May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip PART 3

Posted: June 8, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

7th May 2018 – Day 5 – “KissBee Release Event @ Tower Shinjuku”

After a very tiring day yesterday i decided to chill a little bit more today. I didnt leave my friends house until later in the afternoon, well, because today is the day after the “Golden Week” season, and most idols is resting / there’s not much live going on anyways…i’m actually surprised that KissBee still have release event today at Tower Records Shinjuku lol. 😛 So that’s where im going today.

Rainy Days in Shinjuku!

The weather (raining) is kinda bad these last few days, it really made me lazy to go anywhere really. If i remember correctly i arrived in Shinjuku around 5PM, and after walking around in the areas, i decided to go to Tower Records to Queue up for the KissBee event … Way too early for me though…when i reached, they havent even set up the stage yet hahaha. 😀

Too early for the mini live…

During this release event, they separated the “photographers” area again. But since this venue is more cramped than my last event in Shibuya one, the “photographers” area for this event is at the back row…lol. So only those with chairs and long range lens can take decent pictures.

The “photographers area” at the back haha

I met with a Japanese KissBee fan who explained all this to me, he can speak english, and after i told him that my favorite member is Misaki, he is kind enough to ask me to stand in front at the first row with him haha (he also Misaki oshi btw lol 😀 ). Also, I want to take pictures, but since the photographers area is at the back, i decided to wait and see the live from the 1st row this time. Besides, my Jap friend also told me there’s still a “photography” session for a short time where everyone in the audience can take pictures, so that is okay too lol. After waiting for 1 hour or more. the mini live finally starts.

My Japanese friend next to me is really good with the chant/mix, and i am surprised because this is a mini live held inside a store (like tower records), and usually the audience for these type of event is more quiet…but yeah i am surprised with the KissBee fans. They are loud (in a good way haha) and very good in doing chant and mix…. Even for a in-store event like this. Awesome stuff.

After some songs (i forgot the setlist because i dont remember all the songs name so i have to be honest here lol), it’s time for a quick mini janken session…the winners of the janken will win Autographed poster from KissBee…but like i said before in my Thailand Trip updates, i really suck at Janken, it’s only obvious that i lost hahaha. Then it comes the photography session. They give us time like 1 minute to take pictures of them, so thankfully im at the 1st row so no one is blocking me this time haha. 😀

After the Photography session, it’s time for the cheki session. I only bought 1 cd for 1 ticket to take 2shot with the member with mobile phone (instead of signed cheki). Actually i wanted to take with Sakupomu (Sakura) in this event, but she’s not here today because busy for other stuffs haha…so i decided to take with Misaki again…it’s been a while since the last time i take cheki with her in Jakarta….1 year ago already?

During 2shot, my japanese friend come up first to explain that i come from indonesia etc etc during his turn…really nice gesture from him haha…so when it’s my turn, Misaki straight up to me speaks in some “broken” indonesia language, but it’s really good that she tried haha. She also says “terima kasih” (means thank you) to me, well, at least she still remember some of the indonesian language from last year haha. 😀

After the event, my japanese friend have to rush off first, so i decided to call it a day also. It’s the only event today, and really more relaxed compared to yesterday where i have to do 4 events in one day, so change a pace like this is nice too lol…don’t really have to rush for everything.

Anyways, after i posted my 2shot picture with Misaki in Instagram, she went on to like my Instagram post and she even commented on it…thank you very much Misaki-chan ^^ 😀

8th May 2018 – Day 6 – “Gang Parade Live @ Shinjuku LOFT”

Another rainy days, and another event in Shinjuku…hmmm..why does this seems familiar lol. So, just like yesterday, the rain really made me VERY lazy and i didnt leave my friends house until later that afternoon. Then i went on straight for Shinjuku Loft. Shinjuku is damn big, i had to use my GPS to find the place since its inside the “Kabuchiko” area…really shady areas indeed lol.

Gang Parade Live Tickets @ Shinjuku Loft

The rain is getting bigger and bigger in the area. I remember i wanted to walk around in Shinjuku first before going in, but since the rain still going on, i decided to go inside the live venue straight. And again, im too early for this, still not that many people in the stage area, which is a good thing.

Live Venue @ Shinjuku Loft

Inside, i went straight for the buppan area, since the 2shot/etc etc is done before the LIVE (not after). For this live, i only Pre-ordered 2x CDs, just enough so that i can take cheki with 1 member. Actually i wanted to buy more, but i scare not having enough money for my next events, so 1 will just have to do for now…with GP’s Haruna aka RisoRiso (sorry Maika!! I choose you next time !! lol) 😛

GP Cheki tickets

After getting the cheki tickets, it’s time to wait for my cheki session. For WACK, is usually the same. Usually it’s the “handshake” first (1 ticket), followed by Group shot (basically take pictures with more than 1 member is done here….so it’s 2 members or more), and finally for last, the cheki session. I went on straight to Risoriso (aka Haruna) lane.

During my turn, i told her that im from “Indonesia“, but i think she misheard it as “India” hahaha 😀 😀 😀 then she told me “Namaste”, and that she like the “Curry” (which made it even more obvious that she thought about India and not indonesia haha)…but anyways, she is funny and cute anyways, so the heck with it LOL. 😀

Cheki with Haruna (ハルナ・バッ・チーン) aka Risoriso

After the cheki session, i went back to the stage areas to secure my place near the stage. The 1st row already taken by all, so i stand at the 2nd row, which is still okay for me , because the guy in front of me is kinda short…so just perfect. Btw, this live is a “3 man live” with some other band and stuffs. I really dont know about the other two, so i just waited for Gang Parade turns, which is the 2nd turn.

