Hostel Review – “1980 Yen Capsule Hostel”

Posted: August 25, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan Hostels, Japan!!

1980 Yen Capsule Hostel (Iriya)

It’s been a while since i do another hostel review haha. I have stayed in many budget hostel in japan, but this is the first time i actually reviewed a “capsule” hotel. Just like the name suggest, the cost to stay in this hostel is around 1980 yen (without tax).If you book the room from website such as AGODA though, sometimes the prices can be cheaper than 1980 yen lol.

So, without further ado, lets begin my mini review for this hostel. πŸ˜€


The 1980 yen capsule hostel is more like a “modern” capsule hotel. The capsule space is abit spacious for a capsule– i can sit down just fine inside the capsule and there’s still some space between my head and the ceiling. There’s also a storage locker space – which is very spacious. You can fit 2 skinny person inside there lol, which should be enough to store all your huge luggage and stuffs.

The Capsule room Hallways

The super spacious storage locker room haha

The Shower Room

The hostel is still very new i think, that’s why it’s very clean. There’s a free western-style shower too at the 8th floor which is free of charge (i know some capsule tends to charge money for shower, but hey this one is free haha).


The facilities is very simple. Apart from your own room, and storage locker space, Read the rest of this entry »

My “Idols-Photography” Flickr Account

Posted: August 21, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Recently im re-organized my idol photos i took during my (part-time) job as idol-photographer lol. Thankfully enough this year we have so many idols who came to visit Jakarta (Indonesia), so i have more than enough materials to upload pics into my Flickr account, which i made just recently only. πŸ˜€

Usually i only uploaded these pictures to my twitter or my private facebook account (i seldom accept friend request these days unless i really know them), but due to some suggestion from my friends that i should make a Flickr account…so here it is…Lol.

Click here to enter my Flickr Account

TIF2015 Highlights & Stuffs

Posted: August 20, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

It’s that time again — 2 weeks since the last TIF and i’m in post-concert depression mode again (and i wonder why it took so long until the next TIF in 2016 — if there is any lol). Been watching some TIF2015 Footages these last few weeeks as well (some BS Sky/Fuji TV next footages), and also, thank god to whoever uploaded both 2 days full performance of Smile Garden stage to Jpop-suki tracker !! πŸ˜€ It’s a whooping 12 hours nonstop performance per file !! The file size is quite huge also — around 32GB per file lol.

Smile Garden is one of the hottest stage in TIF because there’s no shelter areas at all (at least there are some shades in the hot stages), so being able to watch the complete performance from day to night timings in a room with an aircon with huge ass TV is really a bonus lol. Now i really hope if people can upload the full Heat Garage / Hot Stage performance if there is any (yeah i know im hoping too much lol).

Anyways, after watching all those footages, i finally made a “Highlights” video of this year TIF2015 (yeah. much earlier than usual lol). Although, this footage is abit “limited” since i only have footages from the smile garden performance and some highlights from BS Sky/ Fuji TV Next…not enough “Heat Garage, Doll Factory or Sky Stage” footages ! :/ Either way, i managed to make a 9 minutes – 50 seconds of TIF2015 compilation videos anyways, check it out~ πŸ˜€

TIF2015 Highlights

The highlights on the videos above includes (from beginning to end):

SKE48, Babyraids, Palet, BisH, Tsuribit, Passcode, Idol College, Cheeky Parade, Moso Calibration, Dempagumi Inc, Passpo, “Hatchetekai” from Passpo, Super-Girls, Shizukaze/Kizuna, Up Up Girls, HKT48

I didnt call this years footage as “urya oi” moments as the previous TIF2013 / 2014 vids i made, because this videos doesn’t really focus on all the urya oi moments lol. So i just decided to name the video “TIF2015 Highlights” because it really is. One other thing, i dont have enough footages to show the other groups, so i only focused on the big groups such as Dempa, Cheeky Parade ,Super Girls, Passpo, Babyraids, etc etc.

The “infamous” BisH fan at Smile Garden who went topless during the performance lol.
I Also included this scene on the highlights video.

I made the video using “VSDC Video editor” (freeware) instead of the old skool Windows Movie Maker which i used to make my previous vids lol. Took me 7-8 hours to make the video — 2-3 hours to collect and trim the best moment from the original video, 1 hour to prepare and to arrange the order of the videos, 1 hour to convert, 1 hour to finalize the final result, and 1 hour to upload the videos. Yeah, i have a slow internet (blame my 3rd world country) and which is why most of the videos are in LQ format (480p or below) sorry about that lol~

Video Edit in Progress – using freeware program “VSDC Video Editor” which is quite easy to use.

By the way if you missed my earlier post, i also made vids for TIF2014 and also TIF2013 as well. I didnt make TIF2012 footages even though i’ve been there (and it’s still the best TIF to-date imo) because there wasn’t enough footages yet to make a compilation video. If there is any i would definitely make them lol. πŸ˜›

Anyways, more #TIF2015 rants, talks and #TIF2015regrets coming up in my future post next time, stay tune for it lol~ πŸ˜€

5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 5

Posted: August 7, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

After the very tiring weekend of TIF2015, i finally had decent sleep today. I’ve slept for about 9 hours total, from 1am to 10am, before i finally woke up…hahaha. Today (3rd August 2015) is my last day in Japan (have to go back tomorrow morning, so can’t do anything tomorrow except to go to airport) so i have to do all my last minute shopping today. πŸ˜›

Went to Akihabara during lunch time at around 12:00 and visited book off, trio3, liberty, etc and the other 2nd hand shops again to buy more stuffs (and also “omiyage” for my indonesian friend). Before going back to the hostel around 15:00pm to deposit all my shopping goods (thank god my hostel is so near akiba hehe). Went to Harajuku to walk around at around 16:00pm (because the Idol Nation venue is just near Harajuku there), bought Mcdonalds to a quick-eat session (super hungry) haha.

Quick Walk around at Harajuku

Btw, outside the Harajuku station there is alot of momoclo wotas gearing up for the Girls Factory at A-Nation lol…there’s even this solo female street performers outside the train station which went on to sing the acoustic version of “Hashire!” , the good ol’ momoclo songs haha. Forgot to take the picture of her though.

And at 17:00 i finally walk towards my last destination for this japan trip, which is the Idol Nation x TIF2015 event at Yoyogi National Stadium, 2nd Gymnasium Area.

3rd August 2015 – Idol Nation 2015

Once i reached here, i just realized that with the Idol Nation tickets, you can enter some of the areas which has some stages set up as well…Dammit, i didnt know this ! Checked the schedule that today they have GEM performance at around 12:00pm..shit…should’ve come earlier. πŸ™ Basically, the area is very huge, but for the indoor stages i think you need to buy separate tickets before hand to get in (like the Girls Factory, and Idol Nation).



Idol Nation @ Yoyogi National Stadium

Since i only buy the Idol Nation tickets, i can only enter the 2nd Gymnasium area, even though i still can walk around in the areas a little bit more if i wanted to. But the outdoor weather is damn hot so i decided to go into the venue anyways lol :D.

Went inside to the stage area, the place is not so big actually. My seat number is not so good either, its around the 2nd/3rd level up stairs, so it is kinda far haha.

Idol Nation Stage area @ Yoyogi National Stadium

The line up for the event is not bad actually. The ticket is only 3500 yen. It’s a 3 hours event. The line up includes Idolling!, SuperGirls, Cheeky Parade, GEM, I-Ris, Call Me, Doll Elements, X21, etc etc. The one who sold me into going this is actually GEM and Cheeky Parade, but later on i found out that each performers only sing around 2-3 songs per act…hahaha :/ Oh well.

Idol Nation x TIF2015 Line Up

Just a quick “highlights” of the event….Well, don’t really know the song titles for X21, I-Ris, Idolling!, Doll Elements, etc etc so i’ll just skip that lol. Call Me went to sing 2 songs during this event, which is “My Affection” and “Step By Step”. Cheeky Parade got sing “Monst@r”, while SuperGirls got sing “Max! Otome Kokoro” also. Later on “GEM” performed my favorite song “Do you Believe” and also their new single “Love me Baby” (which i didnt really like that much lol).

There are also colloboration performance between Doll Elements and GEM haha , and there’s also some DJ performance in between the performances (which imo, is waste of time, they should’ve used the DJ time for some idol performance, lol, but hey, maybe it’s just me.). Finally saw “Idolling!” performs also, believe it or not, this is the first time i actually see them perform as a group (instead of colloboration act during TIF haha), and probably my last time also before they disbanding soon. haha.

Overall. Actually the event is so so only. The indoor stage is nice (means you can relax, sitdown, without having to worry about the summer heat), but that also means the atmosphere is alittle bit different than “festival” lives. The crowd is not as high during the festival, and many people sitting down, which makes you having this “weird” feeling if you’re the only one standing there (really happens to me — when the guy next to me — both left and right are actually sitting down…LoL).

I later on realized this kind of indoor/seating/stadium setting is not really my cup of tea. I should really avoid LIVE like this in the future. I guess im more into Live houses (free standing lives with crazy crowds) or festivals like TIF better. lol. I’d rate this event 6 out of 10.

– Good Venue
– Good Line Up (Cheap for 3 hours live with line up cast like this)
– Indoor means got aircon and not hot.
– Can see GEM, and Cheeky Parade again :3 :3 :3 :3

– 2 songs per artist only. Hate it. Wish there was more.
– Audience not so high during some performances.
– Should trim down some of the DJ performances.

