April 2018 Thailand TIF Trip 26th – 29th April

Posted: May 20, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

I went to Bangkok for the 2nd time in the span of 3 months to visit another big event in bangkok—-an idol event—— …. yep. “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” event…in Bangkok !! Seems like Bangkok has too many idol events these days, even TIF Started to jump ship and opened opportunity to do an event in Bangkok, Thailand lol. πŸ˜€

One of the few first names who came up in the line up is Maneki Kecak and i immidiately got “sold” and quickly booked my trips short afterwards. However, since this is the first TIF in bangkok, in the end the FINAL line up results ended up being only around 10 idols groups, and since the event is merged together with “Bangkok Comic Con” (So TIF is just another section in Bangkok Comic Con), the performance is only around 3-4 hours per day, and the buppan time also not that too long either.

Final Timetable fopr TIF2018 in BANGKOK Thailand

When they announced the final line up and timetables a few weeks before the event, i must admit i was quite dissapointed with the result, with only Maneki Kecak and Task Have Fun being the idol groups that i really interested in, but since at the last minute i planned ANOTHER Japan (budget) Trip, this actually works out fine for me, like…a blessing in disguise? Lol πŸ˜€ Like this, i didnt spend too much money in thailand since i only focused on 2 groups, and managed to save some of the money for my Japan Trip which happens basically just 1-2 days after my bangkok trip lol. I will explain why though. πŸ˜›

So, Maneki Kecak Reona, has a birthday live on the 5th of May 2018 at Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo. The Bangkok TIF event is held a week before that, so i heard from the bangkok side of Maneki Fans that they are planning to do a birthday surprise for her during the event (getting a birthday cake, birthday tshirts, etc etc and all). While i didnt manage to get my hands on the Maneki / Reonyan Birthday Live tickets until last minute (thanks to my friend in japan “Ajunx” who helped me buy the ticket), the Bangkok Event is pretty much straight forward, you only need to visit the event.

So thats partly the reason why i decided to go BOTH events, and do a “2-country-back-to-back-Visits” of Bangkok and Japan in the same time. It’s pretty crazy i know ! Another reason is probably that Airasia has launched a new direct route from Indonesia to Narita for a super cheap price (read my BLOG post earlier about that lol), that my Japan ticket price ended up become more cheaper than my Bangkok Ticket price lol…what a funny world we live in. πŸ˜›

Also, i become too damn addicted to “WACK” lately — especially BiS and Gang Parade to the point that i really want to see their live, and there’s no way WACK group is going to be invited overseas (very rare case anyway), so i figured out the only way for me too see them is to see them in Japan. Just lucky when i scouted the date early May 2018, both BiS and Gang Parade has events during my stay in Japan…this is also prompted me to book the Japan Trip last minute. I mean, i probably won’t go for this year TIF now in Japan this August, because i usually only budgetted only 1x Japan Trip per year these days. So yeah, it would be probably until next year (or at least the end of the year lol) before i can go Japan again.

Well, enough of that (and Japan trip, that should be an update for another time), the story getting too long, so let’s get started with the Thailand Trip write ups first !! I might forgot a thing or two though, because it happened around 3 weeks ago already and i’ve been busy (or simply lazy to write an update about it lol) so here we go !.

26th April 2018 – “Day 0”

Today is actually my free day in Bangkok. Checked in to my hostel etc etc, and at first i planned out to wait Maneki Kecak at the airport (“IF” they havent arrive already)…However, Maneki decided to go to thailand a little bit too early, they arrived in Tuesday (around the 24th of April 2018) just a few days before my arrival sooo…totally missed on that one haha. So yep, today is only chill and meet my other Indonesian friends who also arrived in Bangkok to stay in the same hostel as me.

Checked in at the “Lub D Siam” Hostel in Bangkok

I also went to scout the Mall / Venue of the event at Siam Paragorn just for research purpose as its my first time at that mall, also dinner together with the boys, But besides that, there’s nothing much really haha (or maybe i just forgot all about it for this date lol). so that’s about it for Day 0 !!

Picture with my friend outside the Bangkok Comic Con / Bangkok TIF2018 Giant Banner

27th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 1

So the first day of Bangkok Comic Con / Bangkok TIF2018 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› !! As you can see, Maneki Kecak is the first performer for today, and also, every day in this event there’s a 48G group which performs at the very last time slot. My bangkok friend informed me that i should be there earlier before the “48G” fans arrive, stand by before the mall opens at 10:00AM, and stand by to rush upstairs in order to get decent spot early for the live lol. Me and my friend ended up reaching the mall too early at around 9am in the morning, with nothing to do outside the mall other than walking and see other fans who also waiting at the same time as us haha.

