TIF2014 Urya Oi Moments – “Caught On Cam”

Posted: January 6, 2015 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

First post of 2015 !! …..And it’s yet another TIF2014 post lol. So i was browsing the TIF2014 footages again the other day (for the millionth time) and i saw some amusing/funny wota behaviours which really made me laugh haha. Sooo…. I decided to make a video montage/highlights of it xD πŸ˜€

Took me about 5 hours to make this video using a simple program called “Windows Movie Maker” lol…the editing process is only like 1 hour, but preparing all the footages and cutting them into smaller portion took me longer than expected…and it’s only a 7 minutes video!!

There might be some other moments i missed, but here is my version of “Top TIF2014 Uryaaa oiii moments” video anyway. Check it out ! πŸ˜›

TIF2014 Urya Oi Moments

PS: Sorry for the LQ video. My internet connection slow and only lets me upload in 480p…gomen!!

Goodbye 2014…..Hello 2015~~~

Posted: December 31, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So here we ago again, another yearly post full of idolling’s journey. This year nothing much compared the last 2 years, but of course there’s still plenty of experience anyway :P. Just in case you didnt know, every year i always do this long-ass post of summary of idolling journey lol…if you missed my previous year post, you can see below haha πŸ˜€

My Past New Year / Yearly post:
2013 Idolling Journey
2012 Idolling Journey

January 2014 to March 2014

Nothing much for me from January 2014 to March 2014, except some local idolling events, such as JKT48 theatre, lives, and stuffs. Some notable events like “JKT48 @ Dahsyat Awards 2014”, “JKT48 Festive Concert/3rd Gen (28th Jan 2014)” and “JKT48 Performance during Waku Waku Event” which happened in both January 2014 and February 2014. I went to take pictures coverages of all those events too ^^

March 2014 – 19 Days trip to Japan

Mid of March, i went to Japan for around 20 days (19 nights). I purposely went to Japan in March because i wanted to celebrate my birthday there haha. ^^ πŸ˜€

Some event Highlights during my 19 days In Japan trip.

12th March 2014 – 9Nine “With You / With Me” Release event @ Laqua Tokyo Dome City
13th March 2014 – AV event with Tachibana Harumi
14th March 2014 – Mini Live Idol event @ Shibuya (AeLL, Lyrical School, etc)
15th March 2014 – Palet (Passpo Sister Group) Mini Live @ Tower Records

16th March 2014 – “AeLL Mini Live @ Asobit City
17th March 2014 – Palet “Noodol Cafe” Event
18th March 2014 – Maid Cafe @ Home Cafe
19th March 2014 – Group Shot with @Home Maid 1 day before my birthday

20th March 2014 – Babyraids Rio Watanabe Birthday Event (my Birthday too lol)
21th March 2014 – PASSPO Live in Fukuoka! πŸ˜€
22th March 2014 – Kamen Rider Girls Event @ Laqua City Tokyo Dome
23th March 2014 – Dorothy Little Happy Live at Morioka :O

24th March 2014 – Passpo “Perfect Sky” Event at Sunshine City and Music Japan Live @ NHK Hall
25th March 2014 – Fairies Event @ Sunshine City
26th March 2014 – Passpo 2Shot Event with Aipon @ Shibuya
27th March 2014 – β€œMira Tamani” AV Event

28th March 2014 – Idol Mini Live – Tsuribit and Lyrical School at Shibuya
29th March 2014 – Ai Shinozaki Photoshoot @ Akihabara + Idol Koushien Live @ Studio Coast (Idol College, Palet, Passpo, Cheeky Parade, etc)
30th March 2014 – Fairies Mini Live @ Laqua City + Palet 2shot event At Ikebukuro
– Japan Trip End

Jap trip Summary:

I think the highlights of my Japan Trip this time…is that i went ALL the way to Fukuoka just to see Passpo and then to Morioka just to see Dorothy Little Happy lol…and i also managed to take 2shot with many idols such as “Ai Shinozaki”, Passpo Captain “Negishi Ai” and Passpo member “Mio Masui”. I also managed to take 2shot with some palet members such as “Miki, Sakimo, and also Riona + Miyuki” haha. Also, i celebrated my Birthday at @Home Cafe in Akihabara…because it’s my birthday i can take a group shot with all the maids there for free lol…not bad ah ? πŸ˜€

Overall, it’s a pretty damn awesome trip ^^

April 2014 – July 2014

Between April 2014 to July 2014, there’s nothing but local idolling events i guess…More JKT48 events, and also Lumina Scarlet events. During these periods, i managed to see 2 Lumina Scarlet event, once during April 2014 @ Lippo Cikarang, and then another one at the yearly “Ennichisai” festival in May 2014 ^^ πŸ˜€

JKT48 and Lumina Scarlet During Sakura Festival at Cikarang, April 2014
JKT48 and Lumina Scarlet During Ennichisai Festival at Blok M

Also, during 2014 JKT48 held 2shot events in their Theatre. Here are some of my favorite 2shot pics with our local idols hahaha

JKT48 2Shots – My Faves

July 2014 – August 2014 – TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014

Yeah, summer time in Japan = Tokyo Idol Festival time for me haha. Went for TIF2014 for the third consecutive year in a row lol.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2014

Over there i also managed to take a group picture with Rev From DVL. a.k.a Kanna Hashimoto and friends haha. Anyways, it would be too long to list all my TIF2014 experience and stuffs, so just refer back to my old post for that haha πŸ˜€ My favorite Performance during TIF2014 is Dorothy Little Happy at Smile Garden / Hot Stage though ^^ πŸ˜›