Afterr the live i went on to walk around in Shibuya one last time before going back tomorrow. Went to Tower records shibuya, but for some reason the 3rd floor that day (Jpop section floor) is closed already lol. So went to Shibuya Tsutaya instead to see some CDs (it opens quite late until 23:00 i think), and then went on to eat a very late dinner/supper at Sukiya.


Walk around in Shibuya and late dinner at Sukiya

Went to book off Shibuya for a while looking for some cheap deals (didnt buy anything in the end) before finally catch a train home to my hostel at around 23:00. When i reached my hostel i just packed my bags, because my flight is 10:00 tomorrow, which means i have to wake up early at around 5am, and leave the hostel by 6am to catch a train from Ueno to Narita airport…. Took the normal keisei line route which takes 1 hour 20 minutes (1000 yen) while enjoying the views towards Chiba / Narita Area lol.

So that’s about it for this current Japan Trip Blog updates lol…i’m already back in Jakarta now while writing this (because i didnt have the time in Japan this time, wonder how did i do it last time with “real time” blogging while im in Japan haha.). Will do more post about #TIF2015 soon when i have the time, and as usual, some of my favorite/top5 performances in TIF2015, and also #TIF2015Regrets after seeing the FujiTV next footages haha.

Til then, see ya, and thanks for reading my useless blog. Lol πŸ˜€


5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 4

Posted: August 6, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Finally the 2nd day of TIF…haha. Can’t sleep that well earlier even though im too tired. Only managed to sleep around 3-4 hours,before i woke myself again at around 6am to get ready. My first performance i want to see today is Silent Siren with special Guest Passpo at the Heat Garage stage at around 10am. So i planning to queue there by 830-9am, which means i have to leave my hostel around 7am lol. Met some of my friend at Ueno first as usual, before heading to Odaiba.

2nd August 2015 – TIF 2015 Day 2

While on the train on Odaiba, we saw the queue for HKT48 at hot stage which circles around for quite long lol…heard that there are people queuing from 6am already. hahaha. Luckily Hot Stage is not my destination today…i’ve had enough of it yesterday lol

HKT48 queue in the morning

Heat Garage – 10am – 11am

Reached the Heat Garage at around 09.20am, and there’s already queue for the entrance, but it’s not that bad. Im quite late to realize that the Heat Garage stage is actually the Zepp Diver City stage, which used for TIF2012 Hot Stage last time. Wow. I wonder why they never put the actual Hot Stage over here instead lol. BTW the 2nd Floor viewing areas are reserved for VIP only. I tried to get up there just to see see (well i did went there last time in TIF2012 no problem) but the staff stopped me that only VIP can go up there. Oh well.

Heat Garage stage at Zepp Diver City

Anyways, the first performance is Silent Siren with special guest Passpo.So Silent Siren went to sing 3 songs, before they do some MCs with Passpo. One Silent Siren member Yukarun later went on to change with Passpo’s Honey Dish outfit, before going on to perform Passpo’s song Material Girl together with them…lol. It’s quite funny.

After that, finally is the Palet Performance at Heat Garage. I forgot the exact setlist, but they sang their new single All For One, and also, Ichigo Kibun and Kimo no Koto. Not bad ! πŸ˜€ Still can’t beat last day Hot Stage performance though!

Grand Market / Festival Stage – 11.30 am – 13.15pm

My friend wants to buy something at the Grand Market area, so we went there to see the goods. I also want to buy 3 minute single and took 2shot with them, so i went along anyways, since i forgot to buy one yesterday. Btw, this means i have to sacrifice the Hot Stage Miss ID 2015 performance lol. Well, i kinda wanted to see the LadyBaby performance there, but then again, they probably only performs one song anyway (which they did btw after hearing from my other friend who was there) so i skipped that one.

Reached the Market Area again, and man it’s so damn hot at 12:00 time. Since my friend wants to handshake with Palet and Puti Passpo, i went on my alone to buy the 3Min single to get the event ticket. Then i straight away go outside from the Grand Market area to the Festival Stage, which is basically just outside the Grand Market area exit (around 2 mins walk only). Just in time to see GEM performing at the Festival Stage haha.

Festival stage at Zepp Diver City

GEM went on to perform 3 songs only for the festival stage – “Speed up”, “Like a heartbeat”, and “Baby Love Me”. After that 3 songs, i want to see Cheeky Parade in this same stage, but that won’t happen for another 30 mins, so i walked back to the Grand Market area, then into the Greetings Square, for the 2shot session with 3Min. Reached just in time haha.

Btw the 2shot for 3Minute member, there’s only 5 members. Mayu wasn’t there (guess she’s already busy with Palet). If you want to handshake with Mayu, you have to go to the Palet booth and get the handshake tickets there lol. Anyways, i went to 2shot with Yoko from 3Min, since i quite like her anyway.

2shot with Yoko from group 3Min

I want to see 3Min performance somewhere along in this TIF, but my schedule always clashed, so it’s really too bad. Lucky i already see them the other day at IdolKoushien, so not all is lost lol. After the 2shot, i went back to the Festival Stage to see the Cheeky Parade performance haha.

Cheeky Parade went to sing “Cheeky Dreamer”, “Monst@r” and finally….“Mugendai Shoujo” A woooo !! Really want to see this song hahaha since it’s my favorite song from chikipa. BTW. the chikipa wotas also damn high during this song – after the performance the staff had to ask the fans to stop whatever they doing there (high jumps / lifting, etc) before they can start again lol. After that they sang another one song i think but i forgot the title name. haha.

Went back to the Grand market after that to see one my friend there. I bought the TIF 2015 official tshirt finally from the booth there, and the t-shirt is a BIG IMPROVEMENT compared to last year T-shirt lol. I’ve been bitchin’ about it since last year, and i am glad that they actually did it right this time around haha. The Tshirt cost 3000 yen btw. While walking around i also bumped into one Oyayubi Princess member called Momoka, and she walks around in the grand market area wearing bikinis only lol…so brave. Well i never even see their performance before, but since the 2shot (polaroid) only cost 500 yen (!!) so i took one anyway haha

2shot with Momoka from Oyayubi Princess

Afterwards, i rushed my self to the My Navi Stage to see the next performance, Predia, which is their only performance in this TIF that doesn’t clash with all my other schedules lol. Thank GOD! Had to walk around 10 mins from Grand Market areas to the My Navi Stage and man, all this for just one performance only. Luckily i went though, at least i can see them, even it’s just for one time only.

My Navi Stage…so many people since the place is quite cramped lol

Predia sang 3 songs only (so fast T_T) including their new single “Mitashite Amore”. Quite awesome. Dont remember the titles of the other 2 songs, and after that i had to rush again to my next destination – Smile Garden to see Palet at 14:50. I did stop at Zepp Diver City first of course for a little break and to refill my water.

Back at Smile Garden to wait for Palet, but before that there’s performance from “3B Junior” and “SuperGirls” first. Since im not really interested with both of them, i didnt do much and only stand to see them from far away lol. When it’s time for Palet i quickily rushed in front lol. Managed to get quite close – around the 3rd row from front in Smile Garden, which is…NOT BAD at all haha. Bumped into my malaysian friends also while im there xD

Palet Setlist @ Smile Garden 14:50 Day 2:
01. Keep On Lovin You
02. All For One
03. Celebration (some wotas did “gachikoi” mix during this lol)

Sadly they only sang 3 songs for this performance which is a shame…and i walked from My Navi Stage to Smile garden to see this…but it’s quite worth it actually haha. and guess what…my next destination is back at the My Navi Stage again !!! which means, i have to walk back there all the way !! Duh.

After power-walking for around 10 mins, reached the My Navi Stage just in time for GEM performance. They sang 3 songs also in total, which includes my favorite – “Just Call Me” xD πŸ˜€

GEM Setlist @ My Navi Stage 15:25 Day 2 :
01. Do it Do It
02. Baby Love Me
03. Just! Call Me.

After GEM peformance, its time to see the Puti Passpo. Honestly, i dont like their songs, and the members also all “average” at best, and no one there actually interest me lol. But by seeing this performance, i finally manage (well — almost) to see all Platinum Passport Groups during this Japan trip lol. (Passpo, Palet, Predia, 3Minute, Puti Passpo, and Hatcheketai from Passpo). Minus only the YururiRapo haha.

Next up is Passpo again, this time at Heat Garage (again). Thankfully it’s only around 5-10 minutes walk from My Navi Stage, so it’s still reachable for me. When i reached the Zepp Diver Stage, it’s already the Passpo overture, so i quickly ran all the way inside to get some good spots for myself lol. They sang 3 sangs only also, sadly.

Passpo Setlist @ Heat Garage 16:05 Day 2 :
01. Wanted
02. Candy room
03. Honey Dish

After much walking around in the last few hours or so (My Navi Stage >> Smile Garden >> back to My Navi Stage >> Heat Garage) i decided to take a rest at Zepp Diver again. Refilled my water as usual, and my friend says that there is Free Handshake for Puti Passpo at the Grand Market area just outside the platinum passport booths, so we went back there again lol. For the Free handshake, i didnt say much, just told them “Ganbatte” and says that im from Indonesia haha. Either way i’ve got nothing much to say to them lol.

After all of this, there is only one more destination left for me. Smile Garden. All the way til until finish haha. So me and my friends slowly walk there to Smile Garden from the Grand Market area, sinced we still have plenty of time until the next performances (Babyraids Japan, 9nine, Passpo, Up Up Girls for me).