Around 30 minutes before the Mall open, me and my friend found a way to get in to the mall earlier by saying that we want to watch “The Avengers Infinity War” at the Mall Cinema who has an early morning screening that day. By doing that we can access the top floor of the mall from one of the entrance located near the parking lot. After some tries to try to convince the security that we wanted to go watch “Avengers” instead of for Bangkok TIF (lol), we passed the security and go up to the top floor to wait in front of the venue (Siam Paragon Royal Hall) to wait for the event to start.

However, Thailand being Thailand (i totally forgot this is not Japan), the entrance delayed by around 1 hour, and the live performance also delayed by around 30 mins. Geez. Totally screwed up timing. Thankfully this is only for the 1st day and didnt repeat it self the next following days.

Waiting for Door to open

After the gate opens, i rushed to get inside the stage of the TIF2018 area of Bangkok Comic Con, its located at the very end corner of the venue. When i reach there i can get quite close to the stage, but later i realized that most of the maneki fans often made a circle at the back areas to run around, so i decided to joined them too instead of being in the front areas. πŸ˜€ Yep..it made me wonder why i decided to go inside earlier in the first place LOL. But its for the “excitement” i guess Hahahaha. πŸ˜›

So after waiting and delays, finally Maneki Kecak arrived on the stage to perform first for the first performane of TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018 in BANGKOK COMIC CON

Maneki Fans are wild and i love it

Maneki Kecak Day 1 Bangkok TIF2018:
1. Joudan Ja Nai Ne
2. Kimi no Todoke
3. Monster to Kecak
4. Atashi no nokori zenbu Ageru
5. Kimiwazurai

So they started the setlist with “Joudan Ja Nai Ne” and we immidiately gone crazy haha. Worth all the waiting early today for this !! I’ve gone back to the back areas to join with the others Maneki “pinchikes” to do the circle, runs, or whatever you call it that most pinchikes do these days (if theres a word for it LOL), but i must say its pretty damn fun. They also sing the new single “Atashi no nokori zenbu Ageru” which is good because it’s the first time i’ve seen the live performance of that song, so it’s all cool πŸ˜€ They ended up the performance with their signature song “Kimiwazurai”.

After that; next group, which is too bad because i have to rush to their buppan for chekis and stuff. So i totally skipped the other performances today after Maneki Kecak lol (only see for a while here and there, but nothing much) πŸ˜›

Maneki Buppan in Bangkok This time round…same price as last time!

For those wondering about the pic above, the “Homework” means that they will write alot on your 2shot chekis/polaroid, and it requires them alot of time to do that, so they will bring the cheki back home to prepare write stuffs for you, and you can only collect it during the next event ! This means that its suited more for Japanese people who can go to their events regularly…if you can only see them few times, the 300/500baht cheki is more recommended.

At the buppan i only buy 1 cheki as the line up for reonyan cheki is too long as always and her first cheki is always the first one to be sold out. Not to mention that you can only buy 1 cheki at a time, so during my japan trip i only buy 2 cheki with her (one for each day) but i guess that is more than enough for me haha. I also want to try to give her my birthday present today but i totally forgot lol so i decided to give the present to her on the 2nd day tomorrow πŸ˜€

2shot Cheki with Manekis Reonyan during the 1st day

During the cheki, i told her about the present i made for her, i made her a “custom photobook” with a pictures i took myself during the last “Thai Japan Expo” event in January 2018 earlier this year. She looks very happy about it, and i asked her to pose with and look surprised but the Camera staff for Maneki is kinda “trigger happy” and always SNAPS you before you are ready lol. This happens not only to me, but to most of the japanese fans as well. I guess you can only do normal2 pose with them this time, which is kinda sucked, compared to last time in Thai Japan Expo which you get more time to pose with them. Anyways, since i already take plenty of cheki with reonyan in the past, i couldnt care less about the result i just want to talk to her and stuffs LOL.

I also took a cheki with Chiai since she went hiatus last month and only managed to do a come back recently…so i felt like i should take a picture with her also. πŸ˜€

2shot Cheki with Manekis Chiai during the 1st day

Back at the stage, Akishibu Project are still performing, so that means i totally missed on Lovely Doll performance while im at the buppan haha. After that followed by a performance from Papirosier, Milcs Honmono and Necopla”.

Soon after that, its time for 48G to perform, which totally signalled me to head to the EXIT as the crowd become more and more crazy– too many people inside its hard to breathe so i decided to go outside. I’m not a 48 fan anymore nowadays so that’s nothing to miss about lol. Now that all the Bangkok TIF2018 segment all totally done today i decided to go back to the hostel to rest. My hostel is around 10 minutes walk from the venue, so that is an easy decision for me instead of just roaming around in the venue with nothing to do, and also we dropped by to eat late lunch as well before heading back to the hostel.

