2017 Summer Japan Trip Day 8-10 (PART3)

Posted: August 10, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally for the last part of this blog updates. Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 !! πŸ˜€ Just like the previous years, this year TIF is held on a span of 3 days at Odaiba. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And for this year, TGU has yet again given out a free “gaijin pass” for foreigners for all 3 days of TIF ! Yippie !! πŸ˜€

Heading to collect our Wristband every single morning lol.

Also this year TIF is not has hot as the previous TIF, as in the first 2 days of TIF (day 1 and 2) the weather was cloudy, and even almost rained ! The third day though…it’s back to hell/summer weather once again as the sky is really blue lol. But if i have to compare, this year is not as hot as previous years due to the raining season period. Anyways let’s start with the 3 days TIF summary starting from Day 1 πŸ˜€

(Jap Trip Day #8) 4th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 1

My TIF2017 Day 1 Summary

Thanks to this Japanese website http://tif2017-mytt.herokuapp.com/ i managed to make the timetable list just like above πŸ˜€ So yeah, i made a 3 days summary images just like above in you want to see which groups i visited throughout the days, and avoid all the wall of text in this section xD

Anyways, Day 1 started and me and my friends went to Odaiba in the morning at around 8am. Since our hostel is quite near, it’s kinda easy to reach the place earlier. We met up with some Malaysian friends as well when we gathered to collect our “free TIF wristband” lol πŸ˜€

TIF2017 Wristband Gets

After getting the wristbands, we basically went to our separate ways. Although some of me and my friends are heading to the “Grand Market” area first to buy some goods. Especially since i want to take cheki with Maneki Kecak, so we headed to the grand market to Queue up.

At the grand market i queued for Maneki Kecak’s 2shot cheki. Since i queued earlier i managed to get 1 tickets for Reonyan yay. πŸ˜€ this proves to be the last cheki with maneki kecak though, as i didnt manage to get any for the next 2 days (busy). Also get myself a cheki with Task Have Fun “Natsuki”, before going on to buy some other merchandise from other booths. At around 11am , i went out to see Cheeky Parade at the Festival Stage.

Today the stages i visited consisted only of 3 stages… Its either the Festival Stage, Smile Garden or the Heat Garage LOL πŸ˜› So i didnt even went to explore the other stages during this day πŸ˜€ After cheeky parade i went to smile garden to see Sakura no Yume (mika Kamiyado is in this group), Maneki Kecak, and Call Me.

Can see me somewhere in this group pic of sakura no yume xD.

During Maneki Kecak @ smile garden, i went quite in front but i didnt get really high as the weather is kinda hot, and the security in smile garden is kinda tight. Now, i have to mention this. This year the security in TIF is once again really tight. They have security everywhere and if you do the high oshi jumps over and over again, security will come over and ask you to stop. It’s kinda BS imo. You can stop lifting and stuffs, but high jumps i don’t see any problems as long they never disturb you lol. Anyways, Maneki Kecak sing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” again in Smile garden so all is good πŸ˜€

Maneki Kecak Joudan Ja Nai Performance @ Smile Garden. Images = Screencap from Fuji TV Stream.

Afterwards i went back to Festival Stage to see Appare! Harajuku. Remember that i told you about the security earlier? As Appare Harajuku started to sing their trademark song “Kimidake Wonderland”, the wotas becomes high and the TIF staff actually STOPPED the performance!!! LOL. I never see this happened so far, and this is my first time i see the staff stopped the performance within my own eyes. Usually they waited until the song finish first, but this time the song barely even start before the staff stopped it.

Security is once again tight during this year TIF. (Images via twitter).

After more announcemend from the staffs to calm down the Appare! Harajuku fans, the songs finally resume. The members also had to ask the wotas/pinchikes to not go “overboard” with jumping and stuffs. lols. Well they still did anyway, but they have to limit it and keep their cool, which is funny xD Appare Harajuku songs is damn addicting btw !

Some other groups i see in this festival stage during this time frame includes HR, GEM, and Task Have Fun afterwards i went back to the greetings area to use my 2shot tickets with Reonyan and Task Have Fun Natsuki.