Also, while walking towards Smile Garden, we pass by this Cardbox with free magazines and also CDs free to grabs. My friend picked some Morning Musume cds before, but when we reach back here again, all the CDs were gone already haha. Left only the free magazines xD πŸ˜€

Some kind souls sharing his/her stuffs for free to everyone

By the way, Smile Garden in the afternoon really becoming a camping-ground already, people have set up tent and bring plastic/folded chairs to sit down too since early morning, but the weather in the afternoon after the sun sets off is quite cooling. Haha. Maybe one day i should try camping out at Smile Garden too lol.

Smile Garden in the Afternoon

Smile Garden – 18:00 until Closing

For the Babyraids performance, forgot the exact setlist but they did sang Babyraids and also Pretty Little Baby. oh, and also, Charinko Idol. Almost forgot lol. Then for the next performance, 9Nine, they sing the album version of “With You / With Me” which is quite cool πŸ˜€ They also sing one of their old song “Shining Star” which is awesome as well.

Fast forward to the Passpo Performance at Smile Garden…this is it. Usually Passpo performance at smile garden has been damn high- and it’s been like that since i see them the first time in TIF2012. Here is the setlist btw.

Passpo Setlist @ Smile Garden 19:00 Day 2:
01. Pretty Lie
02. Vivi Natsu
03. Natsuzora Hanabi
04. Himawari
05. Material girl

They began the setlist with Pretty Lie again. Kinda surprised to see they sing this again, since they already sang it yesterday at the Hot Stage, but whatever, i like the song so it’s all good lol. For the 2nd song, it’s their 2nd Major debut single “Vivi Natsu”. During the MioMio solo line (before the “Mio Mio Fire” chant) people do all the “Lifting” for kechas and it’s becoming quite dangerous lol…i can see some of the staffs like damn anxious already, and they’re trying to tell the fans to go down, but to no avail lol.

Passpo Mosh-Pits at Smile Garden (i believe this needs its own section xD)

Next up is the legendary song “Natsuzora Hanabi” and if you’re a passpo fan then you should know that you should STAY AT THE BACK during this song if you don’t wanna get hurt. As for me. You can call me stupid but i actually went in front during this, and got squeezed left to right lol. I started quite in front but they open the Mosh-pit which is quite large, so all of us got pushed to the right side. I actually tripped and fell down before 2 japanese guys helped me to stand by on my feet….before i countinued Chanting. LOL! Yeah , i already expected that this will happen, so it’s no big deal for me, besides i want to enjoy this last performance, so moshing at smile garden is just awesome – even if it means that i had to fall down and got my shoes stepped on my lots of people lol (there goes my brand new shoes…luckily i never wear slippers though !)

After the song ended, the TIF staff stopped the performance for a brief warning again to the fans that they had to stop moshing, pushing, lifting, or whatever they doing there lol. The Passpo members pretends to have that “confused/dunno what happen” look but i am sure they already know the outcome already lol.

Bear in mind that BisH and PoP got banned/expelled today before of the fan’s attitude. I hope that doesnt happen to passpo also. I saw people doing the shirts ripping (at least 2 of them) and some people gets pushed down at the most pit areas. Luckily they are ok (hey i fell down also remember! But im ok !)

After all that, the next 2 songs Himawari and Material Girl seems light-weight already lol. By this time, even thought the staff has warned before that they shouldn’t lift people up for kechas, they still do it anyways, which means all the warnings falls on deaf ears lol. Either way. Awesome performance overall. This smile garden performance gets 9.5 out of 10 from me (again, minus 0.5 point because Sakoti wasnt here πŸ™ )

Once the Passpo performance finished, i went to the back areas to rest, and it’s time for Up Up Girls. But by this time i have depleted all my energy already (mostly gone after Natsuzora Hanabi) anyways haha. So i didnt do much but see from far away. Another super energetic performace from Up Up girls. My friend told me there is a moshpit during Up Up girls also, but i didnt see it by myself since im too tired. Forgot the exact setlist but they also sing UpperCut! for the last song. Damnnn. πŸ˜€

During Negicco at Smile Garden, i went out from the priority vieweing area at Smile Garden to find My Indonesian friend and Japanese friend who also at the areas. In the end i also bumped with all my other friends (malaysian, singapore) sitting down at smile garden. So i also went to sit there to talk and rest. Man. What A day.

Smile Garden at night during the Idol Summer Jamboree segment

There is still one more performance after that – the Idol Summer Jamboree which i did see from far away, but i really have no energy left to do anything lol. They sing the legendary Morning Musume songs Love Machine also though. Awesome. Haha.

Before the Idol Summer Jamboree performance finished, all of us decided to call it a day – and then walk to the train station before the train station gets overwhelmed with people who wants to go back. So we did a power walk to the Telecom Centre station lol. All happen to fast we even forgot to take group picture for one last time. Funny thing. Even when we’re going back to the hostel, all of us literally took the wrong train and NOBODY realized until halfway through the journey. My god. Hahaha.

Overall it’s an awesome day. Yesterday i camped most of the time at the Hot Stage, but today is much more tiring for me because it involves alot of walking (mainly the My Navi Stage > Smile garden > My Navi stage). To me, This year TIF has been AWESOME. There are some high and lows moment of course, nothing is perfect, but it is definitely MUCH Better than last year. I will do another separate post for the pro and cons of this year TIF when i have the time.

That’s all for Day 2 TIF for me. Will update if i remember something else lol.

Groups I’ve seen in Day 2 of TIF2015 – Fast Recap
– Silent Siren x Passpo (Heat Garage)
– Palet (Heat Garage)
– GEM (Festival Stage)
– Cheeky Parade (Festival Stage)
– Predia (My Navi Stage)
– 3B Junior (Smile Garden)
– Super Girls (Smile Garden)
– Palet (Smile Garden)
– GEM (My Navi Stage)
– Puti Passpo (My Navi Stage)
– Passpo (Heat Garage)
– Babyraids Japan (Smile Garden)
– 9Nine (Smile Garden)
– Passpo (Smile Garden)
– Up Up Girls (Smile Garden)
– Idol Summer Jamboree Closing segment (Smile Garden)
Total: 16 Performance

My Fast TIF Reviews / Ranking – Year by Year:
1. TIF2012 – still champion.
2. TIF2015 – awesome.
3. TIF2013 – not bad.
4. TIF2014 – decent, but dissapointing.

5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 3

Posted: August 5, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So finally it is time !! For the first day of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 πŸ˜€ Now, to start off, the night before i had chat with some of my friends (thru fb or twitter etc etc) to discuss what time we should be meeting, because there are some of us who stayed at diff hostel and stuffs, so it is just easier to meet at the venue. Haha. πŸ˜›

1st August 2015 – TIF 2015 Day 1

In the morning, at around 6am. I checked my FB to see if anybody is up already. I am still half-asleep and still rolling around in my bed but then i see activities in FB/twitter already. Damn, seems like some people woke up already and they’re already preparing! Haha. So i did the same too, took a quick shower, break fast, then on the way to the train station. Finally met up with some of my friends at Ueno before going to shimbashi for the Yurikamone Line. At Yurikamone line i bumped with even more friends. So there’s like 10-11 of us at the same time ? Haha, what a big group. Anyways after that we just headed to Odaiba – the Telecom Centre station to be exact.

Walking on the Ginza Line Metro station

Once we go out from the station- we bumped with none other than Idol College members haha. Think they went for another event at the lawson nearby, but since we’re rushing to get our wristband, we just continued on to the smile garden area. At smile garden, i was quite shocked that there is barrier surrounding the smile garden area. Later i found out that now THERE IS A PRIORITY VIEWING AREA at Smile Garden, for those who have tickets…meaning….those who didnt have tickets can’t get in there, and must view the stage from far away lol. Actually it is good for those who have the tickets/writstband, but for people in general, it actually makes the space looks smaller (cuz of the barrier and stuffs)…oh well.

Now there is Barrier surrounding the Smile Garden

I noticed that they did this in all of the other free stages too (My Navi Stage and Festival Stage), so it must be really sucks for those aiming to visit the festival for free lol. Yeah you still can see them of course, but much much further at the back. Anyway, after we collected our wristband – most of us got separated but each of our own has different priorities. Haha. For me of course, i started the day with Smile Garden stage, to see Cheeky Parade

Smile Garden Opening Performance is Cheeky Parade

Oh yeah, before cheeky parade, there are some opening segment also by some various idol groups (forgot the exact line up, but got one idolling member also). To start off, they did a morning exercise and ask us everyone of us to do the same…lol. After that “morning exercise” routine, then the Cheeky Parade performance begins. It its early morning at 10am but the weather is too damned hot already. I can see some of the wotas are saving their energy (the chants and furacopy is lesser than usual for chikipa standards lol). The songs they sing for the opening segments are “Cheeky dreamer”, “Bunbun Nine9” and “Monst@r”. Not bad for starter!! No Mugendai Shoujo A though~

Day 1 – Hot Stage Part 1 – 10:30 am – 13:50 PM

After Cheeky Parade at Smile Garden, i went on to rush to the hot stage to see Dempagumi Inc. The walking distance from Smile Garden to the Hot Stage is quite far, around 10-15mins so i did a “power walk” to make sure i reached on time. By the time i reached there, the priority viewing area for the stage is full already. So i can only see from the side lines. I did see dempa performing some songs there, including “Den Den Passion, and Future Diver”. Once dempa performed finished, most of the wotas left the stage , leaving alot of empty slots for those who want to see the next performance…just nice for me. Inside i bumped into 2 more of my friends from Malaysia who also want to see Palet…Haha. (In the end we stuck together for most of the day xD)

Hot Stage at TIF2015

After Dempa, the next 6 performers at the Hot Stage is “GEM, Moso Calibration, Magical Dreaming, Call Me, Idol Rennaisance”, and finally, “Palet”. As for some highlights for each groups performance…1st up is the GEM performance. I think the setlist is not really good for me cuz they sings some songs i didnt like. (it’s their newer songs that i didnt like such as “no girls no fun, you you you, delightful days”, etc). I think the only songs i like here is “We’re Gem”. So yeah, it’s a bit of a let down for me lol. For Moso Calibration, they sang my favorite song also, which is “Hajimete Da yo Konna Kimochi ni Sasetekureta no wa Koi “ and many Moso fans did their “furacopy” bit and wotagei along the way with this song…damn awesome haha.

