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It’s that time again, another “yearly round up” post for all the best idolling stuffs that happened to me during this year (2017). Actually, nothing much this year compared to my previous years really– maybe cuz im gettin old these days LOL 😛

But anyways, due to my past tradition (and since im an easy person to FORGET, i decided to do a recap anyways so i can re-read my own blog post later LOL), So yeah, lets do a quick round up !! 🙂

I will be doing the “recaps” starting from September events, August Japan Trip, May Ennichsai , April 2017 Festive Event, and then finally February 2017 for Thai Japan Expo 2017.

Silent Siren 2017 World tour in Jakarta – 30th September 2017

Silent Siren visits indonesia for their “3rd One-Man-Live” in Jakarta, for their 3rd Year in a row!! :O Im also surprised that they managed to keep their promise to keep coming back here every year lol, which i hope that they will keep again for next year in 2018 for them to come back again lol 😛

I queued quite early for this year’s Silent Siren Concert, although not as early as the previous year. Well, im already quite near anyways since in the end i got seated around the 3rd row centre and i did get a pretty good view of everything 🙂

Setlist for Jakarta Silent Siren 2017 Live

The setlist is pretty good too! They sing my fave such as “Stella, Sweet pop, Koiyuki, Secret base” etc… The only one Missing is “Love Figther” only (too bad!) But yeah, it’s still okay though xD

I already take a group photo last year, but this year i decided to take again anyways. For around 5000 yen (600k rupiah) of purchase of their goods you can take group picture with them. This year the group picture is rather strict though, you can’t really ask them for pose (last year you can) so you only come up front, pose a little, they snap your picture, and that’s it…not much interaction, i feel last year we get more time, but maybe it’s just me lol !

Juice=Juice Mini Live in Jakarta – 24th September 2017

To be honest…im not really a big fan of Hello Project anymore nowadays…ever since the “Hello Kids” groups (Buono/Berryz/C-ute) disbanded/hiatus/or whatever you call it, i don’t really have any more expectations there. BUT !! Since they already spent effort to come here to Jakarta, i decided to see them anyways; as a CASUAL Lol! 🙂

The me from 7 years ago would be queueing in a heartbeat for any Hello Project groups that came to visit my country, but i guess not this time. There are people who already in the venue since 6-7am in the morning to queue for the goods, and i can understand them. I would probably do the same if its Babyraids or Maneki Kecak who visited to Jakarta instead xD

Besides, its only a handshake, and once you already experienced underground idols in Japan, you kinda get “immune” with all these simple ‘hello project style’ handshake events that only lasted a few seconds really…so yep, i ended up buying NOTHING at all from their merchandise shop 🙂 . I have no use for them anyways lol.

In return, i focused on taking pictures of them since it’s kinda rare to be able to take picture of Hello Project groups with a DSLR! Took plenty of them, and some of the pix i uploaded on twitter got plenty of faves and Retweets from various Hello Project fans all over the world too (kinda feel that somebody actually appreciate my hard work in taking the pictures too, so yeah, im kinda happy just for that 🙂 )

Juice=Juice Mini Live in Jakarta – September 2017

July/August 2017 : Yearly Japan Trip 2017 Post !!TIF2017 and More!

Im not gonna go in depth for my 2017 Japan Trip post here since it would be TOO LONG LOL 🙂, butttt if you are curious then i suggest you to check my individual blog post about my Japan Trip earlier this year in July/August 2017.

Japan Trip 2017 Summary:
Japan Trip Day 1-4
Japan Trip Day 5-7
Japan Trip Day 8-10

They say “Pictures worth a thousand words” so here’s a PIX SPAM instead 🙂

Some of the highlights from my Japan Trip 2017 would be:
– “Ropppongi Idol Festival 2017– this is the first time i see Maneki Kecak, Kamiyado, and some others.
– “Konya Fest” @ Tsutaya O-East. Some idol groups here like “Task Have Fun”, “Appare! Harajuku”, and of course “Maneki Kecak” and “Drop”
– “Babyraids MiniLive @ Laqua City and Tsutaya Ikebukuro”
– “Passcode MiniLive and 2Shot Event @ Shinjuku Tower Records”
– “Tokyo Idol Festival 2017″…Enough Said. xD 😛

I did have plenty of fun during my Japan trip this year. It’s my first time meeting with all these new idol groups that i really got into lately like “Maneki Kecak”, “Kamiyado”, “Task Have fun” and “Appare! Harajuku”. Also managed to take cheki with Passcode finally, since i really regretted that i never take chekis with them when it’s still easier back then in 2015. And also, went for Babyraids” mini live, handshake, and autograph signing event but sadly no 2shots event for babyraids during my stay time. 🙁

Probably my only regrets during this Japan Trip, is that i didnt have enough time to see Passpo this year, and also Palet (which eventually went on to disband later on 🙁 Didnt see them at all this year!) But my lost of interest towards “Platinum Passport” Group also plays a major part i think…oh well.

