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Posted: May 13, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Air Asia JKT – Narita new route Experiece / Short Review:

So last week i tried out the new AirAsia route XT407 – XT408 for a direct flight to Tokyo, Japan, which landed on Narita Airport. Before this, AirAsia has 2 different routes going from Indonesia, which is JKT > KL > Haneda , or JKT > Bali (denpasar) > Narita. Both routes had to transit one way or another, so it’s never a good option if you dont like transit and dont like waiting, but since Airasia is a “budget” airline anyways, most people who choose this route already prepared (well probably, lol) to sacrifice some of their time in transit over cheaper flying cost. I already tried using the airasia “Haneda” route few times before, Transit in KL, and while it was pretty much tiring yeah, at least i got in japan in one piece and that’s what matters to me πŸ˜€ So yeah, having a DIRECT route now, is really welcomed for me.

Anyways, about the new JKT > Narita DIRECT route. I booked the flight during its promo period, for a whopping cost of Rp 1.600.000 rupiah only for Return flight (!!) :O πŸ˜€ Which is around 150$ SGD at the current currency. That is pretty damn cheap, and it’s even cheaper than my Bangkok Trip (which i booked too early before promo, and it ended up costing me Rp1.800.000 lol). Have no idea how my bangkok fare ended up more expensive than my Japan fares, but that’s life LOL. πŸ˜›

As for the Plane…nothing special here. Because i paid promo price, i did not choose the “seats selection” or “meals” or even “baggage!”. For meals, i smuggled in some drinks and snacks (hell, some person besides me even smuggled in Mcdonalds or KFC from the airport lol πŸ˜€ ). I didnt pay baggage as i travelled light, and i have gone Japan more than 10x now in the last 8 years, i already know my priorities and i dont need to buy much stuff to bring back home like i did back then. All i bring back is my 2shot Chekis from idol events, and i tell this to my friend also who questioned me “how do you survive in japan without buying baggage for return home” ? The answer is simple if you really don’t spend alot on “tourist” stuffs to bring back home lol. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

For my departures on the 2nd May, the flight delayed about 30-45minutes i think, but then again, it was only the 2nd day of their operation (the first operation day being the 1st of May 2018) so i’ll just let it slide. The plane was smooth though. Maybe because i fell asleep most of the time and woke up when i just landed so i really didnt notice anything lol. πŸ˜€ My Return flight from Narita to Jakarta is even more smooth imo. The plane departs on time, and manage to arrive in Jakarta 20 minutes than the scheduled time ! That is awesome. Not to mention, the plane back from Narita to Jakarta, it didnt have many people, the plane maybe only half full or something like that, so i have 3 seats in my row ALL for myself ! xD So yeah. it was good. I smuggled in some sandwich from Japan 7-11 at the Narita airport for my meals, and plain tap water into my water bootle for drinks. Didnt sleep much during my return trip somehow, but i survived 7 hours anyways.

7-11 Chicken Cutlet Sandwitch for my Meals during my Return trip. 280 yen xD

Overall. For a budget airline, i really welcome this new route to Japan. And to remind you again, this is a DIRECT flight, not Transit. From Jakarta, it departs at night around 23:50 PM and arrive in Tokyo around 9AM in the morning, which is very good (you still have the whole day for exploring and stuffs). The return flight is in the morning though, 11:30 AM from Narita Airport, so you probably need to wake up damn early to get there, since Narita Airport is quite far from Tokyo.

Anyways, Maybe after the promotion period ended, the price won’t be so cheap anymore, it would probably double the price to around Rp3.000.000 (300$ SGD) or around there, without baggage, but still, having another cheap alternative for Japan Trip is always good to me.

I have travelled to Japan with all kind of Airlines. Singapore Airlines, ANA, JAL, Cathay Pacific (transit in HK), FlyScoot (transit in taiwan), and Airasia, so yeah ,there’s alot to compare of. Obviously if you have too much money to burn, or if its your first time going Japan, you might want to try airlines such as ANA or JAL, but for me who have gone Japan for more than 10x, nothing is special anymore – i just want to get there in one piece xD πŸ˜€ I’ll just say this ; You PAY what you GET. You pay cheap, you get minimal service compared to full fledged airlines (which provides you decent meals and baggage up to 40kg) but if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need to bring many stuffs back home, all this can be overlooked. (there’s a 20KG baggage option for around Rp350.000 though for those who needs it). Besides, the rest of extra money i saved on budget airlines, can be used to see Idol Lives πŸ˜€ XD

That’s about it i guess. This year i have travelled 3x with Airasia — Early January for Bangkok, Late April for Bangkok (again), and then Early May 2018 for Japan trip….Thanks for Airasia for their service! πŸ˜€

Value for Money – 9 / 10 (if you get good fares below Rp2.000.000 or Rp3.000.000, above that, NOPE)
Service – 6 / 10 (only service you’ll get is when you pay.)
Seats / Chairs – 6 / 10 (not the most comfy seats around, but i survived lol)
Overall Rating – 7 / 10

COMING UP SOON — BLOG UPDATE from my April 2018 Bangkok TIF TRIP and May 2018 Japan Trip !! Stay Tuned!! xD

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