After that is the “Magical Dreaming” segment which is a combination from few idol groups, including Call Me, which means there is Mimori chan in it haha. I dont like the songs really, but it’s fun to see Mimori chan again πŸ˜€ They only sing one song anyway, and its mostly MC After that, followed by “Idol Rennaisance”. I dont know much about Idol Rennaisance though, so i dont have much to say about them also. Their performance is “so-so” only to me lol. As for “Call Me” performance…well i like Mimori chan , but one thing still doesnt change – is that i dont like most of their songs. I think the only songs i like is “Step By Step” which is quite catchy.

Finally, Palet performance is coming up next. If you’ve read my blog last year, you can see my dissapointment on Palet’s last year’s performance (not only Riona is missing last year on the 1st day, their setlist for the hot stage also sucks as well lol). So for this year…i was quite blown away. Not only they perform with their new member Mayu (from “3 minute”, fellow platinum passport group) the setlist for the Palet performance Damn awesome as well ! Check it out~

Palet @ Hot Stage 1st Day – 13:25 – 13:50PM
01. Love n Roll
02. All For One
03. You Are My Miracle
04. Glory Days
05. Believe in Yourself

Oh man, the Setlist is damnnn awesome πŸ˜€ My favorite Palet song is “Glory Days (which they sang last year at Smile Garden, that performance was damn awesome too), and when they sang it…im so fricking Happy LOL!! πŸ˜€ As for all the other songs they sing there, i also like them all , which is great ! I thought they’re gonna sing their new single “Time to Change” (which i DIDNT like at all) but it seems that they already have a new up coming single called “All For One” which is MUCH MUCH better lol, and the song is stuck in my head now xD They ended the performance at hot stage with their major debut single “Believe In Yourself” which is quite high as well πŸ˜€ Overall, i’d rate this setlist and this year performance at very high score. 9.5 out of 10 ! /BiasModeOn. πŸ˜›

Grand Market – Greetings Square 14:00 – 16:00pm

After Palet performance we finally got out from the Hot stage to go to the Grand Market to buy some stuffs. Once we reach inside we went to the palet booth as my friend wants to buy some stuffs there.

Grand Market / Greetings Square area

As for me, i ended up buying Predia’s stuff as i want to take picture with my favorite Predia member – Yuu Maeda lol. While my friends walking around in the Grand Market, i waited at the Greetings Square for my turn to take 2shot. πŸ˜€

2shot with Predia Member – Yuu Maeda xD

She is really pretty in real life, and funny as well. haha. When the staff want to take my picture, my phone got error (need to take the picture twice in the end before managed to get a good result), giving me more time to talk to her. Didnt say much though, just the usual “Im from Indonesia/Jakarta” bit and she looks quite shocked lol. πŸ˜€ This is my first time seeing her btw, i am pretty sure when i see Predia last time, she’s not in the group yet lol. I also want to see Predia’s performance today, but since today i am more focused on the hot Stage performance, i’ll just to leave that for tomorrow.

I also dropped by to Doll Elements booth cuz i want to take 2shot with RunaPon again but too bad when i reached there, the 2shot sessions already finished…dammit. In the end i only gave her my fan-letter, and also, a gift towards the Doll Elements Staff. She saw me though so i just told her i’m the guy last time during the J-series event in Jakarta…Lol. πŸ˜€

After that, i waited for my friends to finish his handshake with Palet members, before we continue on to Zepp Diver City to rest. Remember the tips before about to “Refill your water” in the food court area of Zepp Diver City ? I lost count how much i refilled my water here for each day, but it could be more than 15 times a day LOL. I had like, 3 empty bottles at the same time usually, which means i usually refilled 3 times everytime i pass by here. Just do your math, if one bottle of water cost around 150 yen at Odaiba, that means it already saved me more than 2000 yen if i refilled it more than 15 times each day !! xD πŸ˜€ And believe me. I was more THIRSTY than HUNGRY during the entire day of TIF. I can survive one day without lunch (just power bars snacks to keep me alive) but i can’t survive without drinks/water. So yeah, this is really a life-saver. haha. And since Zepp diver is close to the festival stage/ grand market/ heat garage, everytime im near the area i always refilled my water

Refill your water here – at Zepp Diver City food court xD

Anyways, lets move on to the next performance…At Hot Stage again. LOL πŸ˜€

Day 1 – Hot Stage Part 2 – 16:15 am – 21:00 PM

Yeah. I stayed here all the way until the end from 16:15 onwards lol. I didnt want to move at all since i want to get a decent spot during Passpo, which is, the last performance…and for that, i had to sacrifice seeing Palet at Sky Stage today (as pointed by my other malaysian friend…dammit, i also want to go haha).So this is the line up of the Hot Stage starting from 16.15 PM. “X21, Doll Elements, Negicco, Cheeky Parade, Lovely Doll, LinQ, Babyraids JAPAN and finally PASSPO”. Yeah i know what you’re thinking now….WHAT.AN.AWESOME.LINE.UP. xD πŸ˜€

Anyways, im gonna have to skip the setlist for X21, Doll Elements,LinQ, and Negicco…since i dont know most of their song’s name because im really a casual for them (yea i know. i like Runapon, but i dont like Doll Elements…really, its pretty much like my love-and-hate-affair with Mimori chan of Call Me now xD).

For the Cheeky Parade performance…dammit i forgot the exact setlist now. This is what happens when you dont write your blog post immidiately, as i tends to forget stuff easily. :/ But i remember they singing C.P.U, Monst@r along with Cheeky Fighter if i remember correctly. As for Lovely Doll, they did sing 2 of my favorite songs “Bitter Choco Valentine, and Setsunatsu Diver, which is awesome haha. For Babyraids….the setlist abit dissapointing for me. But they did sing Baby Revolution,and the ama chan song “Konoyomi ue de wa December” which is awesome xD Andddddd i am really addicted to their new single Pretty Little Baby — it is just tooo damned good xD πŸ˜€

Now for Passpo, finally. They perform with 7 members only, as Sakoti is on absent until September, which is a shame. Anyways, they’re wearing their Honey dish outfit. Not really my favorite outfit to be honest, but oh well. Their setlist for this performance is Damn Awesome xD Check it out~

Passpo @ Hot Stage 1st Day – 20:20PM
01. Shoujou Hikou
02. Pretty Lie
03. Honey Dish
04. Kucha Love
05. Itazura Rock n Roll
06. Wanted
07. Material Girl
08. Let it Go.

Whoa. That is really an awesome setlist (to me) xD :D. “Pretty Lie” is one of those old passpo songs i couldnt get tired of, it is really nice. I finally saw the live version of “Honey Dish” (which is damn awesome), and also…“Itazura Rock and Roll”??? Whoaaa man….i’m so frickin’ happy when they play this song…considering it’s one of my favorite songs from their “Beef or Chicken” album , and i even keep on looping that song on the plane. But i had ZERO expectation for it, and i never thought that they’d actually sang it during TIF. LOL. Guess how wrong i was xD

They finished the performance with “Material Girl” (another one of passpo songs you just couldnt get tired of) and then— and even MORE OLDER song…”Let it Go“. Whoa man, i havent listened to this song for years LOL. Overall. it is an awesome setlist. I’d rate the setlist 9.5 out of 10 also (same score as for palet’s earlier) because nothing is perfect lol. (well there is no Sakoti, so there goes the minus 0.5 score for that)

Day 1 Closing – 21:30PM

After that, we’re suppose to catch the BisH performance at Enjoy Stadium at nite (21:40) but when we got there, the queue is too damn long already. Instead, we bumped with each other–(my other friends) who all can’t get in also because the queue is too damn long. In the end, we decided to skip the performance and rest in the smile garden areas, while waiting one of my friend who actually managed to get in there (since he’s already there before the BisH performance started lol).

Actually little did we know that “BisH” and “PoP” would actually be expelled the next day for dunno what reason (later on we learned that it’s because of the fans attitude who kept on moshing and lifting during the performance which resulted of both groups being kicked out from TIF) so actually there’s some regret that i actually didnt get to see that performance that night…but either way, we’re already too tired anyways, haha…oh well :/

Anyways, went to take a group picture with all my friend before heading back to the hostel to rest.

Group Picture after Day 1 TIF 2015 ending~

And that’s about it for Day 1. Reached my hostel at almost midnight and i almost cant sleep thinking about the next day haha. But let’s continue that on the next post, shall we xD πŸ˜€


Groups I’ve seen in Day 1 of TIF2015 – Fast Recap
– Cheeky Parade (Smile Garden)
– Denpagumi Inc (Hot Stage)
– GEM (Hot Stage)
– Moso Calibration (Hot Stage)
– Magical Dreaming (Hot Stage)
– Idol Renaissance (Hot Stage)
– Call Me (Hot Stage)
– Palet (Hot Stage)
– X21 (Hot Stage)
– Doll Elements (Hot Stage)
– Negicco (Hot Stage)
– Cheeky Parade (Hot Stage)
– Lovely Doll (Hot Stage)
– LinQ (Hot Stage)
– Babyraids Japan (Hot Stage)
– Passpo (Hot Stage)
Total = 16 Performance.

