May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART TWO

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6th May 2018 – Day 4 – “4 events in one go”

Today is really a hard day for me…if you like many idol groups (like me), it’s really hard because weekend is the day where there are many events being held, and too many to choose from. Usually, you’ll just pick for your favorite idol groups, but my fave (being Maneki Kecak at the moment) dont have any other events until my trip ended (yeah, it sucks), so i’ll just have to look for the alternatives lol 😛

I like WACK groups lately so i have set my eyes on the BiS release event on Tsutata Ikebukuro. Besides, it’s a “Revenge” for my last event in Shinjuku, which i came late after arriving from the airport, and unable to secure myself a good spot for viewing the mini live. For this, i decided to arrive 1-2 hours earlier. 😀

Once i arrive in Ikebukuro, i have a hard time finding the Tsutaya, which is stupid move by me (i actually went to this venue before last year for babyraids release event), and it’s actually quite easy to spot to find…but i’m too “dependant” to my phone GPS and i keep following the stupid GPS (which affected by sudden internet speed or lag) and directed me to a wrong place lol…yep…never trust your GPS 100% guys !!! 🙁

Anyways after wasting 10-15mins in ikebukuro looking for a venue that is actually damn easy to find *le-stupid me* – i finally went on to queue outside the store. Thankfully i dont have to queue for too long, because after i queued they actually let us inside early to purchase the CD and secure the mini live ticket.

Once inside, i think they give out the Mini Live ticket in random numbers, becuase they have 4 different cashiers, and all of them handing out the mini live tickets. I wonder which cashier actually have the “lowest” number, or is it really all just random lol (but it really got me thinking).Anywho, my mini live ticket number is “81”. Damn. not really a good number if you wanna get in front ! But oh well…

After getting the mini live ticket, i realize that it’s still around 2 hours or more until the mini live start, so i went on to explore Ikebukuro to kill some time…i went to Ikebukuro’s Tower Records because later at night i have to go there for Appare Harajuku, and to my surprise…there’s another idol release event here during lunch time session lol. 😀

After checking the venue to see what event it is, i finnaly found out that is a release event for idol group called “Shine Fine Movement”which i never heard before lol. 😛 After doing some googling, and
realizing that the event is actually 1 hour earlier than the BiS event later…i thought “Why Not wait here and see?” since im already here anyway with nothing to do. So i waited and waited.

Waiting for Shine Fine Movement mini live

Event #1 – Shine Fine Movement Mini Live @ Tower Records Ikebukuro

So the mini live starts around 13:00 pm i guess. I have 30minutes to kill here before i have to rush to the BiS event. Once the mini live started and they sing their song, i realized that their songs is just
really not my cup of tea LOL. And not to mention, the members is average looking and nobody catches my eye lol. 😛

Shine Fine Movement…images copy & paste from google lol. Images looks much better than real life counterpart xD

Actually after seeing them perform 2-3 songs, i wanted to leave during the MC part, but that’d be like…harsh ? i guess. Because it’s a small venue, everyone can see you leaving, and it’s like…no good man lol. So i deciced to wait through until the end (while i keep looking at my time…yep…this is because i still have to rush to the BiS event venue, even though it’s only 5 minutes walk, i still have to go earlier just in case!).

Im (ALMOST) start to regret my decision if i shouldn’t even watch this mini live in the first place, because now that im stuck here until the mini live ended…lol. 😀 but thankfully, around 1:30pm sharp, the event really finishes and they only sing a few songs (just typical from mini live like this). so after they say thank you bla bla bla, i IMMIDIATELY RUSH OUT AND RUN to the BiS Venue in Tsutaya Ikebukuro LOL!! 😛

And yep sorry guys…im here to say it again that the songs and the members really not my cup of tea and it doesnt interest me much (except as a filler to kill time LOL) 😀

Event #2 – BiS Mini Live @ Tsutaya Ikebukuro

Back at the venue, i reached on time as they just started calling the ticket numbers to go in ! Phew. I quickly find my place in the queue (my number 81) and proceed to the venue downstairs. After i got inside…dammit. It is quite packed already. At least 4-5 rows in the middle area, and i tell myself, i can’t really get a good pictures like this (Because you really have to be in the first few rows if you want to take pix).