TIF2014 Summary:
Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 2 Summary
Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 1 Summary
Best TIF 2014 Moments and

Quick Selfie at the Smile Garden Stage after Passpo Performance

Bonus Pic – Me Holding JKT48
OFC Card LOL!! /Random

August – October 2014

There’s nothing Much between August 2014 to October 2014 actually. There’s Anime Festival Indonesia 2014 in August, but i didnt really enjoy it that much for some reason…i guess mainly because there’s no idol involved in it haha πŸ˜›

In September, there’s the “Indonesia International Motorshow 2014” too, where JKT48 performed there. I know right, it’s a carshow, but why there’s an idol performance there? Beats me πŸ˜€

JKT48 at Indonesia Internation Motorshow in September 2014

In October 2014 there’s a JKT48 Gingham Check Handshake Event. I didn’t really buy that many handshake tickets recently, so i didnt really want to cover my whole experience during my handshake event…but i got sponfed by Naomi during the event at one of the chocolate fountain booth there LOL. πŸ˜€

JKT48 Gingham Check Handshake Event in October 2014

November 2014 – JMusic Lab 2014

November 2014 is actually one of my favorite month…because Dorothy Little Happy is coming to Indonesia!! :O πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yay!! The Live @ Jmusic lab only cost 25k rupiah (which is around 3$ only Lol). I even went to the airport to welcome them that time…and i’m the only one there lol.

Dorothy Little Happy performed total 9 songs at the JMusic Lab, followed by a Handshake session for those who buy their latest album starting over….for just 100k rupiah (around 10$) you get the album, an autographed poster, as well handshake with all of the member…pretty good deal eh? πŸ˜€

Dorothy Little Happy @ JMusic Lab 2014

There’s also other performers in JMusic Lab such as “Aoi Eir”, “AmiAya”, “Cynthia”, “Taro@Jiro” and event some local idol “Fleurs Melon” but didn’t really pay much attention to them…lol.

Other Performers @ JMusic Lab 2014

30th November 2014 – JXperience @ Summarecon Bekasi

At the end of November, there’s also this event at Summarecon Bekasi called Jexperience. This unique event has some local idols performing there – most of them are still “underground” / not famous yet though. Lumina Scarlet is one of the performers there πŸ˜€ Other performers including “Wish”, “Love Tune”, “Kirari” and “Sky Girl Project”.

(Indonesia sure has alot of new/up-coming idol groups these days huh?)

JExperience @ Summerecon Bekasi

December 2014

In Early December, there’s the JKT48 Kokoro no Placard Handshake Event. As usual, i didnt really handshake that much in these handshake events these days. Mostly usually just to meet friends and take photos only lol.

JKT48 Kokoro no Placard Handshake Event

During X-Mas Day on 25th December 2014 there’s also a local idol event (lol), called “Idol Fiesta” at Plaza Blok M. Some of there performers there including Lumina Scarlet (yay), Lone Tune, and Heart Ribbon.

25th Dec X-Mas Idol Event – Idol Fiesta @ Plaza BLok M

JKT48 3rd Anniv Concert – 27-28th Dec 2014

The last idolling event of the year for me would be the JKT48 3rd Anniversary Concert on the 27th-28th Dec 2014 at Tenis Indoor Senayan. The 2 days concert is pretty good- imo i think its the best JKT48 Live to date. I also managed to catch a ball by Naomi there lol…but when i check the ball, it’s signed by Chikarina and not Naomi’s one LOL…oh well πŸ˜›

JKT48 3rd Anniversary Live

Final Words

So yeah, that is basically the summary of 2014 for me. I think this year i have really reduced my JKT48 theatre visits to just once/twice per month, which is really good for me that i can actually control my spendings like that lol…(last time i used to go theatre almost everyday).

I think my target next year would be the same again i guess…another Japan Trip, and hopefully another visit to Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 hahaha.

Ok i shall end this post here…

Happy New Year 2015 everyone~

Jap Idol Groups – Album Reviews of 2014

Posted: December 14, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

It’s been a while since my last post haha. For this post, i would like to do a “mini-review” for some of my favorite idol groups album releases in 2014. It might be slightly-biased (lol) but hope you can find something new in this post haha πŸ˜€ Check it out~

04. Dorothy Little Happy – “STARTING OVER”

Idol Group: Dorothy Little Happy
Album Title: Starting Over
Release Date: 26th February 2014

My Thoughts:

DLH’s 2nd album (well, actually a third if you include their mini albums) is actually a bit of let down for me. I liked Their previous album “Life Goes On” much better to be honest, and it has more tracks. I dont know, maybe i have too much expectation on this one, it ended up dissapointed for me.

As for this album, some of the songs takes a while to get used to. Like the first track “Cold blue”, i didnt really like it until i saw the live version myself during my japan trip. The same thing also with the 2nd track called “To the Sky”, but in the end i become addicted to it haha. There’s also two single songs which is included in this album (“Asian Stone” And “Colourful Life”.)

But my favorite song in this album is definitely “Koi wa Hashiridashita”. It’s a non-single track, and it is one of my favorite DLH song to date πŸ˜€ I mean, i think this one song can really makes up the entire album for me xD Without this song, i think i would be dissapointed with the album even more. And not to mention, the live version of “Koi wa Hashiridashita” is even much better. Haha.

Some other decent tracks in this album includes “Story”, “Aoi sora” (not JAV star name ok…LOL). and the beatiful ballad “Starting Over”, which is also the name of the album.