5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 2

Posted: August 5, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

*late update*

Yeah. I know i should’ve updated my blog while im in japan, but there are few reasons.

1) Im too tired each day after events so abit lazy to write.
Sometimes, i thought of writing something, but then see number 2
2) The WIFI in my hostel is damn terrible. Which totally stops me from doing anything other than using my own 3G internet from my phone lol. πŸ™

I managed to do the blog post for my first day outside my capsule in the common room area. Oh yea, i will do another review for that hostel later on. Anyways, lets begin the recap of my 2nd day in Japan

31st July 2015

So after the Idol Koushien the other day, i managed to get just enough rest after a super-duper-tiring just the day before. I mean, yesterday, after i landed i straight away went to the idolkoushien live until soooo late. Kinda crazy when i think about it, that’s why when i reach the hostel i didnt even think about doing anything else other than sleep lol. πŸ˜€

So for today, i decided to take it easy. At around 11am, i went to akihabara as usual to do my shopping (usually at the 2nd hand shop such as Book Off, Trio3, and Liberty shops). I did my usual of buying some 48 photopacks (to re-sell them back in jakarta later on lol) and also checking the 2nd hand tshirts at Trio3. Anddd to my surprise, i manage to find the Passpo Aipon “Tales of Negishi” tshirt that i’ve been looking for long time…yatta!!!

Aipon’s Tales of Negishi tshirt…been looking for this forever

Yeah Annya is my passpo oshi, but i like Aipon’s as well. (yeah im a DD, so what LOL). Besides, from all the other solo members tshirt that time, this design, is like the best.Definitely. Hahaha.

Also found some other tempting tshirts at Trio3 akiba to buy (such as Doll Element’s Runapon 2012 birthday tshirt at just 1000 yen…damnnn) and some passpo tshirts at 1680 yen but some i did not like the design. So in the end…save money. lol

Some other stuffs at Trio3

After doing some shopping, i actually went back to my hostel again to drop my shopping goods. Luckily, my hostel is only like 15 mins away from akiba (5 mins by train , then another 5 to 10 mins to walk there). Besides, back in my hostel i can cool off for a while haha). Went back to Akihabara shortly after all to meet my friend from Malaysia, before going to the next event together – “SexyJ”

SexyJ event @ Club Citta – 31st July 2015, 18:30 PM

Now. Before going to this event, i barely know any details about this event. All i know is that there’s alot of AV idols here (some av stars formed their own “sexy” idol groups such as Million Girl Z, Me-Me, K-uhn, etc). I think the event management also sucked, i mean, they barely updated any details, or even published any timetable for it, so i really dont know what’s gonna happen until i reach there lol. But before this i already expected that these AV stars probably can’t sing or dance anyway, so i’ll just relax and enjoy the show without expecting much haha.

SexyJ event at Club Citta in Kawasaki (near yokohama already)

Went in quite late (around 18:30), just about the event about to start cuz i waited for another friend from Singapore, and my ticket is with him haha. After i entered, some of the buppan/ goods sale already finished, so it seems that they started selling their goods and stuffs from 17:00 onwards. Oh well. Went inside to see some of the performance.

As i expected, their “idol” performance is nothing to brag about, in fact, some of them is actually terrible, and not to mention — the songs. Either some oldie songs, enka etc etc, to make it short — it’s not really my cup of tea LOL. But guess you gotta give them something for actually ..trying lol. I think the closest thing to idol genre (for the songs) to me is Million Girl Z. My friend told me that you can take 2shot with them if you buy the album, which i did haha. I choose to take with Ayaka Tomoda (pic later below) because she’s the only member i know there lol.

My friend also told me the song lyrics for some of the performance is kinda “adult/ecchi”, and they even sing a sailor moon song, which they edit with some ecchi lyrics. Haha. And oh, some performance, instead of waving towels, they waving underwears (no-shit!) which later on— they throw away to the audience in front lol. But still, nothing much exciting to me cuz … 1) most of the songs they sing still sux. and 2) their outfit is not sexy enough (to me anyway) haha.

Well the good thing though is probably i managed to see some AV stars during this trip, such as Sakura Mana, Ayaka Tomoda, Kamisaki Shiori, Tsubasa Amami, and much more. But i still think they’re better off as an AV actress instead of an idol. Seriously, i wouldnt really pay money to see them perform again (as an “idol”). I rather go to their individual “AV” Event next time lol πŸ˜›

After the event finished at around 20:30 or 20:45pm (forgot the exact timing), they have this 10 minute time allowance where you can take picture of them (!!!!!) using your camera !! Man, i didnt know this, if i knew i should’ve bring my DSLR. No wonder there are priority seating areas at 6000 yen, which is much more closer to the stage. I bet you can take much better picture from there. Dammit. I only bring my pocket camera so i can only take picture from far away πŸ™


SexyJ event at Club Citta during the photography session

After the photography session, it’s time for some meet and greet outside. Most of them can only handshake only, except for “Million Girl Z” which you can 2shot with them (by buying the album only at 2000 yen), and also Sakura Mana and Minami Kojima from “Otome Frappuccino” (later that night at 22:30). I didnt even know you can take 2shot with them until so late, and its quite cheap also..1500 yen for 3shot with them ! haha. Nice XD

2shot with Ayaka Tomoda

3shot with Sakura Mana (Right) and Minami Kojima (Left) from “Otome Frappuccino”

So yeah, the 2shots is probably the best thing about this event, and it’s really worth waiting for, haha…since i didnt really enjoy their music that much πŸ˜› After the 2shot, me and my friend decided to call it a day. Besides tomorrow is finally the Tokyo Idol festival 2015, so really need to go back and rest for the big day haha.

*All the TIF2015 posting will be posted tommorow in 2 separated posts- For day 1 and day 2. Stay tuned for it xD *


5 Days in Japan – TIF2015 Trip – Day 1

Posted: July 30, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Time to start my first post for this current Japan Trip ! Yeah, i only going for 5 days only (6 Days actually but didnt count the other day because going to the airport only) Anyways….

30th July 2015

For this trip i bumped into some friends in Malaysia first during transit and we got in the same plane for Narita haha. There’s 9 of us in total xD Anyways, Reached in Narita airport at around 08:45am.

Went to tokyo soon afterwards from narita airport, but there’s some problem with the train we took so we had to stop somewhere to change trains near the asakusa area…after some delays here and there, reached my hostel at around 14:30..yeah, quite long delays huh lol. After dropped my bag at the hostel, i waited my friends to get reaady before going to the first event of the trip – Idol Koushien

Reached there around 4pm and the first performance we saw is TPD Dash!. Because me and my friends are late, we missed, like, the first 6 performers of the day, which kinda sucked because i wanted to see Piiiiiiin, Baseball Girls, Puti Passpo and Tokyo Cheer 2 Party…but oh well. :/

TPD Dash…the performance was so so only. But there is this one member who can speak fluent english (the name is Sarika Kidd). We were hanging out near the buppan area when one of the members aprroached us, giving flyers and stuffs. Then this Sarika talks in english which made all of us surprised, before she went on to explain that her parents is actually from Australia. Lol. Funny girl.

Sarika Kidd thats her name xD

After that there’s some performance by Shooting Star Girls, which i wasnt really interested in. Then γ‚΅γƒ³γƒŸγƒ‹γƒƒγƒ„ (3 Minute) went to perform with 5 members, and it seems like Mayu (who became palet member recently) wasnt there, haha, which is too bad. She should’ve choose one group and just focus on it imo, instead of being in two idol groups at the same time, which is kinda weird to me. Oh yeah, they didnt sing my favorite song (Panorama world) which is another dissapointment !

Kikkawa Yuu performance isnt bad, but i guess i just cant get into some of her songs lol. BTW you can 2shot with Kikka if you preorder her new album or something for around 3000 yen…just info if you want to 2shot with her haha. Anways, after that, then the fun finally begin…starting from Idol College. They began the performance which their old skool song “Ichigo Parfait”, “Love Like” before went on to sing their latest single, as well my personal favorite “Yozora” which is awesome xD

After that Up Up Girls time to perform and the crowd goes wild. Yeah, Up Up girls is really awesome to watch, especially with their super energetic performance. They sang 2 of my favorite songs also (“Pump Up” and “Upper Cut” xD)

During Lyrical School i went outside to look around the buppan/meet and greet area, before going back inside again for PassCode…man Passcode performance is quite awesome. I didnt like some of the songs yet, but i think they’re ok to me. Their fans is kinda crazy as well xD πŸ˜€

And now..saved the best for last…time for “Hatchaketai” from PASSPO β˜†. Last time i thought that its really weird for them to form sub-unit with some of the lesser famous passpo members (Natsumin, Naomi, etc), but really, Morishi is damn awesome on this and she really takes the group to another whole new level ahaha. The Hatchaketai wotas is like your usual Passpo wotas – which is really high during performance like their onto drugs or something- but also awesome at the same time lol. They begin the performance with their own version of “Shoujo Hikou”, and later on they also sang “Cosmic You”, the crowd-pleaser “Material Girl”, and also for the last song “Kibunwa Saiko” Which is really awesome and one of my fav tracks on the JEJEJET album. Haha

After that last performance, time for some meet and greet outside, but surprisingly i didnt spent any money today at Idol Koushien. I want to buy 3 Minutes single, but then decided to buy the single in TIF instead (well Mayu wasnt there anyway so no need to rush). I want to 2shot with Idol College but now you have to spent at least 3000 yen to 2shot with them !! Man, just imagine 2 years ago i only spent around 1000 yen to take pictures with Eru. Lol. Maybe in TIF then i will spend some money, because they’re not selling any singles, tshirts or any other swag today (Idol College), only photopacks, which is another bummer. So yeah, in the end i didnt buy anything at all lol.

