May 2018 – Japan 9 Days Trip – FINAL Part

Posted: June 10, 2018 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally the last day in japan before returning back home…for today, i went to “Idol Storm” event @ Differ Ariake (near odaiba), an idol event with plenty of idol groups (see the above picture for all the idol group list! that’s a LOT dont you think? XD). My main target for this event is Appare ! Harajuku and There There There’s, although both of them didn’t appears until night time slot lol. But i decided to come early and watch from the first performers anyways, since i have nothing to do 😀

10th May 2018 – Day 8 – “Idol Storm @ Differ Ariake”

Today’s event venue – “Idol Storm” at Differ Ariake

The event is actually also celebrating Appare’s Kano Ryo / @RK_Harajuku birthday (lol) and i actually bumped into him 2-3 times throughout the event. First i saw him outside the venue before going inside (in the morning), secondly at the stage area (when he also watched some of the idols performing), and third is around the buppan area…i want to try to take picture with him, but always failed to do so, oh well, not my luck maybe next time lol. 😛

Stage area around 230pm – Still not many people for the opening performers

Anyways, for the first performers, i really didnt catch much attention, and their songs is really generic at best. For example, So on Project has like, so manyyy members on the stage, it is really weird lol. At one time, they have like about 30 members in the stage, dancing at the same time! And imagine if they have to do jikoushoukai one by one, that will never end lol. 😛 Afterwards, all the members also waiting outside at the buppan trying to give flyers too…because there’s just TOO many girls there, i really got scared to go near that areas hahahaha. I just afraid they will beg you to buy CD and stuffs lol. 😀

Some other Idol Groups after that, like D-Girls, Dear L Mana, Tears, Tokyo Pixion is also pretty average too. I really have no comment for them, but probably the good thing is that the D-girls member offers you free cheki for those who see them the first time ! Yep, actually some underground idol groups offers you FREE Cheki for first timers, probably in order to “bait” you to like / get interest with them lol…i have no idea how they can remember people if its your first name or not though, maybe they really remember your face? haha. All you need to do is approach their booth/buppan and claim/ask for the free chekis. Anyways, i took free chekis with 3 different idol groups during this event, with D-Girls, Kirafore, and also Aibeck.

For D-Girls, i can’t really choose the member, since one of the member approach me to ask take free cheki with them (lol) so i felt weird to choose other member, since one of the members already talk with me first, so i decided to take with this girl anyway. Later she told me her name is “Momose” (twitter account @_momose33). Oh, she also asked me to follow her twitter in exchange for the free cheki lol. Fair enough ! 😀

2shot with D-Girls Momose

For Aibeck, i choose Niina (@aibeck_niina), quite short girl (143 CM according to her profile lol), looks young, but when i asked her age, she’s actually 20 years old over! And also, for Aibeck’s free cheki, its only cheki only (without sign), but since it’s free, i can’t really complain lol. Also, i found Aibeck’s music quite ok compared to the other performers that performed during the 2pm-5pm time slot of this event. If you like Idol Groups like Passcode/Bis/Babymetal, etc etc, you should check them out.

2shot with Aibeck’s Niina

For Kirafore, well… my singaporean friend (who’s also at the event) actually intro’ed me to this group. Actually their songs is not bad also, and its quite fun to “furicopy” too. Their free cheki is cheki with sign also (yay), so not so bad! I choose to take cheki with Mayuri (@mayuri_kirafore). My friend also told me she’s a new member, so that’s why her queue line is one of the shortest (good for me, i dont need to queue so long lol)

2shot with Mayu’s Kirafore

Other than the three free chekis i took between 2pm – 5pm, i think there’s nothing much i can say about the idol groups performing here. I do watch most of them, but im just observing most of the time and didnt even bother do to mix/name calls (dont even know the members name anyway lol). Aibeck is still my top pick for those early timeslot though ! I only listened one time but their songs already “clicked” with my ears lol 😛