Gang Parade Setlist @ Shinjuku Loft 8th May 2018:
01. Breaking the Road
02. Gang Parade
03. Peninsula
04. GANG2
05. Pretty Pretty Good
06. Plastic2 Mercy
07. Foul
08. Beyond The Mountain

For the Live Performance, they performed around 40minutes, with around 8 songs…not bad at all…they sing most of my favorite song such as Pretty Pretty Good, Beyond the Mountain, Plastic 2 Mercy and also FOUL…awesome stuffs!! 😀

I also took plenty of pictures from the live, which is great. I uploaded most of them on my Facebook or twitter, and here are some “sample” pictures i taken from the live.

After Gang Parade is done, there’s another band performing…but i didnt care much for that lol 😀 So i went to the back areas, redeemed my Drink Tickets, and quietly watched the remaining of the performances from the back side lol…since i already paid anyway, i might as well see the other performance also. But nothing much to say about the other bands though…

As for the Gang Parade’s performance, it was awesome. I think they just shoot up into my top 5 favorite idol groups for this year, alongside with Maneki Kecak, Appare Harajuku, BiS, and Passcode. And not to mention, their setlist for today is damn AWESOME today too, i basically seen all the songs i wanted to see during this live so yeap…very worth it indeed lol 😀 😀 😀

Once the event finished, i just went back to my friend’s house to rest up. Another day wrapped up, and it’s nearing to the end of my Japan Trip already….2 more days left !!

9th May 2018 – Day 7 – “Appare Harajuku Release Event @ Ikebukuro HMV”

Another day, another release event….this time Appare Harajuku at HMV Ikebukuro Release Event. Again, crap weather, so i didnt go out from my friend’s place until later in the afternoon lol. But this time, i decided to take it slow, and walk to Ikebukuro from my friend place in Meguro (instead of taking the train lol), which takes around 30 minutes by foot. The thing about Japan is, 30 minutes of walking seems ok…where in other countries, it seems like FOREVER lol. Dont know why. 😀

Today, there’s 2 release event happened at the same time…Kamiyado at Sunshine City, and the Appare release event. I really wanted to go for Kamiyado’s one too, but i figured out that it’s too damn rush for me (even though both of them is at Ikebukuro) but i just want to enjoy 1 event and not to be rushed. I did come to Sunshine City earlier though…just to see around the Kamiyado’s event venue lol. But i never go for the actual event haha.

Kamiyado Event @ Sunshine City…just see the venue only, i didnt go lol

After killing some time at Sunshine City (and do i need to mention that I LOVE SUNSHINE CITY so much because there are many pretty girls and cute JK’s around? Lol 😀 ), i went to the HMV Ikebukuro, the venue for Appare Harajuku’s event. Again, i was quite early lol…even thought the 1st row already filled up already… so i guess i’m not “that” early ? haha. Still quite close in front though !

Appare Harajuku event Venue @ HMV Ikebukuro

Since nothing else to do here, i just secured my spot on the 2nd row left side while sitting down and playing games while waiting the event to start. As usual. Appare Members arrived quite early also, 1 hour 30 minutes before the event start they arrived already, and they do rehearsal segment before the performance also. Thankfully for today, they performed more songs instead of MC parts (because of the senbatsu sousenkyo thingy is still going on at this stage lol). They sing 5 songs total. 😛

As for the setlist, Appare’s Miku always posted the setlist after performance each day on her twitter using the “#あっぱれセトリ “ hashtag….which is why she’s awesome also (and she’s my new favorite appare member now after Yuri graduate last time) 😀

Appare Harajuku Setlist on 9th May 2018 As posted by Appare Miku

I really think the new single is quite addicting…i really liked it. Only took me a few listen for me to like the song, so that’s pretty good already in my book lol. They also sing my fave song “アイネクライネ幼き恋だね so yeah…all is good … LOL 😀

I also recorded a full fancam videos of the new single performance 「パレリラパレリラ」, since appare allows video recording / picture taking (using smartphone only…) Here is the video.

Overall the live was much better than the last sunday one at Tower Records Ikebukuro imo lol. 😛 I also took some pictures from the live, just too bad they dont allow DSLR for taking pix just like KissBee or Gang Parade.

After the mini live, its time for the buppan session…for this buppan, just like last time, you need to buy 3 singles (total 3000 yen) for signed cheki with them…you can buy 2 for 2000 yen, but it’s RANDOM cheki, and i dont like random cheki…so i decided to skip the buppan for today again…since i will see them again tomorrow anyways at the Idol Storm event at Differ Ariake in Odaiba…so really no rush for me lol. So after the mini live, i went back to my friend’s house to rest up.

Tomorrow is the final day of my Japan Trip for me. Like i said earlier, i’m going for the Idol Storm event tomorrow, and its a “whole day” event starts from 2pm until night time, so it’s really good for the last event of my Japan trip this time! But i shall leave that for the next update (part 4), so until then, stay tuned and thanks for reading my crap as usual lol 😀


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