shinjuku Tower REcords 02.08.2017 – 20:00 START

01. Maze of mind
04. Toxic

Once i reached the tower records i immidiately went in to the priority area. But since i came late, the place already full so i just stand there at the very back near the camera man lol. They sing 4 songs total, before continueing with the handshake and 2shot sessions !

Passcode Mini Live @ Tower Records Shinjuku

After the mini live, i went out from the priority areas and went to look around for the chekis queue. I find the queue near the stairwell between 8th and 9th floor of the tower records. I picked up Yuna’s lane and queued up. Now while queing i feel something is up. The queue didnt move at all, and i saw some people slowly queueing behind me. Then i noticed that downstairs they are doing the GROUP SHOT first !!! I immidiately rushed downstairs while abandoning my queue. I proceeded to take group shots first (lucky i realized this , or else i would be missing out) before going back to the Yuna’s queue, and by this time, the queue is already very crazy lol πŸ˜›

Passcode Group Shot xD

But with my Group shot cheki already in my hand, i feel at least secure for the time being. πŸ˜€ I continue on waiting and waiting for the Yuna’s cheki line and in total i waited around 1 and half hour for Yuna’s cheki, and additional 15 mins for Nao’s cheki (because by that time, Nao’s lane already almost finished). In total, i waited for 1 hour 45 minutes for chekis for both yuna and nao lol !!

During my encounter with Yuna, i told her that i came from Indonesia and she looks really happy. Then she went on to ask my name. Afterwards, i can see she trying to write my name on the chekis, then she remembered she can’t (the rules for the signing event is that the members can only write dates and autograph, and nothing else. bummer). so she held back and only write dates and autograph, before smiling back at me lol. what a nice gal.

As for Nao, it was pretty straight forward. and since i didnt ask for sign/autograph, she only say thank you and she gives me this very FIRM handshake. she basically grabbed my hands,and her handshake is very STRONG LOL. Quite funny. but anyways, she is very friendly as well.

Overall i spend like almost 3 hours at this event, but it was well worth it. It’s the only pascode event that i can attend, and i finally can take off “taking 2shot chekis with Passcode” from my ‘bucket list’ now πŸ˜€

2shot with Passcode yuna and nao xD

Oh– i almost forgot, here is the autograhed “OOOOO” Babyraids CD Single with Den-chan autograph, that my friend collected for me xD

And that should be the end for 2nd August 2017 lol.
What a happy day for me xD

(Jap Trip Day #7) 3rd August 2017

Today is basically the “Off” day for me. I didnt really have nothing much in mind expcept of going to Odaiba to check in on my capsule hotel, and also meet up my friend who just arrived in Tokyo today. So i basically stayed in my friend’s place up until 14:30 PM (LOL) before i decided to go out to odaiba. what a very LAZY day indeed xD

I checked in to my hostel “Ariake Bay Hotel” capsule at around 16:30 pm. I was greeted by a foreign clerk (blonde, maybe from Russia) that speak good english. This capsule hotel is very near odaiba, in fact its only 2 stops away from “Tokyo Teleport” station, so the place is very strategic to me ! My friend place is in shinjuku so that is very far from odaiba, which is why i decided to stay here. A place that is very near to the venue. πŸ˜€

After checking in, i went on to check the facilities of this hotel. All i can say in short is that…

Ariake Bay Hotel short review:
– Hotel is VERY Clean
– Free Bathrobes, towel, toohbrusth/paste and sandals
– Shower Room is good, complete with soap and shampoo. Never have to queue also
– Clean toilet
– Spacious Capsule
– Common Area on the 4th floor with Microwave and vending machines.
– Overall i would rate this capsule hotel 8 out of 10!

Ariake Bay Capsule Hotel!

After checking in, i went to the TIF2017 Venue to look around for stuff. As expected, some of the idols are doing their rehearshal here! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Basically, they did practise/rehearse one song at every stage before moving onto the next stage. I saw Drop, GEM, Palet, Osaka Sunkansyuto, etc etc (some i didnt know) at Smile Garden and Festival stage xD I keep on going back and forth between these stages to see which one performing. In the end i managed to see GEM twice (@ smile garden and festival stage) haha. And also, Drop doing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” at Smile Garden πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Idols Rehearshing for Tomorrow Performance!

After seeing the idols rehearshing, i meet up with my friend who just arrived in Tokyo (he actually got stuck at the Tennozu Isle station as Rinkai Line held back/stopped for almost 1 hour lol). Decided to eat dinner at Diver City mall, before going back to the capsule for rest and preparing for Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 Tomorrow. πŸ˜€

— end —

So yeah, that should be that for Day 5-7 of this Summer Japan Trip Blog post. Up next for the update should be PART 3 for my TIF2017 post Update, so stay tuned!!

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