17:45 onwards (almost 4 hours after the live started) — now, the line up is finally starts to looks good, with Chu! oh Dolly followed by Neo Japonism….at least some familiar names here! I heard them before, but this is my first time seeing them. Although, Chu oh Dolly is so so only imo, some of the members looks ok, but the songs is pretty damn average. Neo Japonism on the other hand, is quite decent! Yeah, maybe these kind of idol is really my type of idols i like (lol), since the songs really clicked with me just like that lol. I didnt bother to take chekis with them this time though, since it’s my first time and i haven’t decided any favorite members yet (for Neo Japonism). And no free chekis? Yeah. Definitely next time LOL. 😀

Neo Japonism during the MC part

After that, Kirafore performs, followed by Nijimasu (26時のマスカレイド). I’ve seen Nijimasu before i think during last year TIF, but i only know one of their “mainstream song” which is “Heart Sunglasses”, and funny enough, during Nijimasu performance, i noticed some Appare! Harajuku members watching them perform from the back row…i also saw appare’s Miku doing some furicopy moves as well lol, quite funny. 😀

After Nijimasu, its time for There There Theres! Yay, about damn time 😀 😀 Some of the songs they sing today including my favorite Pelican and of course everyone’s favorite Ashtma. during Ashtma everyone made a circle in the middle as usual, and since the venue is really spacious (and it’s not even full house), they really made this one huge fricking circle in the middle, it was great lol. I tried to record videos of the circle, but quite failed i guess because it was too dark hahaha. Anyways the performance is fun !

There There There’s performance

At around 20:00 PM, FINALLY it’s Appare Harajuku time!!!!! woohoooo !! 😀 Been waiting the whole day for this lol. I watched Appare 2x already so far during this trip, but all of those is during “in-store” release event at HMV/Tower Records, so you can’t really go crazy during those lol. Totally different atmosphere here at the live house, so i finally gone all out in my Pinchikes mode LOL. Its kinda funny because for most of this event i was quite calm and didnt even bother to mix, but i guess i’m saving it for Appare’s sake lol. 😀

Appare Harajuku performance

During one of the song (i think Kimidake Wonderland if i remember correctly lol) i dropped my phone during the circle run in the middle — but luckily it “survived” and nobody stepped on it LOL. Im actually worried that the screen will crack or something lol. And this is not the first time i dropped my phone during circle runs, which reminds me i should not bring my phone with me when im about to go crazy hahaha.

The setlist today is really awesome btw, besides the upcoming new single, they also sing my favorite song ( アイネクライネ幼き恋だね <--- Really gone crazy during this LOL), “天晴レペゼン”, キミだけのワンダーランド (Kimidake no Wonderland), and 原宿サニーデイ (Harajuku Sunny days)

Here is the full setlist from that day, as always, Appare’s Miku is kind enough to post the setlist after the performance to help me remember the song they sing that day. Thank you my love~ 😀

Appare Harajuku’s setlist today

After Appare Harajuku performance, its time for Yumeado! performance. Unfortunately, i have to keep going back and forth between the buppan and peeking at the stage performance during Yumeado, so i can’t really enjoy their performance lol…i really want to see Kyouka more, but oh well. They’re not my priorities anyway, so its fine…BUPPAN TIME!!

First i went to There There There’s buppan first, since it’s still going on. I decided to take cheki with Mei-cha again, since she’s really cute :3 Today her cheki queue is not so long compared to the other members — or maybe i just came late thats why the queue not so bad lol. Anyways, she didnt remember me from the week before (understandable – since she looks so tired that day during her birthday live) but once i told her my name when she’s about to start to write on the cheki, she starts to “remember” lol. Well, doesn’t matter haha. Anyways, the cheki + sign for There There There’s is only 1000 yen, so it’s cheap and worth it. You also get some decent talking time with them 😀

Cheki with Mei-cha There There There’s again :3

After There There There’s cheki, i actually gone back to the stage area for a while to see Yumeado (i told you i keep going back and forth lol), before going back to the buppan area again, this time for Appare! Harajuku. My previous favorite Appare Harajuku members is Yuri, which i took last year during TIF2017, but she graduated already. 🙁

So this trip basically is also really about me finding a new favorite member in Appare to replace her….LOL. I thought at first, the new appare members gonna interest me somehow, but it turns out the new members is pretty average at best, and i got attracted more towards Miku instead lol. It’s a shame that she is one of the “lesser famous” members though, not many people queued in her line, and she looks happy when got people queueing at her lane :/ The good point is probably i dont have to queue so long for her cheki haha. 😀 😛 (btw cheki + sign for appare is 2000 yen. Luckily is not 3000 yen like the previous release events i attended before!)