After that, we left the venue at around 22:00 before going back to our hostel. Man, what a day. I checked in the hostel at around 23:00 PM (i didnt have the time to check in before hand , just dropped my bags there) before finally taking shower (first one i had in more than 24 hours lol) and had a decent meal at Yoshinoya xD

That’s all for now, time to get some rest, and til the next blog post~~

PS: I stayed at this hostel “1980 yen” hostel which is kinda like a capsule hotel. Will write review about it later also when i got the time

My “bed” at 1980 yen Hostel

Counting Down to TIF2015 – Thoughts and Rants

Posted: July 18, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So, the full TIF schedule is out again, and its that time again to revise the TIF schedule. Haha. Just like what i always do every year. Lol. Yeah right. I think that was one of my favorite parts of going TIF. The exciment and the initial planning for the day itself is really fun ! Although that does not apply to some people lol :D) but that’s pretty much the case for me. Even though sometimes, the actual day itself doesnt seems to be the same as you imagined/originally planned…well..that’s always bound to happen anway

Sample of TIF2015 schedule – and the list goes on and on…
Click Here to see the full timetable.

TIF Line up Talks

So what’s new this year? Well i posted an article before how this year TIF could be the best one ever (well nothing can tops TIF2012 i suppose, and that, TIF2014 last year was a bit of a letdown) but boy, i hope they can prove me wrong this year. So what do we have ? The Line Up? Last minute additon of SKE48???

SKE48 – The last time they appeared in TIF is 3 years ago in 2012

Wow. Now we have 2x 48 groups in this year TIF (other than HKT48). To be honest im not expecting for another 48 group to appears in this year’s TIF. Actually just HKT48 would do the job just fine imo. But this addition of SKE48 to the line up definitely will spice things up, and make this year crowd a-whole-hella-lot more lol. Seriously i did not see that coming.Thankfully, both groups is set to perform in an early morning time slot, meaning all the pure 48 fans won’t have to camp all the way just see their idol groups performing here in TIF lol.

Its funny how they put SKE48 in Heat “Garage” stage while HKT48 gets the spotlight at the Hot Stage though !

As for other performers…its a damn shame there wasn’t Rev From DVL in this year line up. Not that im a big fan of them, but seeing famous group added to the TIF list is always good (especially for the neutrals). And with Idol Street groups returning (SuperGirls, Cheeky Parade, GEM, etc) to the line up, it’s already damn awesome anyway. πŸ˜€ and Hell Yeah 9nine is back!!!!!! Wooohooo!

Not to mention there some new additions (LadyBaby to perform at the MissID segment on day 2) which is quite interesting, although i might not be able to see it. By the way, as usual the Grand Market / Greetings Area schedule is not out yet, so until its out, you can’t really make a full plan of your schedule. Haha

Pre TIF complains and thoughs

My dissapointment is that probably this year Hot stage will be similiar to last year again, which is…??? another OUTDOOR STAGE. Mind you, last year Hot stage is damn too crowded and its damn hard to get inside in the afternoon, making it almost impossible to get in the priority seating areas during the peak hours (4pm+ onwards..). Yea probably you have to camp there all the way in the morning to be able to squeeze in front lol.

Last year Hot Stage – Under the blazing sun except for the priority seating areas

so what’s the priority seating area? The areas has wooden seats to sit down to (good if you’re camping from morning. at least you can still seat down and rest in between the performances). There also people selling drinks inside there, so you dont have to worry about thirst. The only problem is if you need to go to the rest room lol.

The important thing is that you need to get inside these priority seating areas if you want to get good views of the stage. Otherwise. You need to mix up with those people outside the seatings area, together with those freeloaders who didnt buy the tix. (yeah, the areas outside the priority seating areas still can be accesed by those who didnt buy the tickets / no wristband. but that was last year. I not sure about this year haha). Wanna see how bad it is outside the priorities seating area? Well, See the pic below lol

Hot Stage during Denpagumi Inc performance in TIF2014

Back in 2012 and 2013 the Hot Stage was indoor one (Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Diver) and back then there is no seating areas. All standing and you can squeeze through. There’s even 2nd floor for those who want to gets a bird’s eye of the stage. Even though the space is limited, but once you get in its all good…mainly because it’s all standing areas. You can easily squeeze in front, and hey, its indoor ! At least you dont need to stand under the hot sun all day !! But looks like TIF2015 will follow the exactly same setup as last year TIF2014 by using an outdoor stage. Hopefully im wrong though haha.

Yeah i know i shouldn’t be complaining about the weather / summer heat. but after 3 years in a row going TIF (this year will be my 4th) im starting to get used with the weather anyway. And me born from a country with tropical weather also helps. lol. If i am to avoid the sun then i probably would have gone to JAM EXPO instead of TIF. LOL! πŸ˜€

Another one of my concern is the TIF T-shirt. Please this year, make a better one!! If you see the TIF2014 tshirt yourself (and the tshirt quality/material) then you’ll know how bad it is!!! I like to collect TIF Official tshirt, because usually they will have a list of each groups performing at the back of the shirt (so cool right) but they stopped doing that in 2014…this year, i hope they’ll get it right lol.

And also,the greetings area / grand market. Last year just to get inside there it takes a while because there is a security check to check your belongings. Hopefully this year, they speed-up the process to reduce the queue time, because in TIF, TIME IS PRICELESS! Wish i had a teleport skill so that i can teleport in between stages #yeahright. πŸ˜€

Possible Plans and Schedule

Hey wait. I though you’re not suppose to plan for TIF schedules,at least, until the Greetings area schedule is out? Well i am bored.

Here is my possible schedules for both days of TIF2015. Although it might change at any time.

Still planning to see but clash on the schedule / undecided:
Moso-Calibration, Starmarie, Dorothy Little Happy (because of the recent break-up :/ )

Mind you, this still an initial planning. And still a RAW one at that, because going in between stages takes time, and also, stages like the hot stages/doll factory/enjoy studium/heat garage/sky stage, you might need to queue before you can get in, so that also needs to be put into consideration. Walking in between stages could takes up to 10 minutes if you rush (except if the stages near to each other) while the waiting time to go in between indoor stages may varies.

The only safe bet is probably those outdoor stages like Smile Garden, since its a huge area so you dont need to queue up and you still can see them from far away anyway. So do remember this. If you stuck in the queue, and be like…”F*ck it the queue too damn long i changed my mind” you can always go to these stages that is easily accessible without queues one. Smile garden will always be there anytime you’re lost/undecided lol. Seeing some random groups is better than seeing NO ONE / stuck in the queue anyways haha.

Also, this year i probably wont spend much time in the grand market/greetings area. That way i dont have to spend much money (lol) and can totally focus on the performances. But we shall see, haha. Only time will tell xD πŸ˜€

Btw seeing 48 groups is not really my first priority and seeing the schedule anyways, there are some groups i have to sacrifice in order to see them (like Palet, GEM, Babyraids, etc) so theres high chance that i wont see any 48 groups this year lol.

Additional Notes…

Take a good look at the schedule by the way, there is still one more performer/schedule yet to be announce for Day 2 Heat Garage early morning performance…Who could it be?? Only time will tell…lol

Extra Tips

Thanks to my friend Nubu (twitter id : @nubu515) he made an “english version” timetable of TIF2015 in excel spreadsheet format. It is very useful for those who didnt understand japanese πŸ˜€ >> Check it out!!!

TIF2015 Guide – Stages Guide for 1st timers~

Posted: July 7, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Sooooo TIF Website finally updated their website with this year’s TIF2015 venue map…well..nothing much difference from the previous years. Although this year i can see a new addition called “Heat Garage”…haha.

If you bought the TIF tickets, you’ll need to get your wristband near the FUJI TV area before you can enter some stages. If you’re a cheapo and don’t want to pay anything, well, you can still visit some free stages (such as SMILE GARDEN) and participate in the handshake events at the Greetings area, although you might need to buy additional goods before you can handshake with them (or 2shots). You’ll need to check each idol groups website/blog for more info about that. πŸ˜€

Anyways, here are short info about each stages in TIF.

Smile garden

Smile Garden is a free stage located outside the Fuji TV building, and it is one of the most famous stage in TIF, because…well. It’s Free. Haha. Anyone can access it, even those without wristbands, you can still go in front row all the way if you can squeeze through and camp there from early morning.

This is one of those outdoor stages, so the area will be very hot during day time. The crowd here also tends to build up in the afternoon when the sun about to set off, and it will be at its peakest during night time…usually the stage is soo packed during night time you won’t be able to squeeze through to the front areas. Also, most of the idol groups usually performs here at least once, including all those famous ones.

There is almost no rules for this stage, i’ve seen people moshing, crowd- surfing, holding lightstick as big as light saber, some huge balloons and stuff like that…usually they are restricted by rules, but due to the large ammount of people there, i suppose the staff can’t do anything anyway.

So be-warned if you want to get anywhere close to the front row during night time…just be ready for “fight” because you’re entering a WAR ZONE. I think this is the most “fierce” areas in TIF, especially during its peak hour….You might get pushed left to right or get knocked in the head with a lightstick (*cough*, from my own experience lol). Else, if you’re just casuals and want to see the idol groups casually – its best that you stay in the back haha.