During Maneki Kecak’s 2shot with Reonyan, once again she remembered my name (didnt meet her for almost a week) and the first word she spoke to me is my name. Lol. Fisher confirmed, and i am the fish xD But she is really good, i am not even good in japanese but she made me really confortable during chat with her. πŸ˜€ Afterwards i went to take 2shot with Task Have Fun Natsuki, but since i didnt know much about her, didnt really talk to her that much haha. Oh well.

2shot with Maneki Kecak Reonyan again

2shot with Task Have Fun – Natsuki

After the buppan, back to Festival Stage again for LinQ and Drop but i forgot the actual setlist. I do remember Drop singing Joudan Ja Nai Ne again though ! After this i bumped with my indo friends, and decided to rest up at Diver City for a 1 hour break lol. Very tiring indeed. πŸ˜›

Went to eat lunch at McDonalds Diver City on the 6th Floor, and around 5pm+ me and my friends decided to camp at the Heat Garage stage, since most of the performance we want to see today is in this stage! Performances during this evening includes Ayumikurikamaki, Drop, There There There, Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado, Wasuta and lastly, Babyraids Japan!! Yeah…what a hell of a line up !! πŸ˜€

There There Theres is singing “Ashtma” as the first song, which is a big mistake imo. The fans got high for the first song, then down again, until they sing C.A.N.D.Y for the last song lol. Ayumikurikamaki is great as always, and Wasuta also sing the Inuneko Seishun, as well the “ultra miracle choco beam” song haha. πŸ˜€

Some other stuffs i remembered…
during KamiKecha “Kamiyado x Maneki Kecak Colloboration TIF2017 Day 1:
1. Kamiyado singing Maneki Kecak’s “Kokuhaku no Susume”
2. Maneki Kecak singing Kamiyado’s “Summer Dream”
3. both groups singing “Joudan Ja Nai Ne”
4. Forgot the name of the last song at the moment *tobeupdated*

Kamiyado performing Maneki Kecak’s Kokuhaku no susume xD

The Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado collabo is really awesome though. I got involved in the circle pit in the middle with all the other pinchikes (lol pardon me again) as i got really high during Joudan Ja Nai Ne again (i know…its that damn song again xD) But this time is even more crazy because this time there is Kamiyado As well !! LOL. It was awesome. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› BTW, after this performance, Kamiyado is the only group that has performed both version of “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” — both the Drop and Maneki Kecak version. *interesting facts* XD

The Babyraids Japan performance is damn awesome too, although they didnt sing Yoake Brand New Days today. As usual they sing the new single “OOOOO” along with 3 other songs.

Babyraids @ Heat Garage TIF2017 day 1
1. Cinderella ja ireranai
2. Baby ambitious
4. S.O.K
5. Babyraids

Some of the setlist from earlier today that i actually remembered

Cheeky parade @ festival stage 4.8.2017
1. Cheeky figther
2. Shout Along!
3. colorful starlight

Maneki kecak @ smile garden 4.8.2017
2. Joudan ja nai ne

After the babyraids performance, its basically all over for day 1…except for me and my friend, we still got the TIF Sparkling Night coming up lol. Now, for the TIF Sparkling Night, i didnt really want to go as first as the schedules clashed with our Heat Garage schedule, but at the last minute i decided that i will only for the buppan at the end of the sparkling night segment. I also bought the tickets for the sparkling night at quite last minute lol. First up me and my friend resting up before finally going to Doll Factory Stage for the Sparkling Night. πŸ˜€

Once we reached there, the performance is still going on. Some groups are stil performing including “Marsmallow Girls 3D+ and also Ebisu Muscats. During Ebisu Muscats we went out to queue for the buppan outside though, as the queue is already getting quite long.