Like i mentioned earlier, this album has lesser tracks than the previous album (only 12 compared to 14 tracks). It should’ve been more. And If you just started listening to DLH, i suggest you to check out their previous album too (“Life Goes On”) as well, which imo, is alot better than this one.

Favorite Tracks:
Koi wa Hashiridashita, 2 The Sky, Colourful Life.

03. Passpo – “JEJEJEJET”

Idol Group: Passpo
Album Title: JEJEJEJET
Release Date: 11th December 2013

My Thoughts:

Well well well…where should we start. I really like this album. Really. Even starting from the 1st track “Ignition”, which also serve as the “overture” during passpo concert, until the last track called “I”. All of them 16 tracks is awesome xD

The 2nd track of this album “Baby Jump” is a fast paced song and one of my favorite on this album. Followed by the “Beast in Me” which has a cool guitar riffs. The last track “I” actually reminds me of some old New Found Glory for some reason lol, but maybe it’s just me.

Other Awesome tracks in this album includes “Kucya Love”, “Truly”, “Mask”, “Growing Up”, “Candy Room, and “Step and go”. Like i mentioned earlier, i actually liked all the tracks in this one. Well maybe except one song, “Shang Shang Chandelier”. Didn’t really like that one that much lol, but yeah, nothing is perfect haha πŸ˜€

Overall, i think it’s the BEST Passpo album to-date. If you like Punk Rock music combined into Jpop music, then this album is perfect for you.

By the way, this album is actually released in 2013…well…11th of December 2013 to be exact. But since it’s so near towards 2014 already, i decided to include this on the “2014” list also. (That, and me being a passpo fan boy also helps…LOL!)

Favorite Tracks:
Baby Jump, Beast in Me, Kucya Love, Mask

2. Babymetal – “Babymetal”

Idol Group: Babymetal
Album Title: Babymetal (Self-titled)
Release Date: 26th February 2014

My Thoughts:

I still remember when i listened to “Doki doki morning” back then in 2011, most of the members are still so little, and there’s not much info about this group, except that they’re a sub unit of an idol group called “Sakura Gakuin”.

Fast forward to 2014, due to their un-expected rise to prominence, they managed to “outsell” their main group Sakura Gakuin, and starting to evolve as their own groups. They even managed to perform live in many European city such as London, USA, etc etc with other rock/metal legends. Awesome!

Now for the album…Babymetal first album contains many of their previous hit singles such as “Doki Doki Morning”, “Iine”, “Headbanger!!”, “Ijime Dame Zettai” and my personal fave “Megitsune!”. There’s also “gimme chocolate”, and my personal favorite for non-single track “Uki Uki Midnight”.

There’s only 13 songs in this album, but it’s 13 songs full of metal combined with some catchy jpop tunes (Listen to Iine! And it even has a little bit of “Hip Hop” on it haha) , which is quite refreshing compared to your typical idol music these days.

So yeah, the only bad thing about this album probably, is that there’s only 13 songs on it. :/ We want more!

Favorite Tracks:
Megitsune, Headbanger!!, Iine! , Uki Uki Midnight

01. Babyraids – “Jikoshoukai”

Idol Group: Babyraids
Album Title: Jikoushoukai
Release Date: 2nd July 2014

My Thoughts:

Now in the number 1 spot…this is definitely my favorite idol album of the year, hands down. πŸ˜€ Not only because it’s awesome, it also has a total of 33 TRACKS on it, separated in 2 cds !!! Wow !! (There’s 16 tracks in the first cd, and another 17 tracks in the 2nd cd :O)

With that in mind, this album contains basically, all their singles, coupling songs, and also some original songs. For those unfamiliar with babyraids, their music genre is abit more like Passpo, which pretty much has a “punk rock” feels to it. I used to listen to punk rock songs back in the days, so these songs gets addictive quite fast for me lol.

There are many songs i like in this album. Since there are 33 different songs, it would take forever to review every single of them haha. The self titled track of “Babyraids” though, is their first single, and also a very awesome fast-paced track. It’s also one of my favorite songs when they performed it live because it’s such a high song πŸ™‚

Fans of “Ama Chan” J-Drama series would also immediately recognize “Koyomi no Ue dewa December”, a song which is often used during the tokyo arc in the drama series, which is also their break-through song. They even managed to appears in NHK yearly new year show “Kouhaku uta gassen” with this song ! It’s a feat that is quite rare case for idol group these days (except for 48 groups lol) πŸ˜€

All of earlier babyraids singles also included in this album, such as “Baby Ambitious !”, “Jump!”, “Koi wa Panic”, “Baby Revolution”, and “Bucchake Rock’n Hacchake Roll / Baby Step”.

Then there’s also some awesome non-single tracks such as “Tiger Soul”, “Level 1 ~ Jikoshoukai ver”, “Rock On Darling”, “S.O.K”, Yuuki no Uta”, “Gate of the tiger”, “Charinko Idol” and other awesome tracks.

And that’s not all of it….Man…this album even has a birthday song (“Hapiba de Song!”), a christmas song (“Christmas ga Rival”) , and even a new year song (“Happy New Year”) !! Definitely a PERFECT album for ALL occasion xD

HEll yea! Idol Album with Birthday, Xmas and New Year song!

