May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART ONE

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Fresh off my Bangkok trip, i immidiately prepared for my next journey to Tokyo, with only 2 days of rest…lol. Luckily, i am travelling light this time (“backpacker-esque”) and didnt bring many stuffs with me except some set of clothers, power bank and cables, and some snacks to eat on the plane/when i arrive (cuz im too cheapo to pay for the onboard meals and baggage)…but hey, my flight to japan only cost like 150$ SGD / 120$ USD beause of the AIRASIA promo (read all about it here lol),so i really shouldn’t be complaining anyways lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, as usual, this post will be a WALL OF TEXT and i might separate this post into few posts because it will be too long and im just too lazy to write all of those in one go these days. First off i will write a “Quick Summary of my 8 days trip to Japan” this time for those who didnt want to read all those bullshit i write, lmao.

Infzer0 2018 Japan Trip Summary:
3rd May 2018 – Arrive in Tokyo, BiS Release Event in Hachioji – BiS AyaPri Birthday
4th May 2018 – There There There’s Live – Meicha Birthday Event @ Koenji High
5th May 2018 – Kiss Bee Release Event (morning) + Maneki Kecak One Man Live – Reonyan’s Birthday Show @ Akasaka Blitz
6th May 2018 – 4 Events in one day (yep quite hardcore move by me) “Shine Fine Movement”, “BiS”, “Dear Kiss” and “Appare Harajuku” release event.
7th May 2018 – Kiss Bee Release Event @ Tower Records Shinjuku
8th May 2018 – Gang Parade Live @ Shinjuku Loft
9th May 2018 – Appare Harajuku Release Event @ Tower Ikebukuro
10th May 2018 – Idol Storm Event (Appare Harajuku, There There Theres,Neo Japonism,etc)
11th May 2018 – Back home

Alot of stuffs for 9 days trip eh? Not to shabby. Now let’s begin our write up for the first day on the 3rd of May 2018 ๐Ÿ˜›

All my 2shot Chekis from both of my Japan/Thailand Trip in 2 weeks…not that many actually :3

3rd May 2018 – Day 1 “BiS Event and Wack Museum Trip”

My flight departed from Jakarta the night before at 23:50 midnight, and arrived in Tokyo the next morning at around 10am…yep, the flight actually got delayed for about 30 minutes, so can’t be helped.

Took the Normal Keisei Train from Narita to Ueno for 1000 yen

Actually for today, there’s 2 different events i could go for….”Gang Parade” release event @ Tower Records Shinjuku and the BiS Release Event @ Tower Hachioji. The Gang parade begins around 11am though, while the BiS began around 3pm. If my plane reaches on time, and i took “Narita Express” train bound for Shinjuku, i “could” probably attend both of these…but since i decided to just relax and not too be rushed, i abandoned the plan for the Gang Parade event (it’s too damn rush lol) and just head to Hachioji for the BIS release event.

After i reached the “Hachioji” Station, i saw an old guy wearing the “BiS” tshirt. Since i never go to Tower Hachioji before,i decided to follow this dude (since surely he’s going for the same place anyways lol). But on the way to Tower Records, he got lost, and he’s like watching me with that weird look (but hey, im no stalker allright LOL). After he eventually reaches the venue and saw me queiuing right behind him, then he also realized im also going for the BiS event…lol…Yep im just lazy to open a google maps when you have a japanese guy who can lead the way hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜›

Tower Records Hachioji and BiS AyaPri banner

Anyways, at the Tower Records, the queue is kinda crazy. Actually AyaPri birthday live is held yesterday on the day before, but for this event, its basically held on her “hometown” at Hachioji, so it’s kinda count as her birthday live i guess? Not to mention, the queue for her chekis is the LONGEST for this event. So yeah. I also came late so i spend too much time queueing for the “preorder cd” forms, and missed some of the songs they sing at the mini live…oh well.

The Queue for the forms to preorder BiS Single

For BiS (or Wack release event) you need to preorder CDs in order for 2shot with the members. 2 CD (or each 1000 yen purchase) gets you one ticket. You need 2 tickets to take 2shots with one member. If you want group shoot or add one more member in your chekis, you can, by adding 1 more ticket (for example if i want to do a 3shot cheki with PanLuna and Ayapri together, that means i need 3 cheki tickets. Sounds fair to me). So yeah, 1st step is to fill the pre-order form CD (i dont care if i can collect the CDs or not since i want just the cheki), get the coupon, and use the coupon after the mini live.

