2012 Trip – Day #7 – 21st March 2012

Posted: March 21, 2012 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Today i woke up late…around 11am then wake up haha…left hotel only after lunch time, and i went to visit some various place in tokyo; Akihabara, Nakano (for Trio2 shop), Shibuya, Harajuku, and then Ebisu. Yeah, ever since i reach Japan i’ve been busy with other events…now then finally got time…it’s been a while since i went to Shibuya as well 😀

After 5 hour plus of walking and sight seeing, finally met my friend At Ebisu for this idol concert at Ebisu Live Gate. I went there for fun only…because to be honest, before this i really have no knowledge about the groups at all lol.

Anyways went there 1 hour before the concert. To see the live, you need to apply from website, and show them the email. I just showed them the email using my iphone (no need to print it out). And they ask me to press a button for number. I got number 23. Seems like the numbers is the queue number. The lower the number, the earlier you get in. But it doesnt really matter since theres not alot people, and my number 23 still gets me front row lol.

The ticket price is 2000 yen, but for some reason, they force you to buy a drink ticket for 500 yen. The drink can be used inside the hall, dunno what other drinks they have but i traded it for coke. Lol. 500 yen for a coke. Anyways, the stage is really small, and when the performance starts…well there is at least around 50 ppl only. Some of them damn high during the live tho, keep jumping up and down.

They perform around 4 songs, before they took a break for Skit. The skit part is actually quite interesting and funny, and one of the member went on to sing Zone ~ Secret Base lol. After that they sing another 4-5 songs, before the live ends…seems short rite…and no encore! haha. There is also a “1 minute talk” session after the live if you have bought more than 1000 yen of concert goods.

Other things to note…is that the front row is REALLY close to the members. You strecht your hand, and if the girls strecth their hand also, i think each other touch already…lol…and you think AKB48 super enpou is near, this one is even NEARER. And another thing i notice, if you keep staring at one member, they will STARE back at you ! The record i hold with one of the member, she stare back at me for 12 seconds, before she move her eyes to another direction…lol….really she stare until you nervous xD

The songs they perform i feel is so so only…theres abit of mixing and clapping hands, but nothing so hardcore. overall the girls gives you a feel-good feeling throughout the concert. But nothing really special that can makes me go “wow”, other than the stage actually being so near lol.

They also selling some concert goods, like a lighstick for 1300 yen, and tshirts..but the tshirts absolutely no design at all, the front is blank, and the behind got “tokyo cheers 2 party text”…lol…really low budget. 😛

But other than that, it’s been a fun experience, i always wanted to see a not-so-famous idol group performs, since it’s really a different feeling from AKB…you can tell from the start, that the girls really pay attention towards the fans, and their attitude is really alot nicer…much more friendlier…haha. And like i said before…when they stare back at you…it is really something else. xD

After that i went to walk around in ueno before heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow will be going for another similiar event, hopefully it’s all good as well ^^ 😀

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