There are many queues for all the groups that appears in the Sparkling Night segment, but since it was getting late and im already tired, i only take with 2: Yui Hatano and Hibiki. At first i also want to queue up for Marsmahllow girls 3D+ but the queue is getting long so i decided to give it a pass xD

2shot with AV Star Hibiki

2shot with AV Star Yui Hatano

After the sparkling night buppan – we decided to call it a day. Went back to our capsule to rest up and prepare for TIF2017 Day 2 xD

(Jap Trip Day #9) 5th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 2

My TIF2017 Day 2 Summary

Today i avoided the queue for the Grand Market in the morning as i wanted to see Task Have Fun in the smile garden. So i went there in the morning with my friends just in time for the “Morning Exercise” routine xD

Morning Exercise Segment in Smile Garden

During the morning exercise segment, they also sing BiS “Nerve”, which is quite funny since it’s still so damn early in the morning xD πŸ˜€ Afterwards, Task Have Fun finally performs and they performed 2 of my favorite songs 3WD and Task. Awesome !!

Task Have Fun performing “3WD” at Smile Garden xD

After the Smile Garden performance, i separated from my friends as i went to the Heat Garage stage for X21 and Maneki Kecak. Yes today i am quite focused to X21 as this will be the last time i’ll be able to see my fave X21 Member Miyu Yoshimoto before she finally graduates and became a full time actress/model. Damnnn πŸ™

For the X21 performance they went on to sing the new single, and also last year summer single Natsu Dayo!! which is damn awesome to me xD

For Maneki Kecak performance, here is the setlist for Heat Garage day 2:
1. Joudan Ja Nai Ne
2. Monster to Kecak
3. Kimiwazurai

Yet again “Joudan Ja Nai Ne”, and i got crazy high again during this song xD God knows how many times i listen to this song during this trip, since most of the time Drop and Maneki appears, they almost certain 99% to sing it on their setlist LOL. πŸ˜€

Afterwards, it’s time for buppan so i went to the Grand Market areas. First up i went to the babyraids booth as they’r there to hand out flyers and stuffs. I managed to get flyers from Denchan and also chat with her for a while. Not bad !

Babyraids giving Flyers @ Grand Market xD

After that i went on to wait for a free Hi Touch session with X21 at the Greetings Square. I’m really into X21 Mode today as i really want to say goodbye to Miyu Yoshimoto lol. But during the hi5, it went on really fast so in the end i didnt get to say anything to her except for a smile i got from her haha. She is really pretty though omg. πŸ™ It’s a shame that there isnt a 2shot/cheki for X21 in this TIF. Luckily i still can see her one more time later during X21 Performance at the Dream stage in the afternoon !

Afterwards, i went to Smile Garden waiting for performance from Babyraids Japan and Kamiyado! I got quite early in smile garden so i went up to rest first at the trees area in the back before moving up close during babyraids turns xD

Resting up in the shades area before babyraids turn XD

Babyraids Setlist @ Smile Garden TIF2017 day 2
1. Forever my friend
2. Jump
4. Senkou Believer
5. Tora Tora Tiger.

The babyraids setlist @ Smile Garden is quite decent, although, yet again they avoid to sing “Yoake Brand New Days”. Last year Yoake Brand New Days was the highlights of TIF2016 for me when the wotas gets really high and throws up the lightsticks in the air. I suppose they got some warnings from TIF because of that lol. πŸ˜›

Anyways, after Babyraids i went back to rest up in the shades again, although i remembered Nijicon went to perform after that and sing Triangle Dreamer lol. But im not really a big fan, so i stayed at the back, before moving up close again during Kamiyado’s turn xD forgot the full setlist for Kamiyado, but they did sign Summer Dream and Harajuku Sentai Kamiyado Ranger again. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

After Smile Garden, went back to the buppan area as i need to take cheki with Kamonegi’s Yurichei. The 2shot cost 1000 yen without sign, which is quite expensive imo for an idol group that is still really new…but oh well i feel like supporting them anyways. After the chekis they give you plenty of time to talk (i got like, up to 1 minute) so in the end even though without sign, it’s still kinda worth it i guess. I showed her the 2shot i took with her when she is giving flyers at TIF2016 last year and she is really happy haha πŸ˜€