BiS Mini Live @ Tower Records Hachioji (pix from Official Twitter)

After the mini live has ended (i forgot the setlist now because it was too rushed) its time for the cheki session, and you need to queue again…and like i mention before, the queue line for AyaPri is damn long lool…took me 30 minutes (or maybe more if i remember) just to get in to the venue inside. So i just waited and waited…then i remembered. I have 4 tickets for this (planned to get cheki with Pan Luna also) and if you didnt know, the Cheki will continue as on there are still fans queueing for the members with tickets. Once the members don’t have anymore people waiting at their line, they will cut the queue and call it a day for that particular member to rest (and you coudn’t take any more chekis with them). This is a bit a mistake for me, because i should’ve gone queue for Pan Luna first, before going for AyaPri one. :/ But since i already queued, and the queue behind me gets worse and worse, i decided to follow the plan anyways.

Preordered 4 Singles, so i have 4 coupons which i can use for chekis with 2 members…

On the distance, i can hear one by one of the BiS members saying their thank you for the day and going to the backstage to rest…i couldnt see who’s the member since im still outside, so im just hoping it wasn’t Pan Luna (else i have to spend all my 4 coupons on AyaPri…haha). After i get inside…Thank God…Pan Luna’s line is still there (WOW, her queue must be pretty long then LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ ), and basically only AyaPri and Pan Luna queues is left during this time (all the other members had gone to the backstage for rest already). It’s just my luck i guess, so i immidiately changed my lane to Pan Luna first and take cheki with her.

Chekis with WACK Members is damn fun. They will immidiately grab your hands and arms (body touch is allowed as long the members is fine with it). You can do many crazy poses, and most of the members will do it as long you explain it nicely to them lol. I saw many japanese do funny/crazy pose, especially the females one…it’s like they lesbian or something. Some asked them to do Kiss Pose, or kiss on the cheek pose, or “hug-very-tightly” pose and many other funny things. But yep…Girls only guys…Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜› If you want to spam your money for chekis, i think WACK group is one of the best for it, just think all of the funny pose you can take with them lol.

1st Cheki with Pan Luna. I told her im from Indonesia, she looks surprised but that’s about it haha. I guess she’s quite excited to have someone from overseas so that’s good, but other than that, its normal service. She grabbed my arms for the cheki pose, and i just do a normal pose since its my first time with her, no need to do any strange cheki pose lol. After my cheki is done, i moved back to queue for the AyaPri queue (luckily i dont have to wait from outside) so it didnt take long for me until i reached my turn with AyaPri.

Cheki with BiS Pan Luna

Cheki with AyaPri. She grabbed my arms and i just do a normal pose again, then afterwards, i told her i’m from Indonesia. She looks surprised, and she told me that she loves Bali, and she loves to go there for Holiday haha. I also said Happy Birthday to her which she replied “thank you” very happily before she told me that i should come again for the next event, i told her yeah (still got the BiS release event in Saturday !). And that should be that before the staff told me to move along for the next person to come in haha.

And oh, as you can see from the picture below, Ayapri leaning her hands on my shoulder while taking the chekis with me. Good fanservice from her haha. ๐Ÿ˜›

Cheki with BiS AyaPri

After all the chekis is done, i walk around inside the tower records Hachioji again to take some pictures of her banner and some other stuffs, before decided to call it a day and leave the venue.

Afterwards, i went for a short/fast trip to Nakano Broadway, and Akihabara, both to check the idol 2nd hand shop “Trio”. The TRio shop at Nakano broadway dont have anything much to my interest these days, so i should consider that next time to stop visiting this branch. The Trio Shop at Akihabara though, have many interesting stuffs. And also have some 2nd hand Wack Tshirts/Posters and stuffs. In the end i didnt buy anything though, just looking around for abit lol. I dont know… everytime i go to Japan i always visited these places at least one time…just for old time’s sake i guess? I used to buy plenty of stuffs from these shops before in the past. Just too bad during this trip there wasnt anything much that interested me in ๐Ÿ˜›

Walking Around in Nakano, Akihabara and Shibuya

After some walking around in Akihabara, its getting late night already. I decided to go one more place before i ended my day, and that’s by visiting the “Wack Museum” in Shibuya. It’s located inside the HMV in Shibuya, and i reached there around 20:00 at night when it’s almost closing, so there’s no many people around lol. I also made a separate post earlier about the Wack Museum, you can just head to the post here for more pictures haha.