After some rest and stuffs (around 2 hours), we went back to the venue at around 5:30pm in the afternoon just to look around and stuffs.

After short rest at the hostel, back to the venue to explore Bangkok Comic Con

When we reached back there to explore the “Bangkok Comic Con” section, there wasn’t many people around, i guess people dont really care about the comic on and most of the crowd only comes for Bangkok TIF2018 Lol πŸ˜€ After some walking around at the venue, i spent like only 30 minutes inside before i figured out there’s nothing much there so decided to call it a day for dinner with the boys and rest for the 2nd day. Later that day, one of my Malaysian friend also arrived late to thailand and stayed in the same hostel as me also, so we had a fun talk at our hostel room until late night Lol.

Midnight chat with friends and preparation for the 2nd day tomorrow

END Of Day 1 Bangkok TIF2018 !

28th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2

Today, i decided to chill more and didnt care about getting inside the venue too early like yesterday, since in the end we’ll be at the back areas with the maneki fans anyways lol. So instead of sneaking our way in, we have a breakfast at the Mcdonalds at the mall downstairs near the entrance, while waiting for the door to open.

McDonalds Pork Porridge for Breakfast

After the door open at 10AM, most of people just rushes in and RUN uptstairs to the top floor LOL. This prompted me to follow the rest to go up, although i didnt run like crazy like other people πŸ˜€ Thankfully, the crowd today is not as bad as yesterday ! Turns out my friend told me yesterday there are more people because of NGT48 yesterday, and today only JKT48 LOL. πŸ˜€ Also today the gate opened on time, as there isnt much delays, so thank god.

Event Started on time today!

Skip forward to the Stage area for Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2! πŸ˜€ Yep, inside the crowd is REALLY way LESSER compared to yesterday…wow…i can literally get into the 3rd row today or closer but in the end i decided to chill. besides, maneki perform abit late today, so it is Task Have Fun, Lovely Doll, and Akishibu Project who performed first for 30 minutes each per time slot.

Not gonna go in details for those idols, but i think its a great setlist. For example, Task sing their trademark song “3WD”, Lovely Doll got sing one of my fave song by them “Calendar Girl” and Akishibu also sing “Manatsu no Serenade” which is one of my fave also. But of course, some of these setlist is kinda expected yeah haha. But it’s still great anyways. Next up after all those 3 groups performed, is Maneki Kecak turns !! πŸ˜€

Maneki Kecak Bangkok TIF2018 Day 2 :
1. Moso Zakura
2. Kagami no Naka Kara (oeoe oooo..xD)
3. Joudan Ja nai Ne
4. Arikitarina Koto ba de
5. Kimiwazurai

The setlist for today Maneki is just…too.damn.awesome. Started of with Moso Zakura (woooo!!), followed by their new single Kagami no naka kara, then everyone’s favore Joudan Ja nai ne, then also (OH GOD MY FAVE SONG) “Arikitarina Koto ba de !!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I totally got so high on this, waay much more than Day 1, especially during Joudan Ja Nai Ne on the 2nd day, there are more spaces at the back compared to yesterday because lesser people today. So we have the Freedom to do anything we want lol…It was totally crazy. Joined the usual circle runs and other crazy things… (hopefully i didnt get caught on cam cuz i’m usually “calm” you know xD πŸ˜› ) And then we still have “Kimiwazurai” to finish thing off. GREAT SHIT

Overall today memories is totally much better compared to yesterday for some reason. The live is more fan. the fans is also more fun. Haha.

After the performance ended, is 48G turns ,and also Maneki buppan time, which means it’s time for me to leave the stage xD Went to rush for the buppan for maneki. Bought another cheki with Reonyan, and like i said before, the cheki staff for Maneki during this event is too damn “trigger happy” and tooo damn fast…i haven’t even prepared my pose and the dude already snapped my picture hahaha. But since i needed to talk more with Reona, i just ignored him. The pose is abit fail, but nevermind, i already take plenty of chekis and i just want to talk to her…didnt bother to retake πŸ˜›

After the cheki, i gave my birthday gift to reonyan via KanFuruya who is sitting at the back doing nothing lol. KanFuruya actually is quite nice. After i told her about the present for Reona, he immidiatelly accepts it and he told me that he will give it to Reona after the buppan session ended. He even asked me to make sure that i write my name on it so that she knows who i am which is a nice gesture by him ! πŸ˜€ I told him she should know already since i already told her, besides my name also printed on the photobook i gave her already so yeah…Mission done xD All that’s left is only to wait for the Buppan session to finish for the surprise birthday cake for Reonyan at the end segment. I went out outside to talk with some Japanese and Bangkok Maneki Kecak fans to kill time.