2shot with Kamonegi’s Yurichei

After that, i went to the TGIF booth to look around. As i never checked the TGIF booth yesterday, i went on to look around as tomorrow i am preparing to queue up for Marichuu (Nagasawa Marina) 2shot chekis in the morning. At first, i didnt plan to buy any chekis, but then i saw this quite pretty tall gal called “Wakana Kazuky (@wakana_kazuky on twitter)” and her line seems quite short. In fact her chekis are still available! After observed her for a while, i decided to buy 1 cheki with her as there is no one queueing for her for almost 5 minutes…lol .poor her. She looks kinda happy as i moved towards her to take cheki with her xD Later i found out that she is a racequeen too

2shot with Race Queen / Model , Wakana Kazuky

After the buppan, i went to the Dream Stage to see There There Theres and X21. Stayed at the back during There There Theres as i didnt want to get into trouble (lol) and moved up really close during X21 turn. The setlist for X21 here is quite decent too !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

X21 @ dream stage #TIF2017 day 2
1. Magical Kiss
2. Colorful shimashou
3. Genjitsu Kara Nigeru Kara Genjitsu ga Tsurainda

They sing “Magical Kiss” which is one of my fave X21 song. Yatta!! πŸ˜€ Afterwards i feel abit sad as this is the last X21 performance i managed to see with Miyu Yoshimoto in it πŸ™ πŸ™ But still, i have to move on. Next up – i went to the Sky Stage for the Maneki Kecak performance.

The queue for the Sky Stage actually not so long this time as i only queued for only 10 mins. But the queue going down later took me about 15-20 mins instead lol. I haven’ been to the sky stage in the last 3 years, and suddenly i remembered why i hate this stage. The view is good and all, but you need to waste time going up and down the lift is the problem. Luckily it’s Maneki Kecak, so i decided to give it a go. And basically i wasted 30 mins just to go up there and see Maneki Kecak performing 2 songs…and yes, they did sing Joudan Ja Nai Ne again xD

Maneki Kecak @ Sky stage #TIF2017 day 2
1. Joudan ja nai ne
2. Kiseki

After maneki, i can hear Dorothy Little Happy upstairs singin “2 the sky” but then again DLH is no more imo…there’s only 1 member left and there’s no point of me to see them now haha. so rushed downstairs and headed to see BiSH at the Hot stage.

BisH at the hot stage is hilarious. They sing a grand total of 6 times of the same damn song (Hoshi ga matataku youru ni) just like last year. But this year is with a twist; because HKT48 is performing after this LOL. There’s tons of 48G fans waiting there, so it was nice of them to brainwash the waiting “48G” fan with the same songs over and over again…what a troll move by BiSH and i give them 2 thumbs up for that LOL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

After “BisH” i went to the heat garage for last 2 performance there. Osaka Shunkanysyuto and Kamiyado!. I got bumped up with my indo friends for Kamiyado, but since we all very tired already we only see them from the back areas. Haha. Here’s the setlist for Kamiyado Heat Garage:

Kamiyado @ #TIF2017 day 2 Heat Garage:
1. Harajuku Sentai Kamiyado Ranger
2. Action!!
3. Summer Dream
4. K.M.Y.D

After Kamiyado performance, basically its the end of Day2 for me. Decided to rest up for the day, as tomorrow i will begin the day by queuing for the Grand Market for TGIF 2017 Day 3 Lol!! πŸ˜€

(Jap Trip Day #10) 6th August 2017 TIF2017 Day 3

My TIF2017 Day 2 Summary

Day 3 is really straight forward for me. I only focused on 4 things. “TGIF“, “Kamiyado”, “Maneki Kecak” and “Babyraids” @ Hot stage. So yeah, not much roaming around for me this day, but the day begins very early for me as i need to queue up for the Grand Market TGIF bikinis cheki. I woke up around 5am, and luckily as my capsule hotel is very near to the venue, i managed to take the first train at around 5:40 am, and reach odaiba by 5:50am. By 5:55 am,im already queieing at the Grand market, and there’s only like 15 people in front of me ! LOL πŸ˜€

Me Being Crazy : Queing for Grand Market at 5:55 am

At first my plan is to queue overnight from the night before. I even asked advice from some of my friends who queued before and they told me that i should go for overnight. But since im already tired i decided to sleep, and woke up for the very first train in the morning. Luckily, it works for me πŸ˜€ But not without a fight !!! Read on.

