2012 Trip – Day #6 – SDN 2 Shot Event

Posted: March 20, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Well nothing much about today except for…SDN48 2shot event!! The place is at Makuhari Messe Near chiba, around 1 hour from Tokyo.

Makuhari Messe @ Chiba

I got 5x 2shot tickets for a selected SDN48 Members, which is Serina, Yukarin, Kohara, Sayaka and Nonti. The system is pretty simple, there is a queue, and you must check your ticket which session and which member ticket you have and u go straight ahead and queue. The most important thing about this event is :

1. The Chara Ani Receipt with your name on it. If you dont have this, you CAN’T go in further.
2. Passport. and your Passport name should be the SAME as the one in receipt.

So how do you apply for this type of event you ask ? Well it’s simple, you need someone who stay in japan to order for you, using your name and his address..because they need to send the CD/ stuffs to an address which you can pick up… That’s about it. Basically All you need is a receipt under your name, and the event ticket.

Event ticket and Chara Ani receipt

If you still dont understand, its better to ask some japanese or someone staying in japan to help you book through chara- ani. My friend helped me getting this also, so special thanks to him as well. (Thanks Aditz!! :D)

So i spend half the day at the place waiting for my 2shot…because there is different timeslots for each members, and you must wait for it. Here is a sample of my 2shot picture with Kohara

Yeah, i know about the censor, because i dont feel comfortable posting my 2shot pic in my public blog just in case…although i did upload the pix on my facebook haha.

After that went to Akihabara to walk around, and dropped by thwe AKB theatre as well to watch the Team B performance for a while through the LCD screen. Seems like today you can go up all the way to the 8th floor. We also tried to go to the AKB Cafe but the queue is always very long, so maybe next time ^^

So that’s about it today…nothing much happens except the SDN 2shots….still haven’t decide what to do tomorrow, i will think about it in the morning, for now its sleep time!! xD 😀

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