Festive Live in Jakarta / Ennichisai 2017 – April 2017 to May 2017

There wasn’t much “idol visits” to Indonesia/Jakarta this year compared to previous years, which is a shame. The few of them which kind enough to visit Indonesia this year is : Festive, KissBee, Enka Girls (which would be visiting Indonesia too many times later on this year until i lost count lol), — and also Juice Juice and Jpop Group/Band “Silent Siren” later on in September 2017.

Festive‘s event is at this event called Sakura Matsuri 2017 located in Cikarang; around the outskirts of Jakarta, which is very far from the city. I mentioned before in my blog post about how troublesome it is to reach the venue just to see them lol. Im not really a big fan of the group, although there are some members who interested me like “Hinarin” etc but for some reason i can’t really get into them (at least not my “top 5 idols” materials anyways) so i didnt get excited that much. My friend from Malaysia and Thailand also came to Indonesia to see Festive though, so im more or less became a tour guide for them lol 🙂 😛

Festive Event (April 2017)

As for KissBee, they came to Indonesia in May 2017 for the event called Ennichisai. I really only go ennichisai to see KissBee basically, since the event is too damn crowded i didnt even bother to check what’s going on in the other parts of the venue lol. I also didnt really like KissBee songs that much, but the members are quite cute so thats a plus for me i guess. 😀

KissBee in Ennichisai Event (May 2017)

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Now finally…all the way back to February 2017 for Thai Japan Expo 😀

Thailand Japan Expo 2017 – February 2017

I like Thailand. My first visit to thailand for idolling stuffs i think is in 2010 for the “Berryz Kobou live in Bangkok 2010 Live (back then im still a hello project fan). I also often visited bangkok for some photography stuffs, like the “Bangkok Motorshows” etc etc, but i stopped doing that once i am more focused to visit japan yearly for idolling. 😛 lol

Anyways, i saw the line up for the Thai Japan Expo earlier this year, and even thought none of my favorite groups is in the line up, i still think it’s worth going to the line up — and Bangkok is quite cheap to go from Indonesia (at least compared to going to Japan which should cost me 3-4x times more).Some of highlights from my Thailand trip includes 2shot chekis with Up Up Girls’s “Minami Sengoku” and Akishibu Project’s “Yuuna Arakawa” (both later to be graduated from their groups a few months later :/), and also took a group picture with Wasuta.

I didnt do much mixing or chanting while in Thai Japan Expo this year since im more busy into taking pictures of the idols with my DSLR (You can’t really do this in Japan, so it’s kinda rare). I ended up taking more than 10.000 pictures of idols in my camera so that should explain to you how worth it this trip was to me 😀

Thailand Japan Expo – February 2017

Thai is a good country, thai wotas is awesome, and i would definitely come back again for “Thai Japan Expo 2018″. In fact, i already booked my flight tickets for Thai Japan Expo 2018 since one of my fave group “Maneki Kecak” will be performing there! Yippie! 😀 😀 I will be also doing a separate blog post about next year’s Thai Japan Expo 2018 once i got the time…its less than 1 more month to go now ! Can’t wait.

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Other events – “J-Series 2017” in December 2017

Actually there is this event also in early December which came out of nowhere. It’s called the “J-Series 2017” event. The line up has some Japanese Actors and Actress to talk about Japanese Movies and Dramas basically…so yeah it’s not really “idol related” event,even though the same event back in 2015 they managed to bring some idols like (the now disbanded) “Doll Elements“…But too bad this year they didnt bring any idol groups, just local reprenstative from Jakarta’s own JKT48 lol.

So yeah, im lazy to make a recap of this event, but STILL…. i want to say THANKS to them for bringing Miki Honoka to Indonesia 😀 🙂 Yay !!! I like Miki Honoka’s work in J-Drama such as Itazura Na Kiss i thought she was pretty funny in that lol. Too bad They didnt allow any DSLR so didnt manange to take decent pictures except some snaps using my Mobile Phone…oh well.

I also recorded a short clip of her which i uploaded on twitter, check it out

Miki Honoka clips @ Jseries 2017

So yeah…that’s about if for Year 2017 for me. 🙂 😛 Welll from the “Idol Events” aspect at least, cuz my life is quite boring other than that LOL so no need to go into details 😛

2018 Resolution
*copy and paste this part from previous year basically* –> “Every year my new year resolution is to stop idolling ever since 2013/2014 — but it always failed.”

Yep. No sh*t sherlock!! My 2018 resolution is to slowly stop participating in “Idols” activities, so maybe, just mayyyyyyyybe slowly i will lost interest in all this…but it seems a very damn hard thing to do though !! 🙁 I swear– Everytime i lost interest to some idol groups, there’s always new ones to take over and caught my interest (cough cough** “Maneki Kecak”, “Kamiyado”, “Task Have fun” and “Appare! Harajuku”), and in the end- its becoming a NEVER ENDING LOOP! Sometimes i also wonder if i can quit these idol fandom completely, if not, maybe just stay as being casual at least and stop going overseas from such events as TIF or Idol Yokochos…

But i am weak, so let’s see how that new year resolution works out for me next year lol !

So next year…TIF 2018 or Idol Yokocho 2018?
…Ok….nevermind i asked that….*runs*

END OF POST* (and thanks for reading my crap as usual)

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