Best period to go
Morning – Usually still lesser people and not so hot.
Afternoon to Night – Because it’s not so hot anymore

DOLL FACTORY + Enjuy Stadium

Both Doll Factory and Enjuy stadium is an indoor stage and its one of those few stages that has an aircon on it (Thank GOD!), but it is a paid stage. You’ll need wristband to gain access to these stages.

The stage is next to each other, and so does the entrance…when you are about to go in, be SURE to queue up at the correct lanes..since the queue is around the same areas, it’s easily to get confused. So do pay attention or ask the person if front of you if you are queuing to the right stage.

Crowds here usually varies and depends from the idol groups performing there. If there any famous idols going to perform here (lets say, Idolling!, Sakura Gakuin or Super Girls), then the queue will be super duper long, and i recommended you to go here around 1 hour earlier or more (no joke).

Since the place is indoor and has limited space, when the area is full, you might need to wait a while for the people inside to go out, before you can enter the stage. I missed seeing Babymetal in 2012 even though i came to the stage like 30 mins earlier ? and still missed it (well, only managed to see the last song lol).

Best period to go
Anytime – It is an indoor stage so you will avoid all the summer heat outside lol

Sky Stage

Ah. this is one of the most tricky stages in TIF. It is one of the best stage imo – because it is kinda unique. It’s located ROOFTOP and you can see some awesome views from above – especially during sunset ! πŸ˜€

But too bad, the access to this stage is quite trouble some, because there is only 2 god-damn lift to get up to the top level! If there any famous idols performing here, the queue will be super long, and mind you again – there is only 2 lifts going up and down, so you’ll need to be very patient lol.

And when you need to go back down from upstairs, you need to queue again !! It is best that you flee all the way before the idols finish performing (when they’re about to say good bye and stuffs – just run all the way to the lift!) to avoid any crowds waiting for the lift after the performance has ended.

I remember my first experience in TIF2012 Sky Stage got me stuck upstairs waiting for the lift, and i have mentioned this as well couple of times in my past TIF posting lol. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than WAITING FOR THE LIFT when you’re in a rush to see your next performance at different stages!

Overall though, it is a good stage, and if its your first time in TIF, be sure to drop this stage a visit haha.

Best period to go
Afternoon – During sunset…awesome stuffs.
Morning or night – Because…it’s not so hot? Haha.

Hot Stage (AKA the MAIN STAGE)

One thing you need to know about this stage. This is the MAIN STAGE of TIF. Meaning, most of the famous idol groups will have to perform here at least once. So yeah, other than Smile Garden, this will be the most crowded stages. And it is paid stages, so you’ll need wrist band access.

From TIF2013 to 2013, this stage is indoor, but last year in TIF2014, the stage is outdoor, so this year its probably the same again.

Also, from year 2012 to 2013, it is a free standing stage. But last year in TIF2014, the hot stage areas has “priorty seating areas” with chairs to sit down to with shelters on top to hide you from the sun. You also need to queue up and wait, because if all the seats has been filled up, you can’t go inside. You can still see from outside the priority seating areas if its full already, although, it is quite far lol.

I dont know how it will goes this year, but just be ready and do come early, around 2 hours before (no joke) if you want to get good views of the stages. Especially big groups like HKT48, the earlier you come, the better!

Best period to go
Anytime – Since all the famous idol groups will perform here sometime.

Festival Stage

This stage is sooo easy to spot – it’s that outdoor stage just near the huge gundam statue outside Zepp Diver City building lol. Usually only the lesser known idols performs here… Well, maybe that’s why it’s FREE? haha. Nothing much to say about this stage though…other than its near the giant gundam statue lol.

Also, Zepp Diver city is just in front of it (it’s a mall), so you can go to Zepp Diver if you want to go eat and stuffs.

There is also food court in Zepp Diver where you can REFILL your water for free (yes, free). Just go there to refill your water bottle to drink if you want to save up…i believe buying drinks every single time (around 200 yen for one bottle of coke or pepsi) can cost you a fortune during this summer time!!

Best period to go
Night Time – The gundam statue will lit up, it’s quite cool you know !! πŸ˜€

My Navi Stage

This outdoor stage is a new stage setup ever since 2014. From my last year experience, the idols that performs here also quite varies…from the lesser known ones, and the famous ones as well (last year dempa performs here also). The crowd also quite alot during it’s peak hour, so be warned !! I say this because the place is quite cramped…well…if you reach there you will see what i mean lol. Do come early if you want to get a good spot !

This is also one of the few “Free Stages” in TIF2015, so if you don’t have wristband access, you can have fun here lol.

Best period to go
Anytime – Depends which idol you want to see.

Grand Market and Greetings Area

This is the areas where all the “meet and greet” activities will take place. It’s just next to each other; “Grand Market” is place where you can buy your idol goods and stuffs, while “Greetings Area” is the area where you can handshake and 2shot with the idols.

Usually, you need to buy stuffs from the Grand Market area first, and you will get the event tickets. After you got it, then the activities will takes place at the Greetings Area. If possible, do buy your swags early to avoid them being sold out and stuffs.

Last year, the queue to access this area is quite long because there is security check point where the staff checks all your pockets and belongings. I believe this is because the recent akb48 slashing case, so they beefed up the security that much.

The queue can take some time during peak hours, so to avoid wasting time, do buy all your goods in one go! If you can’t made up your mind in buying the goods, you will have to keep coming back here again, queue again to get inside, and think about all the time you wasted…you can easily use those time to see some stage performances lol.

Becareful of this area, your wallet will BLEED Very quickly xD

Best period to go
Morning – Better go here early, buy all the goods you want, and get the event tickets for later. If you come here during peak hours, then the queue will be very long and you need to queue and wait to get inside.

That’s all from me for now…i will update again if there’s any info i need to add up here haha. Hope this guide helps~ and if you got any question , you can mention me on Twitter @infzer0 πŸ˜€

Peace out~

Could TIF2015 be the “Best” TIF ever???

Posted: June 29, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Well well well, TIF2015 just updated their performer list again recently (and i’m abit late on this, since last weekend i was outside so didnt really check the news and stuffs lol) .. and i’m REALLY GLAD they’ve added Idol Street groups to the line up this year !! Cheeky Parade, GEM , and super Girls (although i only cared for the first two, lol)…man oh man !!! πŸ˜€


Cheeky Parade for TIF2015 !! πŸ˜€

What’s best, this year we also have another event called “Idol Nation” (A-Nation x TIF) which happens on 3rd August 2015, JUST ONE DAY after the TIF2015 itself. πŸ˜€


Idol Nation 2015

Even though the Idol Nation is a “separate” event, but for us foreigners / Gaijin who flew all the way to Japan to see idols, this is another “Bonus/Extra” treat for another nonstop idolling activities, which is really awesome. πŸ˜€

The line up so far is pretty promising too~ For more updates about Idol Nation and the performer list, you can check their website at I think the ticket for the event is around 3500 yen plus 500 yen entrance fee (usually drink fee), which is quite reasonable.

So, following my title for this blog post… what makes this year TIF could be the BEST TIF ever?? Well, here are some reasons:

1. The Performer list this year is damn awesome

TIF2012 has E-girls and SKE48 (it’s been HKT48 all the way ever since TIF2013 for 48 groups representatives lol), and has the most different stages compared to all of the TIF so far. They even have midnight idol shows for the first day, and early morning shows for the 2nd day…If i had to choose the “best” TIF between 2012 to 2014, i think TIF2012 is the best so far.


SKE48 and E-Girls in TIF2012 !!

TIF2013 has Super girls and 9nine. While both missing from TIF2014, they’ve been replaced by Denpagumi Inc and Rev.From DVL (dempa didnt appears in TIF2013, and Rev.from DVL is the newest “hot and uprising” idol groups ever since Kanna Hashimoto became famous lol).

But for TIF2015, we have all the groups back from TIF2013 and TIF2014 (dempa, 9nine, cheeky parade, GEM, etc) and the only thing missing is Rev From DVL. Well, im not really into REV.from DVL but there are one or two songs i like from them, so i really dont mind to see them again lol. πŸ˜€

So yeah, by seeing the performer list alone, i think TIF2015 “could” be the “best” TIF so far!! I know it will be hard to tops the TIF2012 for sure, but i’ll just have to be positive…for now lol.

2. Idol Nation Event just one day after TIF

Like i said before, it’s really nice to see another idol event just one day after TIF2015. I wonder why they never extended TIF for more than 2 days, but having this kind of separate event is kinda cool as well. ^^

3. This year TIF is free for foreigners !! REJOICE!

Ever since TIF2012, i’ve been seeing more and more foreign idol fans visiting the TIF every year, which is awesome. There are familiar faces i’ve seen every year, and this year, i think there will be even more (both old and new), since the TIF organizer are so kind to give foreigners a “free 2 day pass” — if you apply beforehand (the deadline is already passed though, so if you only found out about it, it’s a little too late ^^).

I’m really glad they have this kind of special treatment towards foreigners because i still remember how complicated it is when i visited TIF for the first time and i’m really having trouble getting the tickets before hand (even thought i know you still can buy them on the spot, i rather have them earlier just to be safe…).

Back then i had to ask my friend to get the early tickets for me, then i have to arrange meet ups to obtain the ticket and stuffs…haha…Well you don’t need to do this anymore because everything is FREE !! (once again, if you apply beforehand haha) .Who can’t say no to “free” stuff? Thanks again to the TIF organizer for doing this. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *Two thumbs up*

4. The Idolling! Effect?

Well, Idolling is disbanding in October this year, so i figure they want to go out with a “bang” with this one and go with the big one. To be honest, i’m not really a fan of Idolling! and i never really “see” them personally in TIF, even though basically they are one of the main performers for this event LOL. (Well apparts seeing their colloboration with other artist, or MC performance…)

Maybe i should see their performance this year when i have the time haha.