Overall, it is a huge album full of awesome songs. The first time i listened to this album, it also took me a while to listen due to the length of the album, but everyday i listened to it, i keep on finding more, and more favorite tracks haha. πŸ˜€

With so many awesome songs, this album is definitely worth the money, and it is definitely, my favorite/best Idol album of 2014 !! πŸ˜›

Favorite Tracks:
Level 1, Baby Revolution (Initial Edition), Jump! , S.O.K, Juuden Mantan Saturday Night

Best TIF 2014 Moments and Dissapointments

Posted: August 11, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So yeah, after 1 week of hibernation at home, i finally managed to do another blog post about TIF 2014. sorry for the long delays xD Let’s start with the good ones shall we πŸ˜€ And Straight to the point as well~~

BEST TIF2014 performance – IMO

So yeah. As you know it, im a big passpo fan. They’re definitely my fav idol group at the moment, but you will be surprised that my #1 favorite performance for this year’s Idol Festival came from…none other than. Dorothy Little Happy Lol.

1. Dorothy Little Happy – Koi Wa HashiriDashita @ Smile Garden

Now i still remember this performance very well. I was chilling at the back tent (near the tent where the camera staff standing by, and all that stuff) when i saw them doing the initial “Koi wa Hashidirashita” pose where they were leaning to each other. I was like. OMG. This is it!!! Finally the song i’ve been waiting for!! The result? Well, i rushed all the way from the back tent to the middle areas (lol) Leaving my friend behind at the back hahaha.xD πŸ˜€

The Initial – Koi Wa Hashiridashita Pose

The song is really my favorite from DLH and i am really glad they sang this. TWICE. First at Smile Garden, and then later on at Hot Stage on the next stage (we’ll get to that later lol). Maybe it’s because the other day i went to their performance at Idol Koushien, and their setlist really sux that day (mostly slow songs come out) which is a bit let down for me. But anyways yeah… i did ran all the way from the back to the front just for this song – you can see how happy i was lolol. Enough Said πŸ˜€

Here is the youtube footage i found by accident btw…didnt know someone has uploaded this ! Big THX to the uploader of course!!

2. Dorothy Little Happy – Entire HOT STAGE performance

Yes. You can call me bias or whatever to put two Dorothy Little Happy performances back to back as my favorites, – but to be honest the DLH Performance at the hot stage is just too awesome. It all started with a very high song of theirs Akiramenaide, followed by Mirai e no Niji (another high + Towel song), Jump, NERVE (omg!!), and ended with…Koi wa Hashiridashita!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hell yea, saved the best for last !!! LOL!!! The setlist is just too awesome and it really made TIF 2014 for me. πŸ˜›

Unfortunately, i cant find any footage of them at the Hot Stage just yet, so i can’t link the performance on youtube. But hopefully, someone will post it in the future~~

3. BabyRaids @ Smile Garden,

Still no passpo yet. surprised? Yeah, my 3rd favorite performance is Babyraids at the smile garden. They started with their famous Ama-chan Jdrama OST song “Koyomi no Ue dewa December” for the opening song, followed by their super high song “ベむビーレむズ” and then Tiger Soul. πŸ˜€

My only regrets in TIF is that i didnt manage to see more of them this year. I was planning to see them at the Hot Stage, but in the end i had to skip it for Rev from DVL hi-5 and group shot event lol. Oh well

4. GEM – We’re GEM Performance @ Hot Stage

2nd Day for TIF started very late for me. I had to go to Akihabara in the morning to buy stuffs for my friend, then i had to rush over to Odaiba just in time for GEM’s performance at the hot stage. And because of that, the stage is already full by that time and i had to stand OUTSIDE at the standing areas under the blazing sun. But no matter, as long i can see them it’s fine.

Anyways, i am stuck behind, standing with this group of “super-high-Idol-Street-fans”, who also dancing along + furacopy to all the songs lol, which is awesome. Sometimes, if you’re stuck with the RIGHT group of fans, it can really change your live experience hahaha. Guess this is one of those rare case for me. During the “We’re Gem” performance you can see the fans are really enjoying the performance. I dunno how to put it to words – they are high – but not in annoying kind of way. To put it in simpler words…It was fun. Haha. πŸ˜€

5. Passpo – Pretty Lie at the Hot Stage

Don’t get me wrong, Passpo did quite good in this year TIF, but maybe it’s the setlist at Hot Stage – which is a bit let down for me. For example, they played “Candy Room” instead of “Love Diary” (a mistake of the sound crew btw), then they never performed my favorite Passpo song, which is “WING” lol /rants. They did sing Kucha Love (at smile garden) however,which is my favorite song from their latest album.

But if i had to choose my favorite Passpo song at TIF2014 it has to be “Pretty Lie” definitely. First, Annya was the centre for it, and second, you can chant her name during this song too. And Third. It was an old song, and i had so many memories of it…kinda reminds me in 2012, the first time i’ve seen their live and stuff, back then my favorite song is Pretty Lie, so this song meant alot for me, as a passpo fan. πŸ˜›

Anyways. I still think their setlist at Smile Garden to be much better than the hot stage one. I mean, they sang “Natsuzora Hanabi” at smile garden (Natsuzora hanabi is ALWAYS fun.and high), Material Girl, and La La La Love Train :D. Just too bad that Smile garden at night is really crowded, so i can only see them from far away.

Oh yeah, I managed to find the Pretty Lie performance at the hotstage on youtube , here it is

Honorable Mentions:
Denpagumi Inc performance at the Hot Stage, Idol College performance at the Doll Factory (Yozora + Ichigo Parfait…woooo)

Other Groups:

Rev From DVL – Still not convinced with the group, although im beginning to like one of their song now (Step by Step) i think coupling from their new single Do My Best.