And yep, for this mini live i have decided to take pictures instead of Urya Oi, because i was unable to do so during the mini live at Hachioji Tower records a few days back. Then i saw something…there’s this pillar area on the left side near the stage, and i can go there. Still not many people on the left side, so i quickly headed there and lucky enough, managed to secure a spot for myself to take pictures 😀 Yay. I also dont want to block other people while taking pictures, so my place on the 2nd row left side is just perfect. Besides, just behind me is a Pillar, so im not blocking anyone behind me, so its really perfect. 😀 I also notice some other photographers also is in this area, maybe because it’s easier to take photos here compared to from the back areas (because the venue filling quite fast)

BiS Mini Live @ Tsutaya Ikebukuro

Anyways, Wack has this rules that they allows you to take pictures and stuffs during mini live. Gang Parade, you can take videos also, but for some idols like BiS and BiSH you can only take pictures, or videos without sound. This probably explain why there are tons of Gang Parade fancams on youtube, but there wasnt many for BiS and BisH.

Unfortunately, for the mini live, i forgot the setlist for this mini because i never write it down and too busy taking pictures, but they did sing some of my fave songs like “BiSBiS” for example 😀 Here are some pictures

Bis Member Ayapri

BiS Member PeriUbu

BiS Member PanLuna Leafy

After the mini live ended. its time for cheki. Since i already take with PanLuna and Ayapri last event, for this one i decided to take with PeriUbu, besides , she’s quite cute :3 During my cheki i told her the standard stuffs, like “im from indonesia” and bla bla bla and man, the way she looks surprised and screamed “Indonesia” is really funny lol 😀 . But she shouted indonesia quite hard i think everyone in the venue can hear it, dammit LOL. But still, she’s pretty fun to talk too and give quite good fanservice as well. After some more talking the security shoves me away as it is time for me to leave lol.

From all the chekis i took, it’s hard to choose which one gives the best fanservice. all the WaCK girls i took so far is great, but if i have to choose one…i guess AyaPri is the most friendly one. But maybe it’s just me eh…haha. 😀

So with all these done, time to head out for the next events. I still have 2 event left for today (wow) and its only 15:30 pm. Next up, im going to Shibuya for the yesterday event venue, at Shibuya Marui Rooftop, for event with idol group “Dear Kiss“. I actually dont know much about this idol group (Dear Kiss), all i know is that the EX GEM member Maho Iyama is in this group now LOL. She used to be my fav GEM Member (along with Lana Murakami) but they got Disbanded because of the scandal involving the two of them… 🙁

Event #3 – Dear Kiss Mini Live @ Shibuya Marui

I arrived the venue quite late. There are 2 different queues today. I dont know which one is the orrect one so i just have to ask around. It turns out in the same floor, there’s also event with StarMarie who’s currently going on and almost finished (i think) lol…that explain why. After asking some people (because i dont see any japanese wearing DearKiss tshirt or something like that), i finally found the right queue, and proceeded to the mini live.

During the Mini Live, you can take pictures also, but only during some segment (i think). I didnt have good spot during the mini live, basically at the very back row, but luckily i still can take some pictures here and there. I dont know much of the songs or the other members besides Maho (like i said before lol), so can’t really tell much, and their songs is pretty average at best. As in, i definitely won’t be going for their events if it wasnt for Maho LOL.

Ex GEM/Idol Street member, Maho Iyama (now in DearKiss)

After the mini live, it’s time for cheki and i have to buy the cheki ticket downstairs. The Japanese dude behind me helping me to explain about the system and how to buy the cheki (he told me 1000 yen is for cheki, and additional 500 yen for the sign, so it’s 1500 yen for cheki and sign). The dude is quite nice, but he don’t really talk much haha…i actually wanted to ask other question but since he suddenly went “quiet”…i decided not to ask more lol. After grabbing my tickets, i went back upstairs to the rootfop area where the cheki session will be held.

After reaching upstairs, the DearKiss members is promoting some kind of drinks (which they have to sell , or maybe sponsored, lol) for 1000 yen and you get a random cheki ! But im not really fond of “gacha
cheki” besides i dont really know the other members, lol, so i just waited until its the normal cheki session. 😛

During the Cheki session, this is what really catch my attention. Maho’s cheki line is actually ONE OF THE SHORTEST !!! 🙁 Mind you, she’s an EX Idol Street member, GEM member, and not to mention im pretty sure she have loads of fans back in her idol street days….but i think the recent SCANDALS involving her and (Lana Murakami), really tainted her image as an idol, which is a real shame. 🙁

Besides, we don’t really know what’s going on between those two… all i know is that, there are “gossips” that they went on with some guys to date etc etc (all the usual idol scandals gossip to be honest), which resulted in the disbandment of GEM earlier this year, but even then, the GEM / Idolstreet management won’t come clear about it so we dont really know WTF is going on. I just think its a BAD MANAGEMENT BY IDOLSTREET, they can easily just let these gals graduate, but not to the EXTEND of DISBANDING the whole group…but then again, that’s just my opinion yeah? lol. For some reason, i just got to feel sorry for her…