During Cheki with Appare’s Miku,well, since its my first time with her… it’s still kinda ankward i guess lol. I told her she’s my favorite member in Appare! and she looks very happy. She also ask me if i enjoyed the live (yeah i kinda understand some basic japanese somehow but it’s the reply to her in japanese is the difficult one lol). Luckily since her queue is really short i can get some decent time with her. I also told her i come from Indonesia (the usual surprised look as most idols do, lol) and that i really enjoyed when they performed “キミだけのワンダーランド” and she looks really happy haha. After that she finishes writing my name on the cheki before followed by a “hi-5” with her haha. Anyways it was fun since none of the staff member bothered to time me, so im pretty much relaxed. lol.

Cheki with Appare Harajuku’s Miku :3

After the cheki with Appare, basically i am done with the buppan, and her cheki is my last cheki for this Japan Trip. haha. I went back to the stage areas to look at the last 3 perfomers of the event, which is Pimms, Migma shelter and Alloy. I didnt watch Pimmms that much though, since i only watch them halfway when they’re about to end. As for Migma shelter though…mannn their song is REALLY Weird, and i really have no idea how to enjoy their songs. One of my friend joke with me that these is the kind of songs i should listen when i’m “high with drugs” LOL and i must admit that is quite true. Well…try listening one of their songs,and you will know what i mean lol. 😛

After Migma Shelter, its time for Alloy. I didnt really follow much about this group, other than one of the member (Nono) has come to Indonesia before under different idol group (that time she’s still in idol group called “Love Android” which already disbanded now). Their songs is not bad either, but overall…i think I find Aibeck songs better, followed by Neo Japonism, and maybe then Alloy? For these kind of idol music anyways (Rock / Metal idols).

After Alloy finished performing, its the end of the Idol Storm event, and it’s finally time to call it a day. Overall, the Idol Storm event is really fun! 😀 There’s about 20+ Groups in this event, although only some of them really interest my eye (like Aibeck, Neo Japonism and maybe Kirafore) but still a pretty good experience for a change, considering most of these groups won’t even appears in TIF (especially those who performed in the earlier timeslot), and i probably wont even bother to see most of these group again, lol. BUT!! the BEST HIGHLIGHT of this event still the Appare Harajuku and There There There’s performance for me 😀

Appare Harajuku and the Kano Ryo birthday banner lol (@Rk_harajuku)

And that should be that for this blog write up. Yeah after the live, i just went back to my friend place to pack up for my trip home the next day (Day 9), so i don’t think i need to do a blog write up for that day since it’s only about me going back to the airport and home lol. 😛

So yeah, that should be it for my Japan Trip Update this time. And nope, i’m not going for this year TIF2018 so i won’t be doing any “postwhore TIF” updates leading to the TIFs just like the previous years before LOL. 😛 I know i’ve been going to TIF for 6 years in a row already (since TIF 2012, to 2017) but i feel that it’s time for a change. Maybe i’ll do another japan trip at the end of the year, or maybe next year, who knows. But i know for my next trip, i want to see Maneki Kecak, Appare Harajuku, and WACK GROUPS more. Those are the ones i need/want to see the most, so i dont really need A TIF for that. And oh, almost forgot about Passcode. lol. Maybe one man live of either groups would be cool too.. but we’ll see how it goes eh? That will be another story, for another day 😀

That’s about it, and thanks for reading my crap as alaways. Til the next blog update!

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