As i keept on waiting until 10am, i have to wait for my Indonesian friend to come and watch over my queueue as i went to exchange my wristband at the TGU booth near Smile Garden.Yes, you need a wristband to go up the market, and since the free TGU pass you need to exchange everyday, i need to do this part lol. After that, my friend continues to smile garden to watch the next performance as i continued on queuing until the grand market opens at 10am.

Now this is the crazy part. As the grand market opens at 10:00 AM — everyone is literally rushing to the TGIF booth. There’s alot of pushing and running even though the guards warned us not to run. but we all still run anyways. LOL Crazy. Basically it was quite chaos–and some of the people who queued OVERNIGHT, ended up BEHIND ME, and some people who queued BEHIND ME, ended up in front of me. It was crazy i told you !! And guess what. They only have 50 cheki tickets per idols, and they limited the cheki tickets to 5 per person !! This is really stupid as they should have limited it to only 1 per person.

As i moved in front, i see most of the people in front of me are aiming for Marichuu. And once i reached the buppan to buy my tickets. just lucky that i purchased the last 2 tickets for Marichuu !! But its for the 16:30 session. After buying i’ve got to rush to ask around to the people who already purchased Marichuu tickets to ask them if they want to change to the 13:30 session (as i prefer the 13:30 session and rather have both sessions than just one sesssions). Luckily there is one person who wants to change, so in the end i got 1 tickets for the 13:30 session, and one tickets for the 16:30 session πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Of course i also bought chekis for Jun Amaki, Shion of Nijimasu, etc but the fact that Marichuu bikinis chekis ticket sold out within 5 minutes is still a damn crazy experience!! After this i decided to rest at Diver City fo a while LOL.

After resting, first up i went to the Heat Garage to see Festive for a while. Forgot the exact setlist again but i think they did sing Magical Parade for one of the songs haha. After Festive @ Heat Garage, i went back to the TGIF booth at grand market to use up some of the TGIF cheki tickets for the first session at 12:00. Then i went to the Hot Stage to see Ayumikurikamaki, before going back again because of the hot weater lol The Ayumikurikamaki performance is awesome though !!

Back at 13:30, went for the 2nd round of the TGIF session and took chekis with Marichuu for the first time πŸ˜€ Also with Jun Amaki and Shion of Nijimasu. (I shall post the pictures later together after all the sessions ended in one big post xD)

During Jun Amaki turns after i told her from indonesia, she went on to say “Terima Kasih” (means thank you in english) lol. quite funny. And during Marichuu turn she says she loves Bali in Indonesia xD

After the 2nd session of TGIF it’s time for Kamiyado and Babyraids Japan at the hot stage. I forgot the exact setlist for Kamiyado now, but they did sing Kamiyado Ranger and Summer Dream again as usual. As for babyraids, they finally sing Yoake Brand New Days” here….yattaa!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Babyraids @ TIF2017 hot stage:
1. Tiger soul
2. Eiko sunrise
4. Baby revolution
5. Cinderella ja ireranai
6. Yoake Brand new Days (!!!!!)

They haven’t been singin Yoakae Brand new Days for a while. so it s quite a surprise!! Sadly this session i have to rush as i was rushing to the buppan for my next Marichuu chekis at 16:30 so after the song ended- i immidiately runs to the buppan LOL. Reached just in time for another chekis with Marichuu πŸ˜€ During this cheki, Marichuu remembers me and she decided to hold my hand during the chekis…nice fanservice ! πŸ˜€

Now that the TGIF segment i can finally spam the pictures i take lol. Here ya go

With Marichuu@ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

2nd time with Marichuu@ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Jun Amaki @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Hinano (@hinano_fitone) @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

With Shion Nijimasu @ TGIF Day 3 Chekis Segment

After the TGIF segment…i decided to drop by to Heat Garage to see Passpo for the first time during this trip LOL πŸ˜€ As i mention before, they’re no longer my priorities, but in fact, i have to make a last minute decision to see them as i just remembered that i haven’t seen them even once during this trip lol…so i made my way to the Heat Garage to see them. They’re wearing the new outfits, and some of the songs they sing here includes Natsuzora Hanabi, Pretty Lie, Vivi Natsu, and Bachelorette wa Owaranai”. There is one more song (a new song) i forgot the title, which totally speaks for itself — A passpo song i coudn’t remember the name??? Shame on you !! LOL.