Idolling to Disband in October 2015

Well that’s some of my reason i can think about for now… I will write more about #TIF2015 soon, being a “TIF” fan boy that i am haha, so stay tuned for it ^^ πŸ˜€ ~~

I really hope they do a better design for the TIF2015 tshirt this year!! TIF2014 tshirt SUCK ASS.PERIOD. And yes, i have to mention that again !

Random – There’s something about the hair…

Posted: June 24, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Recently i’ve been thinking about my fave idols that i like, and realized that most of my fave has “coloured” hair – be it “Brown” or “Blonde” coloured hair, instead of normal black hair like most japanese girls does. Well dunno what makes an japanese/asian girl with coloured-hair so special to me (beats me, i also dunno why…and i keep asking the same question myself)….. but it just happens that most of my “Oshis” has coloroud hair… LOL!! πŸ˜€

Let’s start of with my 48 oshi. Back then in 2010 when i’m still into AKB48, my oshi was Tomomi Itano – aka tomochin πŸ˜›

01. Tomomi Itano of (ex) AKB48

I like her the first time i saw AKB48’s Namida Surprise video…she is really pretty there and really stands out from the other gals (well at least for me anyway)

Not to mention, my favorite SDN48 member – “Mami Kato” (aka Mami-Tan) also has a brown coloured hair lol…. and apparently this continues to my JKT48 fandom. My fave member there is “Shinta Naomi” and she also has a brown coloured hair Haha


02. Mami Kato (Mami-Tan) of SDN48


Shinta Naomi of JKT48

Then let’s move on to my non-48 related idols. I started liking Passpo since they launched their first single “Shoujo Hikou” and the members that really caught my eye back then was “Anna Tamai” (also known as Annya or Annyan”) and she has a brown coloured hair too.

03. Anna Tamai “Annya” of Passpo

Well i have other favorite members in Passpo, such as Aipon (Negishi Ai) and MioMio, but Annya still my faves till now. Haha. πŸ˜€

Then my favorite denpagumi .inc member also has a blonde hair…she is “Moga Tanpe” (welll, do you start seeing the same pattern here? xD)

04. Moga Tan of Denpagumi Inc

Continuing to Idol Street….my fave member from GEM is “Maho Iyama” , and she also has a brown coloured hair….

Maho Iyama of Idol Street’s GEM

Then of course lastly – “Runa Kojima” of Doll Elements…she has a blonde coloured hair. And i just found out about her last month. Lol.

06. Runa Kojima of Doll Elements

Recently i’m into Predia also, and my fave member also has a brown-coloured hair xD πŸ™‚

Yuu Maeda of Predia

There are some expection of course. My favorite Palet member “Sakimo” has a normal black hair. Also Mimori from Dorothy Little Happy also has a black coloured hair also. But the most strangest one imo –is that, i liked Yuria of Cheeky Parade better than Mariya !! Well, if you know chikipa, Yuriya has black hair while her little sister Mariya has blonde. Haha. I guess i like Yuriya better when she performs, while Mariya looks…well…cuter in person. xD


“Takeda Saki” of Palet


“Mimori Tominaga” of Dorothy Little Happy


Yuriya (left) and Mariya (right) of Cheeky Parade. I like Yuriya better !!

So what’s the meaning of this article? Well, apart from telling you my fave idol’s hair color……..nothing really. LOL. It’s just some ramblings i wrote when im bored lol. πŸ˜›

Oh, on another note, i am really looking forward for Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 ! I will be posting more about TIF2015 soon, so stay tuned for it lol~

Peace out.

2015 Highlights so far + Upcoming TIF2015

Posted: June 19, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!, Misc

Hi there. It’s been a long time since my last blog update…and i’m back again just in time for the upcoming TIF 2015 post-whore xD

I’ve been busy this last few months with some local idolling events here in Jakarta. At first, i was planning to make an end-of-year 2014 trip last year to see Passpo’s Makochan graduation concert…almost booked the trip and stuffs, but in the end, i have to abandon the plan at the last minute since my parents came over to my place for the christmas period…duh…which is really sucks to me, cuz i can’t attend both Babyraids budokan concert (yeah im becoming a HUGE babyraids fan these days) and that particular Passpo SSA concert T_T πŸ™

Putting those events aside, i didnt plan for anymore japan trips after that during the first half of year 2015, because of the busy idolling schedule over here. In February we have a “JKT48x AKB48” concert. πŸ˜€


AKB48 at Jakarta Airport for AKB x JKT48 concert in February 2015

Then in May we have Ennichisai 2015 event (with Idol groups like “StarMarie”, “Pink Babies”, “Faint Star” and “Love android”). πŸ˜€ Pink Babies is awesome btw…and i’m no Pedo xD πŸ˜€


StarMarie @ Ennichisai 2015


Love Android @ Ennichisai 2015


Pink Babies @ Ennichisai 2015


2shot with Pink Babies and Love Android

In the first week of June 2015, we have 2 separate events on the same date (oh god…why cant they do it at different dates x_x). The event is called “Jseries” (the guest for the events are “Doll Elements” + “Mirei Kiritani” and some others). And the other event is called “Count Down Asia (Denpagumi Inc, Kamen Joshi, etc).

It’s kinda a bummer that the CDA (countdown asia) and J-Series had to clash with each other,meaning i missed the 1st day of CDA and missed the Kamen Joshi performance totally. Well, for Kamen Joshi, i’ve seen them at PARMs theatre last year so it’s not really a big loss (and me only liking one or two songs from them) but i missed the oppurtunity to take their pictures (me, being a photographer and all).

Anyways here’s some doll elements pictures for the J-series (got media pass from my friend for the event so i can take pictures)


Doll Elements @ JSeries 2015

At the same time Doll Elements performing at J-Series, Kamen Joshi is performing at CDA. It’s either one of the other, but i really don’t regret coming to J-series to see Doll Elements… because i have found one of my new favorite idol…Runa Kojima xD πŸ˜€ Here are some pictures of her


Doll Elements Runa-pon My Love ~

She is really cute….isn’t she??? I think I am really addicted to her, the next day there is this Doll Elements Meet and Greet event at “Ambassador Cafe” in jakarta and i didnt really need to think twice to attend the event lol…I am wearing a TIF2012 (old tshirt) and she kept looking at the tshirt. Before that i also managed to tell her also that i’m coming over to TIF2015 and i will definitely pay her a visit again there xD



Doll Elements Meet and Greet at Ambassador Cafe + 2shot with Runa Pon

The next day, i went to the 2nd day of CountDown Asia. Thank god this time the timing didnt clash with each other (Jseries is only 1 day, while CDA is a 2 days event). Dempa performed for like 40 odd minutes, and i just realized i haven’t really keep up to date with their songs, meaning i don’t really know most of the new songs they sing there, including the new single…Lol. I was hoping for “Kira Kira Tunes” also (the first dempa song i heard that got me addicted in TIF2012) but they didnt sing it…they did Denden passion though, which is great also.

Here are some pictures from the event…i didnt take much pictures for this as most of the time i kept my DSLR on my camerabag and just “enjoyed” the concert and do mixing and chanting like the usual Wotas…lol.


Denpagumi Inc @ Count Down Asia 2015

After all those events from early 2015 til mid 2015…finally i can focus on TIF2015. Yea, i admit im a bit last minute on this, to book the trip etc etc and all, because im a cheapo, i waited and waited and waited for a cheap airfares deal…and in the end i managed to book a budget flight from Airasia for the trip (it is a short 5 days trip from 30th July to 4th August 2015, just enough for TIF 2015 and some tourist shopping xD). Also, for TIF2015 i got the “foreigner” free pass that i apply through their website a few months ago…meaning the admission for both days for me is FREE. Not bad πŸ˜€


Other things/Rants:
– Im a bit dissapointed that 3 of the Dorothy Little Happy members (Ruuna, Koumi and my fav Mimori-chan) decided to go their separate ways and form a new subunit idol called Call-Me .. πŸ™ I listened to some Call me songs and i really can’t get into their styles (their FASHION and hair style) so i really doubt that i will be seeing their performances in TIF2015, which is a shame. I had great fun with DLH performance in 2014, if you see my top 5 TIF2014 performance post you’ll see the top number 1 spot is the DLH “Koi Wa Hashiridashita performance @ Smile Garden”….those are good times. I remember i ran all the way from the sound-tent area at the back to the front just to enjoy with the other DLH wotas…ah…the memories x_X πŸ™ Too bad it won’t happen again in 2015. πŸ™ Demo, Sayonara~

Groups to look forward for in TIF2015:
– Passpo
– Babyraids
– Palet
– 9nine
– Predia (yea i got addicted to them also lately xD)
– Doll Elements
– Idol College
– Starmarie
– JK21
– Denpagumi inc
– Lovely Doll
– Moso-Calibration

Groups i “wish” to be in the TIF2015 performer list:
– Cheeky Parade
– Rev from DVL

*end of post *
(for now xD)

TIF2013 Urya Oi Moments – “Caught On Cam”

Posted: January 16, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

After my recent video of “TIF2014”, i got some request to do the same thing for TIF2013 lol…so here it is. The process took faster than the TIF2014 vid for me because i already watched it long time ago so i knew which scene i need to include on the videos…total the processing takes me only 2 hours (3 hours faster than the previous vid)

Anyways, here is the video, check it out ~ ^^ πŸ˜€

TIF 2013 Moments

PS: Again sorry for the LQ footage >_<