I chatted with this Japanese Reona fan who is pretty well known, i also met him during last year Japan Trip in July 2017. He told me about the Reona birthday live and asked me if im going also, i said yeah. I showed him my tickets for the Akasaka Blitz event, and he told me that my ticket number sucked, and for advice, he told me only around the first 200 people can get the Reona’s cheki, so if i wanted to have cheki after the birthday live show in Japan, i have to be inside early, and for that i need to have a good ticket number to get inside earlier… He later checked his Line Group on his phone to see if he has spare tickets left under 200, and planned to get back to me later about it. Nice gesture by him. For me i really totally dont mind though, even if i only managed to attend her birthday live in Akasaka Blitz, i think it’s more than enough already πŸ˜›

Anyways, shortly afterwards, the birthday surprise for Reonyan started so i get back inside the buppan area. Some talk and scenes after, the Bangkok side presented reonyan with Flower, Birthday Cake, signed banners, and some other stuffs to her and she looks very happy and moved !! πŸ˜€

Since Maneki doesnt have any after “meet and greet” or “offkai” events, so this is the last time we see them…too bad πŸ™ At the end of the segment we also take a group picture together to call it a day.

After the stuff with Maneki Kecak is done, time for “some sidequests” with Task Have Fun! (and also Milcs Honmono). It is a 2-man “Meet and Greet” event starring Task and Milcs after the end of Day 2 Bangkok TIF2018. There’s only 60 tickets of these available but luckily i managed to get my hands one one πŸ˜€ The event is located around the Siam areas too in Bangkok, so its not too far away. It is an office building, and we need to leave our Passport in the Lobby in order to get a special access card to enter the building, lol.

Upstairs, we queued in and get inside based on our ticket number. Since there’s only 60 tickets already, there wont be too much people so i am quite relaxed with this. Inside, theres only 3 rows of chairs (all occupied by the japanese lol) the rest at the back have to stand lol. Also, taking pix only allowed during Milcs Honmono, and not during Task…oh well haha. First up is Meet and greet with Milcs Honmono

The Meet and greet consist of few segments for around 1 hour each. Some segments includes “Q & A” session, some talking, sing along, some batsu chair game (you know, the one where they play music, and must get the girls to sit down on the chair and the only one who didnt sit in the chair lose? xD) and some other stuffs…I think there might be other things as well, but i almost forgot since i forgot to write stuffs down during this segment haha.

Anyways, the order is like this; Milcs Honmono first, the Task Have Fun (around 1 hour each) then at the end, Task Have Fun & Milcs Honmono together. Didnt have any pix of Task since they dont allow to take pix, so only have some Milcs pictures during this event haha

Milcs Honmomo members seems quite fun during the meet and greet, but i feel Task Have Fun members segment is more fun,and they also looks more funny when handling the answers lol. In this we know all the girls is kinda “Baka” haha like for example, Fuuka asked to wrote the lyrics for the coupling song of the new single on the board, but she wrote the lyrics wrongly (because need to write in romanji). Then Natsuki tried to correct it, but she was wrong also LOL. (forgot if its the correct order…could be Natsuki first and then Fuuka lol) but anyways both of them had to be corrected few times by the japanese fan haha.

Oh, almost forgot, there’s also janken mini game with the fans to win some personal goods by the members, which of course, i LOST all of them cuz my janken skills SUCKED lol…:P Also some “guess the drawing game” during Task Have fun segment…haha. Here’s the epic drawing by Task’s Natsuki during the drawing segment xD

After some fun stuffs around 2 hours, each groups have their buppan time. Task Have Fun Cheki is wearing their “casual” outfit which is quite nice and rare (usually in Japan the chekis usually wearing their single outfits and such). The buppan for Task also got more people than Milcs i think…anyways here is my cheki with both Fuuka and Natsuki (didnt take with kyouka LOL)

Chekis with Task Have fun Natsuki and Fuuka

After the task buppan, i went to the Milcs area, and seems like after their buppan finished, they still continue on to have their own little segment lol. Some “extra time” segment such as free photography session, you can take pix of them for free during these segment.

Also some added some added “Janken” segment and some other things i forgot…my friend managed to record a video message by one of the milcs members for free (normally i think you need to pay around 500 baht or 1000 baht haha!)