Well with that over…at least i dropped by to see Passpo once this year…heck,i didnt even get to see Palet this year even once lol. Just not my luck i guess? πŸ˜›

Afterwards, i went back to the greeting square for one last time. Earlier my friend gave me a free cheki tix for Appare ! Harajuku in order to brainwash me lol, and guess what — it worked LOL. Since he gave it for free i decided to choose Yuri again. Haha.

2shot with Appare! Harajuku Yuri

After this, there’s only 2 things left in this TIF. The Hot Stage. Maneki Kecak at the hot stage, and the Grand finale at the hot stage. So i rushed my way to the hot stage just in time for the first song…”Joudan Ja Nai Ne!!” (AGAIN!!! XD) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Maneki Kecak #TIF2017 Day 3 Hot Stage
1. Joudan ja nai ne
2. Kiseki
3. Time machine
4. Kimiwazurai

Its kinda sad that i didnt get to see Do Demo Iiya or Arikitarina Kotoba De during this year japan trip, but oh well…i lost count how many times i seen “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” or “Kimiwazurai”. xD πŸ˜›

After Maneki Kecak finished, i waited for the Grand Finale segment since maneki earlier says that they will be appearing again at the grand finale. I sat down with my friends at the back for more than 1 hour. And towards the end of the grand finale….KamiKecha (Mankei Kecak x Kamiyado Collabo unit) appears again to sing none other than…”Joudan Ja Nai Ne” LOL xD πŸ˜€

As this will be the last song by maneki / kamiyado during this japan trip, i rushed out to the middle areas together with the other manekis pinchikes. Joined the circle to do the mix and also the gachikoi, the funny thing is that the security is all there present near our circle, but they cant do anything as long we never go overboard lol…doing a gachikoi mix just in front of the security must be the WEIRDEST THING EVER LOL. I wonder what’s on their mind while we doing this in front of them lol xD But since this is the last performance, i dont want to give a damn really haha. It was quite chaos too, some guy was thrown outside the stage, someone lost their shoes etc etc. I managed to keep my cool even though i got quite high during this segment haha. After all is done, i went back to the back areas to sit down with my friends.

The very last performace of the grand finale is the idols singing old morning musume songs The Peace!! before we decided to call it a day. Went back to the Diver City Gundam Statue areas for one last meeting with the other foreign/overseas wotas. took a group pic, before decided to call it day. what a blast.

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Some things i thought about this year TIF2017:
– Security is once again very tight. especially the Smile Garden and Festival Stage.
– Best Stage for this year TIF is Heat Garage hands down. There is no security (you can go crazy) and also it is indoor (quite cooling xD)
– Too many 48 groups but luckily, none of them affected me
– TGIF cheki queue is stupid. They should have limited it to 1 per person
– Day 1 and 2 TIF is not too hot due to the cloudy weather…day 3 is back to hell xD
– Thanks to TGU again for the free gaijin pass this year ! Its worth 18.100 yen πŸ˜€

Overall it was quite okay even though the security is strict. I still manage to have fun, and i cleared all my goals during my trip (take chekis with maneki kecak, kamiyado and also passcode even though its not on TIF). However next year, i might be tempted to skip TIF for Idol yokocho maybe…but let’s see how it goes πŸ˜€

I shall end my blog post here. There is still one remaining day of my trip but its nothing but my trip back to the airport, so it’s not worth mentioning here…haha. So until Next time…And thanks for reading my crap as always πŸ˜€

— Japan Trip 2017 ENDS —

If you’re wondering why my blog title is called “20 days in japan” and this year i only went for 10 days…its because in the beginning (2011-2013) i always went for around 20 days when going to japan…only recently i decided to cut it short down to 10 days or less…this blog has been around for 6 years now and sometimes it serves me as an “online diary” to recall my (wotas and stupid) experience lol. *end of notes* !

All my chekis during this 2017 Summer Japan Trip !

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