HKT48 – Well…i dont have any oshis in HKT so can’t say anything haha. They did old songs such as Oogoe Diamond and Iiwake Maybe, but performance wise? I think so so only lol

Sakura Gakuin – I like their “Verishuvi” performance at the hot stage, and “Yume ni Mukatte” with duo Yui and Moa appearing on the giant LCD screen is kinda cool. But that’s about it i guess. It would be much better if Yui and Moa appears on the stage for REAL, and not only on the LCD screen haha.

TIF regrets ?

– Not being able to see more Palet, and their handshake event at the Greetings Square. I actually already prepared a gift for Sakimo, but due to the clash of schedule, i didnt manage to give it to her. πŸ™ Next time perhaps.

– Not being able to see more Babyraids, especially their HOTSTAGE performance

Damn, the BabyRaids performance at the Hot Stage seems fun!!!

– Was too busy camping at the hot stage and not being able to go to the other stages. I didnt get up to the Azure/Sky Stage at all this year.

– *Reserved space for more regrets in the future* LOL.

TIF Dissapoinments

Palet At Hot stage
Now, my biggest dissapointment for this year TIF2014 is Palet at the hot stage. Not only Riona is missing (i found out later on that she is sick so she didnt attend the whole day 1 of TIF), but they only performed 4 songs at the hot stage. I mean, What the f*ck man ? They have plenty of time, but why only 4 songs? Hot Stage is their chance to SHINE and to show to the neutrals how good you are, but i feel they didnt do that this time. And the setlist too, it could’ve been much better, they should have sang more “high” song such as “Shouri no Seal” or “Ichigo Kibun” which is better for the neutrals. But meh, what am i talking. I kept on waiting for songs, which never came, thats why i am very dissapointed lol. End of Story. They sing Believe in Yourself though, which is a saving grace imo.

Idol College is missing from the Hot Stage!!

Yeah. Let me get this off my chest – i am really Happy last year when Idol College gets to appear in the hot stage (in TIF 2013). AND GUESS WHAT…THEY PERFORMED RIGHT BEFORE HKT48 TOO !! I mean, this is the big chance to show themself to the 48 fans and the other neutrals!! I think they did pretty good with their performance too, i know cuz i left the stage that year with a very happy feeling lol.

But now….What about this year??? No, They didnt get any time slot at the hot Stage at all, which is a HUGE LETDOWN for me. Meh. It’s really too bad, because if you want MORE Exposure, performing at the Hot Stage is really the best bet. Especially for lesser known groups like Idol College. And also, you get more time slot in the hot stage allowing them to perform more songs.

Then again, i think i should’ve been happy that they at least have released a NEW SINGLE this year lol. Yeah, With their members graduating, and no new single announcement earlier this year, i thought they were DONE for sure. But suddenly they have new singles and they promoted some of the trainees into the main group, so i guess they’re heading in a right direction.

Idol College NEW SINGLE after one long year without any release!!

Too bad i didnt really like the new single that much haha.

TIF T-Shirt

I have attended TIF for 3 years in a row- and everytime i have bought their official tshirt. But for next year, i might need to think again, because their official tshirt is getting from BAD to WORSE every coming year!! I always though the design for TIF 2013 tshirt was bad, but this year just takes the cake. IT WAS HORRIBLE.

Let’s see the Year by Year Comparison shall we.




As you can see from the design above. It is so lame that i want to find who designed the shirt and gave him a spank in the butt. It is so horrible – not only that it is toooooo plain, but the back view – totally has nothing on it !!! The previous year has the idol groups name listed at the back, which is a cool thing too see, but no no no…the TIF organizer must have think something like, “oooh this year we have to save the budget, so lets cut all that crap and leave the back shirt BLANK”. What a genius !!!

The T-shirt is only sold for 1500 yen thankfully, which is half the price of the previous TIF Tshirts, but the only reason why i bought it, its because i can take a picture of it and show how BAD it is.

Next year, i really hope they hire a better designer for the T-SHirt…FOR REAL!!

Last Words:

Well That’s all the rants i have for this post. I might have missed a thing or two, but maybe i will include that during the next update lol. I am still waiting for more TIF footages (last year all the footages came pretty fast, dunno what happened this year) so i can see the other performances and see what i have missed. Then i can write more thoughts about TIF 2014 and update the blog once again haha. so…til next time……

PS: — Tokyo Idol Festival 2015??? That’d be a long-goddamn-wait for sure!!

Summer Jap Trip – 3rd August 2014 – Day 4

Posted: August 4, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Sorry for the late update…didnt blog yesterday as i a busy with the last day of TIF and then going back Indonesia the day after lol. Im writing this blog post at the airport while waiting my flight haha. Here’s my quick recap of TIF 2014 – Day 2 πŸ˜€

Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 2

I actually reached TIF quite late today. In the morning (around 8am), i went to walk around in Ueno first for a morning walk lol.

Ueno – Ameyokocho

Yeah maybe i’ve been watching too much amachan – suddenly i feel the urge to visit Ameyokocho once again LOL. Last time i used to pass by here quite often since there’s used to be a Hello Project Shop here (now it’s closed down already). But recently during my japan trip i never bothered to come here again — until i see AmaChan that is lol.

After that i went to Akihabara. Arrived there too early, and most shop opens only at 10am, so i have to hang around there to wait for the shop to open, do my purchase, then run all the way to Odaiba for TIF LOL!! πŸ˜›

TIF 2014 Day 2 – Hotstage from 11:30am to 5pm

sooo yeah. I managed to reach the Hot Stage just in time for GEM performance lol. I didnt manage to find a seat inside the reserved areas though since i arrived so last minute, so i just stand outside behind the barrier under the hot sun~

Standing outside the hot stage is really HOT indeed!

