Hotel Review – Palace Japan @ Minami Senju

Posted: March 20, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels

Stayed at this hostel due to recommendation of a friend…because its new and clean, or so they say. Finally after staying a few days at this hostel myself, i decided to write a review ^^ Oh by the way, here is the official website for Palace Japan in english.

Hotel Lobby / Cleanliness:
The hotel lobby is quite spacious. There is a large LCD TV, 2 iMac for you to surf the internet, free cold/hot water, you can even borrow cups/bowls there. And most important, the lobby looks very clean and neat. 10 out of 10 for me

Location Wise:
Its around 10mins walk from JR Minami Senju or 7 minutes walk from Minami Senju Metro Hibiya line. Nearby there is a 7-eleven, other than that nothing much to say. There is a direct train to Akihabara though, using Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.

Hotel Service:
The service is quite good, even thought not all staff members can speak english, but they all alright. They let me check in early 1 hour before the check in dates 😀

Room Review:
We tried 2 types of room. First is Dorminitory Room for 4 people, and single room. one of our friend also gotten the twin rooms, but i forgot to take the picture of the room. Anyways, the dorminitory is quite cramped, there is 2 bunk beds, which is ok. But the problem is there almost no space for you to put the luggage and stuffs…especially if your luggage is BiG. But other than that, the room is okay.

Now the other room, the single room, i think is very good. The room is small, but just enough for 1 person. There is a mini fridge, LCD TV, Wifi in room, and aircon which you can turn into heater. Overall the room is very comfortable, and clean. 😀

Toilet/Shower Room

Ok i think this is the best part about this hotel. Yes, the toilet/shower room are outside your room, but, they are VERY CLEAN and its free to use. I know some hostels who would charge for showers, but this one is free, and you dont have to afraid about not being able to bath on time, each level of the hotel, there is 2 shower room and 1 shower room with bath tub. Yes, i repeat, BATH tub lol. And the toilet is very clean as well.

Overall compared to all the other hostel ive stayed so far in Minami Senju, the shower rooms in Palace Japan is one of the best. So two thumbs up for me for this ^^ 😛

At 3300 yen per nite for single room, 3000 yen for twin rooms (2 pax) , and 2700 yen (4 pax) for bunk beds, i feel the price is very reasonable. This hotel still new, which explain why it’s still very clean at the moment, maybe give it a few years down the road it will change, but i hope thats not the case! i had a very pleasant stay in this hostel, and definitely will drop by again ! ^^

Final Verdict:
9 out of 10 for me.

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