Wack Museum

Next up i went to my Friends place in Meguro, which where i will be staying for the next 9 days of this trip (thanks to him!). So i just head there, before resting up for the night lol. And that should be that for the 1st day of my Japan Trip…a very tiring day indeed x_x but its pretty much fun ! ๐Ÿ˜€

On to the next day…

4rd May 2018 – Day 2 “Golden Week @ Meiji Shrine and There There There’s Live”

I forgot what time i woke up this day, but it’s quite late and i got a pretty good rest from the night before lol…i really needed that !! ๐Ÿ˜€ Today’s event, its just one event. There There There’s Live @ Koenji High, which also the birthday show for one of their members – Meicha. The gate opens in the afternoon, so i still have some time left before going there.

I didnt leave my friends house in Meguro until Lunch time (if i remember it was around 12 lol) and since i arrived here during the GOLDEN WEEK, i want to see what’s Golden Week is like in Japan…since its my first time being here during this festive period…and all i can say is…Tons. and Tons. of People.

Meiji Shrine in Harajuku

So i decided to visit the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku to kill some time. After i arrived in Harajuku Station, it took me around 5-10 minutes just to get out from the station because there’s too many people lol. But since i have time to kill until 3pm anyways, im still quite relaxed. At the Meiji Shrine there’s some kind of Ceremony there, i didnt know what it is but there’s alot of people taking pictures. I only snapped a few pictures before i moved on haha. In total, i spend around 1 hour in Meiji Shrine for sight seeing and stuffs, before i decided that i should meet my friend at Koenji for the “There There There’s” Live.

At Koenji station, i met up with my Singaporean friend which i havent met for a long time. He also helped me buy the There There There’s live tickets in advance, which surprisingly, ended up being sold out on the day (luckily we have bought in advance before) lol. After reaching the Venue in Koenji High, turns out we are too damn early and the venue isn’t even opened yet, so we decided to walk around in Koenji somemore before heading back to the live house.

There There There’s Live Venue at Koenji High

After walking around the Koenji area, we went back to the venue and i saw the lines to buy TTT’s goods and chekis already. They also selling Mei-cha photobook, which looks kinda nice, but i dont really buy photobooks these days, so i just buy 1 cheki ticket for Mei-cha only lol. After that, more waiting until the live starts. Saw TTT Rere walking out from the venue (dunno for what, maybe to combini to buy something lol) then also a car parked outside the venue, to pick up none other than You’ll Melt More’s ANOCHAN, (“You’ll melt more” also performed in this event as a guest btw). She looks kinda sick, but i dont know, maybe that’s just her usual look since she is a WEIRD girl btw if you follow her lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

Which makes me wonder why she need someone to pick her up with a car from the venue, and i also dont know where she’s going since the live is about to start soon (weird indeed..but she got back to the venue on time since she appears when “You’ll melt more” performs later on lol). Anyways, for comparison, the TTT members Rere, just casually walk outside to the venue walking without needing someone to pick her up…lol…while Anochan got some bodyguard to pick her up, which is abit funny so i feel to mention that haha. totally different treatment also lol ๐Ÿ˜›

Sadly as for Anochan- i didnt manage to get her chekis at this event because her buppan is during Mei’s Solo performance in the TTT live, so just too bad (even though at first i want to take at least one cheki with her lol). Oh well.

Some Meicha flyers that the fans passed around outside the venue earlier

For the Live, there are other Aqbi records Solo Artist performing first as the opener, before followed by Seno Sisters, and then Mei-Chan Solo performance, and then You’ll Melt More, before There There There’s full line up members (with the additional new member Noe), which is pretty damn cute btw!