I forgot the exact tracklist of the GEM performance (this is what happens if i dont blog immediately lol, i tends to forget stuff in a while…which is why i made this blog, to remind me things i’d quickly forgot lol). But anyways, i think i remember GEM performing “γ‚ͺネガむMoonlight“, “We’re Gem”, and “Do you Believe”. Awesome indeed!

After GEM performance, i actually wanted to go the other stages to explore, but seeing that the performing list at Today’s hot stage is quite “interesting” (DLH, Sakura gakuin, Passpo, Denpa, etc etc), i decided to camp inside to play safe. Yesterday i almost missed DLH’s performance at the Doll Stage because the queue is too fricking long, so i wont let that happen today. Hahahaha.

5 Hour plus at the hotstage from 11:30 to 5pm !!

So, after waiting long time seeing other groups im not really interested in, including Dream 5, and the most boring Negicco (yeah i know they’ve been a while, but i just cant like their songs somehow lol). Finally…its Dorothy Little Happy time!! πŸ˜€

DLH performed 5 songs only, which is too little for a performance at the hot stage (i expect 6 at least) but BE-HOLD!!! Turns out they went out sing most of my fav DLH song!! Oooo yea!!! Starting from Akiramenaide, Mirai e no niji, Jump, Nerve, and Koi wa Hashiridashita!! Omg!!! πŸ˜› All of these all my favs with the exception of Jump. LOL! So yeah, i think i am VERY SATISFIED with DLH’s performance at the hot stage today lol. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

After that, up up girls went to perform, followed by Sakura Gakuin but i don’t know most of their songs so can’t really explain in detail. During Sakura Gakuin though, when they perform the last song “Yume ni Mukatte“, Yui and Moa appears on the LCD screen, and then they “mixed it” together with the live feed, so it’s as if Yui and Moa are performing together with the rest of the sakura gakuin members lol !!! Mind you, Yui and Moa is currently in the USA to do the opening act for Lady Gaga tours, so their spot today is replaced by 2 “ex” sakura gakuin member who taking over their place as a guest lol.

Surprisingly, Sakura Gakuin gets to perform quite long ; for around 40 minutes! Damn!! I think that’s around the same ammount HKT48 gets yesterday lol. :O

So…after Sakura gakuin, finally…it’s PASSPO Turns !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ They went to sing Uhae, Candy Room,Pretty lie, Step and Go, Wanted, and Himawari (they perform one more song but i dont know the name, maybe coupling song from a single).

The funny thing during passpo performance, i think the sound man crew at TIF got screwed them over, the passpo members got say they wanted to sing Love Diary next — BUT!!! The instrumental playing is Candy Room one instead!! LOL!!! All members did have a surprised look in their face, but they still went on to perform just like a pro LoL..Damn stupid soundmen… I rather hear “Love Diary” than “Candy room” too!!

And actually, the setlist for Passpo hot stage performance is abit dissapointing for me – except for Step and Go and PRETTY LIE (HELL YEAH!!).– but i still prefer their setlist at the Smile Garden (read on later for that lol :D).

After Passpo is Denpagumi inc’s turn to perform at the Hot Stage. The most surprising thing is probably the crowd inside the priority viewing for the Denpa performance at the Hot stage is quite “dead” compared to the other performers (my friend pointed the same thing too).

I wonder if it’s because the chain reaction of the previous performers (Sakura Gakuin, Passpo, etc) so most of the fans inside the hot stage don’t want to go out and rather to camp all the way (well. you can say the same thing for me too lol). Basically, i cannot squeeze all the way to the front, because nobody wants to leave their seats around this timing – making it impossible to squeeze up front. So, i am just guessing — that most Denpa fans are still STUCK OUTSIDE unable to get in the priority viewing areas. lol.

Anyways, for Denpagumi Inc performance they went to sing 5 songs if i remember. Denden Passion, Nantettatte Shangrila, Kira Kira Tunes, Orange rium, Chururi Chururi ra.

And after that…finally that’s the end for Hot Stage for me lol. There’s still LinQ after that, but im not really interested, so i finally LEFT THE HOT STAGE AFTER 5 HOURS PLUS camping there lolol πŸ˜€

Around 5pm i went to check out the other Stage, called the My Navi Stage. Never went to this stage before, so it’s my first time. Turns out the space for the stage towards the audience is quite damn near!! Nice!! πŸ˜€ And ok…i finally got a picture to post now LOL!! After 5 Hours + straight at the hot stage – i can’t take any pix, so thats why the WALL OF TEXT Above up until now lol.

“My Navi Stage” at TIF2014

When i arrived there, KNU is currently performing, Followed by some unknown idol group called P.Idl afterwards. There’s this annoying group of Japanese wotas during P.Idl performance though, they went to mosh and push/squeeze the people in front, until one of them almost got into a fight lolol. And this one guy i remember for not wearing anything but swimming trunks— is really WTF lol. And me and my friend actually saw him during BabyRaids event last time haha. Damn, should’ve took pix of him lol.

Anyways, after that it’s Denpagumi.Inc performance at the My Navi Stage. YAY πŸ˜€ There’s only 3 songs for this time – Den Den Passion, Not Bocchi, and Chururi Chururi ra. Nice, but atill no W.W.D II though!!

Denpa fans waving back to denpa members after the performance

The denpa’s performance at My Navi Stage is their last one for TIF and also the last one for the stage. So everyone went back up and need to find a new location to choose.While going up the stairs, seems like some fans saw some Denpa members passing by from the nearby building, so they went to wave them from on top of the staircase lol (pic above).