By the time Milcs finished all their “extra time” stuffs at the venue, Task Have Fun buppan is still going on (lol) so they (Milcs members) decided to leave first. After Milcs leave the venue, me and my friends decided to leave also because we have no more tickets for Task Have fun…so we decided to call it a day, and go back to our hostel and rest haha.

That’s about it for Day 2…Today is really fun and packed compared to Day 1 yesterday. I finally wrapped up my mission with Maneki Kecak today, gave Reonyan her birthday present, some chat with her, then also the Maneki Birthday surprise at the end of the buppan…and also after that, the Task Have Fun & Milcs Honmono meet and greet πŸ˜€ Overall, it’s very fun day, and today is the day that makes this Bangkok Trip totally worth it imo…

And with that in mind, lets continue to Day 3 Recaps, although for Day 3 i didnt have much spirit left compared to Day2 , because there’s no more Maneki tomorrow πŸ™

29th April 2018 – Bangkok TIF2018 Day 3

Today is the last day of Bangkok TIF 2018. No more priorities for today, maybe see Task Have Fun performance, and that’s it. I even forgot what time i reached the venue today, but i remember i got separated from my friends so i went inside the venue alone today (even though we met up again later inside the venue by accident LOL).

Day 3 Crowd @ Bangkok TIF…Many people :/ More than Yesterday

Today the crowd is abit crazy….because of BNK48 and also i think because it is Sunday…many families here lol. The stage area is totally crowded, i didnt even bother to get in front. I just casually watched the performance one by one, from the left side of the stage. There are some spaces on the far left corner of the stage thankfully, which where i stayed for the day for the entire 3 hours performance…but like i said before…Not so much mood because there is no Maneki Kecak haha :/

Believe it or not but i got nothing much to write for today. I only got high during Task Have Fun performance which they performed just before BNK48 lol. But other than that, nothing much to say. After the performance ended, we skipped BNK48 and went outside. I went to the buppan area to meet one of my thailand friend to settle some stuffs which i didnt get to finish yesterday…while also peeking the Task Have Fun buppan lol (even though i didnt buy anything today :P) After that done, i waited until Task Have Fun buppan finishes, and also Papirosier, before i went back to the Bangkok Comic Con area nearby the TIF booth, where Milcs Honmono holding their own buppan there.

Their buppan they still need to sell some “leftover” stuffs before they go back to japan, so they stayed on and keep “fishing” people to buy some of their stuffs there lol…some of the Japanese fans is just standing by there, but they let the thailand fans to buy some of the leftovers, and also in order to give them space and “fish-and-bait” from the milcs members which is funny to see…(of course, im pretty sure all these japs can easily buy all the leftovers in one go if they wanted to xD), but they want to make things fun, so they waited and waited until the thai fans settled all their stuffs xD Since i have nothing else to do, i waited there until the Milcs member finishes their buppan also, and decided to call it a day.

It’s only around 4pm. But the event is already over in my book. So i immidiately went back to the hostel to rest (thank god hostel is near!) some of my friends want to walk around in bangkok somemore, and some i forgot do what stuff, all i can remember we only meet up again at night to take one final group picture together (most of the overseas fans) before we call it a day for the trip. Some of my friends also went to Maidreaming Maid Cafe at MBK (which basically just opposite my hostel lol) but im already too tired and no mood already anyways…Besides… i got much bigger things to prepare…my JAPAN TRIP next !! So all my focus totally goes for that, which explain why i have not much mood today xD

After taking group pix, went back to the hostel and hang out at one of my friends room for some more chat and stuffs πŸ˜€ Besides, it’s the last night of the bangkok trip for me. My flight is the next day and i have to be in the airport around 6am to be safe…so i didnt get to sleep at all. Later on, all my friends fell asleep, and im the only one awake lol…at around 4am i have to wake up some of them because in the end we decided to shared taxi to go to the airport together. Some of us are leaving today, but all in different time (got one in the afternoon, etc etc, but the one from indonesia is all in the morning)

So yeah. That should be that for this Thailand update. Boarded my plane safely, back to Jakarta, for a few days rest before continuing my trip to Japan on the 2nd of May 2018…for that, please stay tune for the next update, because this write up is getting too long already haha. Im pretty sure there are more stuffs i missed in this, but whatever, these all i can remember for now…i guess that’s what you get if you doing these updates 3 weeks AFTER the actual trip xD

If you’re reading until this part, thanks for reading my boring crap as usual. πŸ˜€ I actually spend 4 hours writing this update, believe it or not, but doing recaps and updates like this actually takes plenty of time (which explained why im so lazy to do the update, just needed some “free time” to do it) xD So until my next update!!

-END OF POST– and -TO BE CONTINUED for Japan May 2018 part !!!–

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