I only know few songs from You’ll melt more so i think i dont need to go too much details for their performance….Seno Sisters is quite funny and entertaining, but they’re not really my cup of tea lol, so really i only enjoyed the Meicha’s solo performance, and There There There’s live performance. For Meicha’s solo performance, she’s wearing this “White dress” which made her looks more adult and pretty!

Mei-cha solo Performance with a White Dress!

Anyways, Here’s the setlist from the There There There’s Live Performance:

There There There’s @ Koenji High 4th May 2018:
01. ใƒดใ‚กใƒณใƒˆ๏ผ
02. ใƒšใƒชใ‚ซใƒณ
03. ใƒœใ‚ฏใ‚‰ใฎWednesday
04. Communication Countdown
05. 2soundDown
06. ใƒกใ‚ฟใƒชใ‚ฏใ‚น
07. ็„ก็ฝช:Honeymoon
08. ROOM24-7
09. SOIL
10. ๆ†‚้ฌฑใฎใ‚ฐใƒญใƒชใ‚ข
11. The Victim
13. ใ‚ฟใƒŠใƒˆใ‚นใจใƒžใ‚นใ‚ซใƒฌใƒผใƒ‰
14. Orange Slumbers
15. There’s something behind
16. Low Tide
17. Asthma
18. Burnable Garbage

The live setlist is pretty decent imo. They sing most of my favorite TTT/old Bellring sogs that i liked, so thats awesome… with the exception of “Rainy Dance” though (just too bad they never sing that song lol). But i really got into “ๆ†‚้ฌฑใฎใ‚ฐใƒญใƒชใ‚ข” after this japan trip, which i think now is a damn good song. Also, their performance is really great especially during “Pelican, Ikinie, There’s something Behind, Burnable Garbage” etc etc. And not forgot to mention, Ashtma for the encore is totally RIOT Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways it was fun. After the live, i queued for the cheki for Meicha and obviously her queue is the longest here…

Meicha cheki queue at the staircase Area

I think i waited about 30 minutes for the cheki before finally its my turn. She looks really cute up close- but since she looks very tired also, i didnt talk that much with her…Just did a normal pose during the 2shot with her, and i also told her Happy Birthday and some little talk about me coming from Indonesia and all, but thats about it…. Here are my cheki picture with her. ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheki with Meicha at her Birthday Live

After the cheki session, its pretty much done for me so i decided to leave the venue to call it a day. When i’m leaving, there’s still plenty of people waiting for their turn for chekis with meicha, so that’s surely gonna take a while haha. While walking back, ate a quick late dinner at Matsuya, before going back to Meguro to my friend house to rest. ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s about it for Day 2 of my Japan Trip…in the mean time, here are some more pictures of TTT from their live at Koenji high (yep, taking pix and fancams is allowed during TTTs Live) ๐Ÿ˜€

There There There’s @ Koenji High – 4th May 2018

5th May 2018 – “KissBee Release event and Maneki Kecak Reonyan Birthday Show ๐Ÿ˜€

Today is the Maneki Kecak’s Reonyan birthday show ! There is 2 part for the Maneki Concert, but i only got ticket for the 2nd show in the afternoon (which is the IMPORTANT one) haha so i have spare time in the morning…decided to go for Kiss Bee release event in Marui Shibuya building, at the Rooftop area.

KissBee Mini Live @ Shibuya Marui Rooftop

This my first time going to the venue….i really didnt know they use the rooftop area to hold mini live events and stuff, it was kinda cool. Oh, KissBee is one of those idol groups who allows to take pictures, and for this event, they separated the “Photographers” to the left side , and the “normal viewers” to the right side…quite interesting. Since i got there quite late, i was quite in the back in the photographers area…and all the photographers in front of me are ready with their mini chairs to step on, and long-ass lens on their DSLR…d’oh…lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

I am simply not prepared for this (only bring my 18-200mm lens lol) but whatever, it’s my first time going for KissBee event in Japan, so why not. I still managed to take some photos of the members, even though i have to get lucky and snap when theres no other people blocking in front of me, lol, its quite a challange i must say. ๐Ÿ˜›

After the KissBee mini live, i rushed to the Akasaka Blitz for Maneki Kecak live. It started in the afternoon, but i reacher earlier just in case, while also exploring the area. Sadly the areas there’s nothing much to see, so i ended up waiting at the Mcdonalds nearby the Akasaka Blitz until they started calling the numbers to get in lol.