Afterwards, i’ve got few to choose from, such as Dorothy Little Happy at the Sky Stage, but once again i am afraid with the queue…so in the end…I gave it a pass. So this year Tokyo Idol Festival – i didnt get up into the Sky/Azure Stage AT ALL. LOL!! Too bad. I was saving it for this DLH’s performance…but i guess it’s just not meant to be lol.

So i decided to go to the Smile Garden for BabyRaids instead. I never see them so far during this trip, so it’s an easy picking for me. And just right – for the first song they sang my favorite song from the Ama-Chan (JDrama) ost – Koyomi no ue de wa december πŸ˜€ Just too bad that because it is Smile Garden – i can’t get quite too close in front because there’s sea of people.

Smile Garden crowd really builds up in the afternoon, mainly because its a FREE stage, and the stage is quite cooling in the afternoon. So yeah, the best way is just to stay at the back and see from far lol. After Babyraids, there’s still The Possible performing, but let’s skip that because i barely know thier songs LOL….next, it’s Passpo turn again πŸ˜€

Quick “Selfie” at smile garden before the passpo performance

Passpo performance in the smile garden is awesome, the setlist is much better than the Hot Stage (imo at least). The song total is 5 – including Natsuzora Hanabi, Material Girl, Kucha Love, La La La Love Train, and Himawari.

For the passpo performance at the smile garden, i finally gets to use my lightstick LOL!! because its at night and everyone waving their light stick – i felt to do the same. For the whole TIF trip so far i don’t feel the need to use lightstick – maybe cuz its hot and most of the time its in outdoor stage lol.

After Passpo is done, there’s still Tokyo Girls Style. Watched it for a song or two, then i went to the Info Centre area. Over there they have a LCD Screen streaming LIVE from the Hot Stage, so you can see what’s going on at the Hot Stage, haha, didnt know that. So i sit down there for a while and waited until the Grand Finale finished. lol.

Around 8pm, then i finally left odaiba to call it a day. And that’s TIF 2014 FOR ME lol. And this is also the end for my coverage for this japan trip, meaning, i dont need to cover another post for the next day tomorrow (monday) because most of it will only about me waiting a plane to the airport lol.

This year TIF has been quite a blast for me, and fun as usual, but despite all that, i have my “Dissapointments” too. (example – THE TIF 2014 OFFICIAL TSHIRT SUCKS MAJOR BALLS) but we’ll get to that in the next post lol. i will probably post my other thoughts as well, but i just dont have the time to cramp it up into one post – this one is already damn long as it is haha.

So yeah, til the next post. And let’s start counting down again until TIF 2015….anyone????

Bonus pix. Ramen Stall selling “Bukkake” at TIF2014 for you. Haha

Bukkake and “A”emen.

Short Summary of this year TIF 2014 for me

Day 2

GEM (Hot Stage)
Dream 5 (Hot Stage)
Negicco (Hot Stage)
Dorothy Little Happy (Hot Stage)
up Up Girls (Hot Stage)
Sakura Gakuin (Hot Stage)
Passpo (Hot Stage)
Denpagumi inc (Hot Stage)
KNU (My Navi Stage)
P.IDL (My Navi Stage)
Denpagumi inc (My Navi Stage)
Babyraids (Smile Garden)
The Possible (Smile Garden)
Passpo (Smile Garden)
Tokyo Girls Style (Smile Garden)

Day 1
Smileage (Smile Garden)
Fudanjuku (Hot Stage)
X21 (Hot Stage)
Miss iD 2015 segment
HKT48 (Hot Stage)
Rev From DVL (Hot Stage)
Idol College (Festival Stage – see 1 song only)
AeLL (Hot Stage)
palet (Hot Stage)
Dorothy Little Happy (Doll Factory)
Idol College (Doll Factory)
Dorothy Little Happy (Smile Garden)

Summer Jap Trip – 2nd August 2014 – Day 3

Posted: August 2, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Wow. what a long day. I feel i should be sleeping now, but like i said in my previous blog post, i should do a recap of my day before i forgot anything lol. So let’s start with the first picture i take with my handphone today.

Some random idol giving out flyers

Yeah. once we got off the train station, there’s this group of unknown idols i dunno the name giving out flyers and stuffs. I didnt know you can take their picture (usually taking idol pix is a no-no) but since i saw someone else doing it, i also asked and done the same thing lol. And the flyer they gave is the smartest thing ever, they also printed the TIF full schedule and TIF map on the other side of the page LOL!! They really want you to keep the brochure it seems…but ok lah, since it is very informative haha. πŸ˜€

Ok..let’s begin my actual recap. lol

Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Day 1

Anyways, reach the Smile Garden stage around 930am to change the TIF wristband and then went over to the stage to see the opening act by Smileage. To be honest, i havent been following H!P for a while and the only song i can recognize is “Yume Miru 15” LOL! Around 10am after the opening act finish, everyone quickly rushed to their opening stage destination. For me, i went to the hot stage. Actually i wanted to see Tsuribit etc first, but dunno why ended up going to the hot stage lol.

View of the Hot Stage

After waiting under the hot sun for a while, me and my friends managed to snatch a seat in the Hot Stage area. The area got some shelter, but not really wide enough, only some portion are covered with shelter. The rest…need to stay in the sun, which is not a good idea at all LOL. Thats why after a while, i decided to stay in the same stage. I will probably do the same thing again tomorrow. Sometimes i wonder how i managed to roam around so much in the last 2 year of TIF lol.

