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Posted: August 22, 2017 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Now that i have attended TIF2017, it marks for me for the “6th” TIF that i have attended ever since the first one i went back then in 2012. Since then, i keep coming back for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and this year 2017.

Thoughs about TIF from Year to Year
My first TIF in 2012 is kinda an unique experience for me. Seeing soo many idol groups in one event is like an amazing experience (at the time) and that was way before they started spawning “clones” event like @ JAM Expo, Idol Yokocho, Sekigahara Idol Wars and some other Idol Koushien events etc etc. I remember the TIF2012 for having a “midnight performance” and a performance so early in the morning around 5-6am…those were the days xD

TIF2012 – First TIF i attended, and the first of many…it was fun

Since then, TIF has undergone some changes, especially since Tokyo Idol Project took over (and i think since idolling! disbanding too). Most of this are focused in the security and stuffs. One Example: Back then, Smile Garden (and some outdoor stages) are totally FREE. There is no barrier and stuffs, anyone can go ahead and see it. I know this could be a problem since there are some “freeloaders” who never pay anything at all and decided to camp in the front rows, and this proves to be a problem. I support this decision nowadays (around TIF2014/2015 onwards) for having a barrier/to prevent those without tickets to enter the priority area. Another good change is that they’re keep spoiling the “foreign fans” with all these “free gaijin pass” (as in FREE tickets for Foreigners in TIF…first time introduced in 2015 if i remember). πŸ˜€

But as for security reasons, i think they went abit overboard. If you see twitter during TIF i can see some retweets about how strict of the TIF security team this year. I saw some guys did some high jumps only about few times and the security approached him to stop lol. Of course that didnt really stop him as he kept on doing that afterwards. But you know what the next step is…being removed from the venue!

Bonds came back in this year TIF to provide security/nightmare for the wotas

I suspect there are some factors that they decided to tighten up the security. First- that it’s being shown on the Fuji TV network. They don’t want people to block the views, hence they decided to ban lifting and stuffs. Secondly- because the ammount of 48G this year, so they decided to “beef up” the security, with 48G being a “national” idol after all. Third, after some experience with some of the over board fans, for example BiSH in 2015 (they’re once banned/removed in TIF2015 for their fans antic) so they want to cut down the ammount of “pinchikes”.

(btw if you dont know what Pinchikes is, its time to google it now) πŸ˜€

I dont think that’s a good idea though. Boys will be boys, even if you told them to stop they will still try to do it anyways. Reminds me of this Appare Harajuku performance this year At festival stage. Some of the fans went abit overboard during the song “Appareruya!”, then after that they followed it up with another song “Kimidake Wonderland” (which another “pinchikes magnet” songs) and they actually STOPPED the performance in the beggining after 10 seconds in lol. After some warning and stuffs — the song resumes, and the fans are still doing furicopy etc etc but with more slower pace LOL that’s actually hilarious πŸ˜€

This year : Cicle/Moshing is not allowed!!

Now, im not rooting all the way for pinchikes and stuffs (i still feel some of these people should know how to draw the line — and please –no drunk people during lives… this agree as well), but i felt that sometimes they’re also needed for the good live atmosphere. No one likes to see a totally “dead” atmosphere where there is no chants, name calls, mix, etc etc. I believe idols need their supports too, and as ugly as “lifting” is to some people , for me it’s just one guy showing his support to his oshi (in expense of other people of course…hahaha). But i thought that’s what makes this idol experience fun? Nothing fun with just sitting down in live performance and doing nothing at all , now that is just wrong. The fact is — that there are some songs you have to get high as well. As long you know how to draw the line between having fun and going crazy, i think it’s okay. some people tend to forgot and went abit overboard, but that’s life. You can’t control everyone and their behaviour. Sometimes i tend to go abit overboard too and i won’t deny it. πŸ˜›

Some fanbases like groups from the “Twintail association” (Drop and Maneki Kecak), Wack groups (BisH/BIS/Gang Parade), There There Theres (ex bellring girls heart), and many more, are known for their behaviours during lives, and of course some newer ones like “Appare Harajuku” has a crazy fanbases as well within the short time span. But imo, without these fans, they would be nothing. For example, I definitely won’t watch a performance of “BiS” doing “Nerve” where everyone just sit still and do nothing. πŸ˜€ That would be too boring. Of course some people have different opinions but that’s just me.

Passcode Fans during TIF2016 Smile Garden…They’re not invited for this year TIF (somehow lol)

Btw, Even though the security is far too strict this year (much more strict compared to 2016 imo) i feel that the Heat Garage stage this year is awesome. Im not sure if there’s actually security / bonds in this stage at all because i never seen one (or maybe im just lucky xD). It’s just that one stage where everyone can have fun and mosh and do circles without having to worry at all. And of course, being that it’s inside a live house (Zepp Diver…plus AIRCON) maybe helps too xD πŸ˜€ Although i still do miss the outdoor performances like in the good old days of TIF; without having much to worry about security jumping in your backs lol.

Ok. Enough rants about Security/Bonds ! Now about the future. Im not sure if i would go for TIF2018 next year, that would depend on my mood. I know i’ve been going to TIF for 6 years in a row now but maybe i need a “fresh change”… Idol Yokocho 2018 perhaps? from the footage earlier this year the security isn’t as bad as TIF this year…just maybe? We shall wait and see. You all know me … im a TIF fanboy (and a sucker LOL) πŸ˜€

oh yeah. Maybe i need to “grad” soon. (keep saying that every year~!)

For closing notes…

TIF2017 Regrets?

Actually not much regrets this year…cleared all my goals for this trip, and i am quite happy with that. πŸ˜€ But nothing is perfect, and after watching some TIF footages, i do wish i can clone myself and be at a multiple places at once lol. For example:

– Wish i just stayed at Heat Garage for Day 3 TIF as there are couple of awesome performances there, like the Starmarie performance (awesome setlist) and the C-ute appreciation segment for example…and etc etc. But then, that means i would be missing the TGIF with marichuu so…. :/ Just wish i can split/clone myself like the Blademaster in warcraft 3.
– Cheeky Parade performance @ Smile Garden Day 3 is awesome.
– Wish i can go for more Maneki Kecak buppan in day 2 and 3 (lol)
– I wonder why i never take chekis with “G-Girls” ? I thought some of the members is awesome (and i mean, “sexy” LOL).
– Wanted to take one more cheki with Mika Kamiyado but never had the chance (i did take one during the roppongi idol fest though) Oh well next year perhaps.
– Wish i can drop by and see Palet performance at least one time this year. But no time and kinda forgotten about it lol.

… and thats about it lol.

All my wristband for Tokyo Idol Festivals. Lost my wristband for TIF2012 (but i still have the ticket stubs for it lol). also lost some the daily tif2016 wristbands xD only kept 1 from that year πŸ˜€

Fave performance in each TIF i attended the last 6 years:

TIF2012 – Passpo – Performing “Pock Star” 3x in a row non stop @ Hot Stage Day 2
(Before BiSH antics of looping hoshi ga — passpo already did this routine way before xD)

TIF2013 – BiS Nerve (hot stage)
TIF2014 – Dorothy Little Happy – Koi Wa Hashidashita (Smile garden)
TIF2015 – Passpo – Natsuzora Hanabi (smile garden)
TIF2016 – Babyraids – Yoake Brand New Days (smile garden)
TIF2017 – Maneki Kecak x Kamiyado – Joudan Ja Nai Ne (heat garage/hot stage)

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