Akasaka Blitz

Now, when they calling the numbers, my Ticket is “C” section, and they’re calling “A” and “B” ticket first…the “A” tickets has like…600 people lol…so yea, you can see how behind i was. And also, i didnt manage to get the “sub-200” tickets that my Japanese friend try to offer me before, so i didnt really mind much, i just want to get in haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

When i got inside, quickly i spotted the queue for the chekis after the show, but once i wanted to “try” to queue, the staff announced that Reonyan’s cheki has been sold out ! haha. I guess i dont need to queue up then. Anyways. So i explored the venue and took picture with some of the Flowers and Reonyan’s life-size cardboard just near the entrance lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

Afterwards, i just waited at the stage area, around in the centre. The venue is quite ok. Even though my number sucked, i didnt stand all the way behind, i guess because some of the people who got inside, went on to queue for the cheki first haha. But still, i choose the centre spot anyways for easier viewing angle.

Now for the setlist…

Maneki Kecak – Birthday Live – 4th May 2018:

M01. Aoi Toiki
M02. Joudan ja Naine
M03. 7th heaven
M04. Kimi ni Todoke
M05. Kimi ga Waraeba
M06. Kakukaku Shikajika
M07. Ittou Ryoudan

-Reonyan Solo Part-
M08. Heart Gata Virus (AKB Cover)
M09. Some momoclo song (forgot the title lol)

M10. Kokuhaku no Susume
M11. Kagami no Naka kara
M12. Atashi no Nokori Zenbu Ageru
M13. Moso Zakura
M14. Arikitarina Kotobade
M15. Kimiwazurai

So yeah, as you can see, they sing many songs from their new albums here, some im quite not familiar with, but it was good because i can see all the newer songs i’ve never seen before. Well at least those they probably would never sing when they overseas anyways lol. ๐Ÿ˜€ They started Joudan Ja Nai Ne quite early in the beginning (2nd song), and the MC part for each segment is quite long…got this one “batsu game” where Reonyan need to say embarassing things like love confession etc etc, she lost the initial challange for yakiniku coupons lol. Shes too good in fishing anyway so i think they forcing her to lose so need to do this segment LOL!!! Also, one of the VTR is a dating “game” simulation with reonyan lol. funny shit!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

During the Reonyan’s solo part, she sing a cover of AKB48’s Heart Gata Virus, and when i hear this i was like…lmao, blast from the past (Just in case you didnt know, we have JKT48 here in Indonesia and i used to hear this song all the time in JKT theatre when im still active there lol)…she also sing one other song, a Momoclo song, which i forgot the name…Sorry, im not a momoclo fan so i didnt know. Btw, i’ve recorded audio of the live during Heart Gata Virus…lol ๐Ÿ˜€ I know i shouldnt record audio but psshhh im just a baka gaijin anyways LOL)

They also sing some of my fave maneki songs like Kokuhaku no Susume, Moso Zakura, and for the encore they also sing Arikitarina Kotobade!!, and of course, for the last song, Kimiwazurai. Also, i realized that there’s alot of MIX and Chants i didnt know of and i stil need to learn lol.

Group Shot after the show

Overall the live is awesome indeed. It’s my FIRST Maneki Kecak’s one man live i attended in japan, and it’s Reonyan birthday too, so this show is quite special to me. After the live, i talked with some japanese maneki fans who approached me, and they also helped me take picture with Reonyan life size cardboard outside haha. I didnt wait for everything to finish though, because i didnt have Cheki tickets…so after i redeeded my Drink Ticket, i finally decided to call it a day and leave the venue. Besides, im Hungry as hell Lol. Quick dinner, before i went back to my friend place in Meguro.

Can’t get cheki with Reonyan, so this will have to do LOL

So that’s all about it for today. Maneki Kecak one man live, and KissBee release event in the morning. I shall stop this post for now. I still got a WEEK left of write up / updates for my Japan trip, and obviously it’s taking too long to write all those up, so until next time… and until the next update lol.

— To be Continued for the next update !! —

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