Hotel Review – Chisun Nagoya Sakae @ Nagoya

Posted: March 16, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Hotel Review – Chisun Nagoya Sakae @ Nagoya

Stayed at this hotel for few days, while dropping by in Nagoya. We reached the hotel at around 230pm noon, but the hotel still asked us to wait until 3pm before we can check in – even thought in the end they let us check in earlier….but let this be note for those coming “earlier” such as 12-1pm…you might need to wait until 3pm before u can check in to your room!

We booked the room through agoda (around 3200 yen per person if i remember clearly) for the twin rooms, so this review will be based on the twin rooms instead of the single rooms.

Hotel Lobby / Cleanliness:
The hotel lobby is rather small, although the hotel is very clean. There’s only 1 lift but it’s very fast moving, so waiting for it shouldnt be a problem. There is a PC with internet access also in the lobby, but you must pay for it. I never check how much for it, and also there isn’t any Wifi at all throughout the hotel, although they provide you with fast LAN internet inside the rooms.

Location Wise:
Next to the hotel is a Lawson and Mos Burger. There is also McDonalds around 3 mins walk down on the road. The hotel can easily be reached from Sakae Station, around 5 mins walk. Just walk the opposite direction of Sunshine Sakae.

Hotel Service:
We asked the hotel to help us activate our BMobile sim card and they helped us just fine. Other than that, the service is pretty much average.

Room Review:
As expected from Hotels in Japan, the room space is very limited, there are twin beds, with very minimal space to move around/put luggage there. The Toilet/Shower room also very small and cramp, but at least it’s still inside your own room. The hot water needs some time to adjust properly. The LCD TV inside the room is quite big also, with some VOD (video-on-demand) services. There is mini fridge also, as well eletronic water kettle to make hot water or cup noodles.

Inside The Room

Toilet/Shower Room

And one last thing i need to mention, the download speed on this hotel is rather FAST. Tried downloading something, and i managed to get 3300kb/sec (thats around 30mbps right there)!! :O I’ve stayed in some Tokyo Hostel, while most of them offers something around 10mpbs internet speed, this one is definitely the fastest ones i’ve encountered so far lol.


For it’s price, i really can’t complain so much. Its only around 100$ (50$ per person per night for the twin room) so it can be considered “cheap” for hotel standards in Japan. The hotel is clean, and the bed was okay enough for me. Lawson and Mos Burger located next to the hotel is a bonus also. Plus, it’s just around 5-10 mins walk from Sunshine Sakae (the base of SKE48 in Nagoya), so i guess that’s what all matters to us in the end 😉

Final Verdict;
8 out of 10 for me.

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