Anyways, enough of that Maho/GEM/IdolStreet story, since that’s all in the past. I only saw 2 other peoples queueing in front of me for Maho’s cheki queue, and at that moment, there’s no other people behind me (lol. i just hope they come LATE. Would be really sad if its really only 3 people going for her chekis). 🙁

Cheki with Maho

During my cheki turn, she looks very happy , especially when i told her that im from overseas (indonesia). she then asked for my name, and i showed her how to spell my name on my iphone. Afterwards, i can tell from her face that she want to talk to me more in english, but she can’t speak english (lol 😀 ) so i approach her to talk again, i told her that i like her during her GEM days, then suddenly she start to smile again and say thank you…she also says its kinda sad that GEM is disbanding…but what can you do eh. I try not to touch the issue too further so i just told her that she looks pretty today (lol) which she replied to thank you, before the timer say its time for me.

Actually, there’s nobody behind me and i dont think anyone would bother if i keep talking to her (lol) but since i dont really have much other subject to talk too , i decieded to end the cheki session while she waved bye bye to me. She is still a nice girl imo, But just too bad she got involved in all these scandals. 🙁

I posted my chekis on instagram and twitter which both she liked (nice gesture from her), and later on, she even “stalked” my instagram story (because in instagram story you can see the post has been viewed by which friends, and her name just appears there lol 😀 ). Dunno why, but i just happy that she did that. Even though im not really close to her, and that time is the only time of me meeting her, but yet, i still think she cares about her fan.

Screenshot of Maho stalking my Instagram Stories post lol :3

So that’s that…i still have one more event next…APPARE HARAJUKU and i have to go back to Ikebukuro lol 😀

Event #4 – Appare Harajuku Mini Live @ Tower Ikebukuro

The venue for this Appare Harajuku mini live is the same as the “Shine Fine Movement” earlier this morning lol. Even though i come quite early, there are some appare fans waiting in the venue like 1-2 hours before, so no front rows for me. I managed to secure a spot around the 3rd row in the right corner, which isnt bad at all.

So after wating around 2 hours (thankfully you can stil down here on the floor, since everyone else doing it also lol), the members finally arrive and come to rehearse first. During the rehearsal, its kinda funny because they have to get used with the small stage space in this venue, and now that appare have 7 members…they really dont have much space to move around, considering some of their dance move requies alot of space to move left and right haha…so yeah, because of the limited space, they cant really move much lol. 😀 😀 😀

After the rehearsal session, it’s time for the mini live. For this mini live, they didnt sing much song. In fact i think they only sing the new single, and kimidake wonderland (if i remember corrrectly) because around this date, they started doing the “Sembatsu” thingy just like in AKB lol, so the MC segment is really damn long, which each members having to promote themself to earn votes lol. During Miku’s turn she actually cried– not sure if that’s a real tears of fake though (LOL) but shes still kinda cute 😀 I think Saki’s segment is the most non nonsense one…and maybe that’s just the way she is haha.

Anyways, after the sembatsu segment, one more song, before the mini live ends. On a good note, i think the Appare’s new single is quite good and catchy 😀…. So….not so bad ! On a bad note…today mini live is mostly talking lol. Still managed to snap some pictures though !

After the mini live, is time for cheki session. But for this cheki session i decided to skip it because you need to buy 3 SINGLES for a 2shot cheki during the release event. Yep. 3 singles which is around 3000 yen — that is too expensive for someone like Appare IMO. You can buy 2 singles only for a cheki– but that one is a RANDOM cheki so yet another gacha system lol…

I still have more events with Appare at the Idol Storm event later that week (and im pretty sure during that event you only need to pay 2000 yen for chekis) so i decided to wait for that one instead.

After that, it’s time to go back to my friends place to rest for me. Geez…4 events in a day, must be a new record for me lol. Thankfully, all the venue is quite close though. Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, then back to Ikebukuro lol. And this is after i decided to pass out some other events, such as Babyraids one man live @ Hibiya and SuperGirls Nana Asakawa 2shot session for her gravure DVDs lol….but anyways, no regrets for this one. All the events is really fun, except maybe for the Shine Fine Movement event in the morning LOL. That one is really such a filler event i dont want to talk much about it xD 😛

Curry Rice for Dinner !!

And that should be that for the day…watch out for Part 3 of this Japan 2018 Trip series…next update i should be covering for my Day 5 & 6 trips, which is the KissBee release event, and Gang Parade Live at Shinjuku Loft! 😀 😀


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