First of all at the hot stage is Fudanjuku, followed by X21. Got nothing much to say about these 2 groups, lol, and the segment after that (“Miss ID 2015”) is not bad either…got some girls stripping in bikini !! and one of them wear thongs lol. Some of the girls got huge oppai and the audience chanted “oppai, oppai”, xD !! πŸ˜€

Ok, onwards to the main performers lol. HKT48 performed for around 40 minutes, and apparently they say Matsui Rena was in the audience too !! i was too far from her to see her myself, but there’s alot of discussion going on about that just now lol. Oh yeah. The songs they sing includes:
– Kiminokoto Ga Suki Dakara
– Suki Suki Sukippu
– Koi no Onawa
– Iiwake Maybe
– Oogoe Diamond
– HKT48
– Melon Juice

There’s some other songs also but i might forgot the name lol. After HKT48, its Rev from DVL turns. Now. After seeing their performance for around 30 minutes, i think i have not changed my mind about them…I think they’re just so so only. Dunno. Maybe it’s because their songs i didnt really like? Kana chan sure is cute, but well…how to say lol. She is okay, but that’s it i guess. Nothing too special imo. But i went to their meet and greet event anyways at the Market place area lol.

So, on the way to the market place area, im surprised to see the QUEUE so fricking long. Turn s out the queue becomes so long cuz they went to check all ur bags and stuffs…the security is pretty damn tight….must be because of the recent AKB slashing case…Damn that guy !!!

Tight Security. All bags checked and stuffs

After passed all the security screening, i arrived at the Market Place area and the greeting square. Most of the idol groups have their own booths here. I actually spent around 2 hours in this area to walk aroun and stuffs…lol. Time sure pass by pretty fast.

MArketplace Areas

I did take hi 5 with all member of Rev from DVL. But their hi-5 is the fastest thing ever. AND They purposely put a security guard in front of Kana, so you cant really talk to her and you will be pushed as soon as you touched her LoL!! This kind of treatment again ! I think you can talk to the other girls just fine and get away with it without a single push. lol.

Did buy 5x cd also for their 2nd single, this allows you to take group photo with them. They separate the groups into 3. i dont know the members in group B or C, But i guess all you need to know is that Kanna is in group A. LOL! And sure thing, during the actual queue, group a is the LONGEST one. Hardly people queue for group B and C to the point i felt abit sorry for them haha. And yeah, i did take pix with them just for the sake of it…well who knows next time there won’t be such oppurtunity for me, so yeah, take pix first, then THINK LATER. Haha.

Kanna hashimoto and friends

Oh, in between waiting for my Rev From DVL hi5 and group shoot, i actually managed to drop by into Diver city at Odaiba first to cool down in the mall and refilled my water. Also managed to see Idol College performance at around 230pm at the Giant Gundam statue area, but i only managed to see one song – Boku no Shutter Chance” lol.

After i finished with the market place area i went back to the Hot Stage to see AeLL and Palet. For the palet performance, i just realized that Riona is not performing today..maybe cus she is sick or something :/ so the performance today by palet is only 6 members. They did sing their new single Victory, You’re my friend, and Believe in yorself.

After the palet performance, went to Doll Factory next for my next destination. Was planning to see LinQ, Upup Girls and then DLH and Idol College. But had to scrap off the first two (LinQ and upupgirls) because the queue is frickin long!!! πŸ™

I reached there around 6pm, and i managed to get in the stage by 650pm? And when i entered, Dorothy Little Happy performed the last song only, which is Clap Clap Clap lol. Thankfully the performance afterwards by Idol college is awesome…They sing one of my favorite Idol College song ever – Yozora, then they also did Ichigo Parfait lolol.

I did take a little break after that in Smile Garden to meet my friends, before finally saw the last performance of the day today, by none other than, Dorothy Little Happy. They sing 4 songs, includes Koi wa Hashiridashita (i ran all the way to the front once i saw them doing the beginning pose LOL!! dont want to miss out from far away), Starting Over, and Demo Sayonara. Too bad there is no Nerve this year compared to last year ! oh well.

That performance by Dorothy Little Happy is the last one before i decided to call it a day. Went to eat at Yoshinoya for late dinner, before going back to the hostel.

Yoshinoya set meal which actually quite good!

Now. There is so many other things in my mind right now that i wanted to say but if im going to let it all out, its gonna take forever lol. Its nearing 2am here and i need to sleep to prepare the 2nd day of TIF tomorrow. Will definitely post more of my thoughs about TIF when i have the time. πŸ˜€

Til next time, and thanks for reading my blog !

I forgot to mention that i bumped into a guy from Germany yesterday who actually read my blog, lol…thanks for the meetup and stuffs, and if we bump into each other again, don’t forget to say hello^^

Summer Jap Trip – 1st August 2014 – Day 2

Posted: August 1, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

1st August 2014

Another tiring day…went non-stop idolling again today, starting from Idol Street Live at Odaiba (Cheeky Parade, GEM and Super Girls) at 11:00, followed by a 9 hours idol marathon concert at Zepp Diver City called “Idol Koushien” lol.

Let’s start with the Idol Street event in odaiba πŸ˜€

GEM + Cheeky Parade + Super Girls @ Odaiba

Arrived at Odaiba at around 10am to queue for the venue. The event is only 40 minutes, quite short for a paid live! Thankfully it is only 2000 yen though.

Idol Street live at odaiba

As i’ve said before, the live is only 40 minutes, so they only performed few songs only lol. GEM gets to perform 2 songs, Chikipa 3 songs, while Super Girls is the most with 4 songs.

GEM performed “We’re GEM” and their latest single “Do you Believe?”. Chikipa performed “Bun bun nine9“, “Together”, and “Cheeky Fighter”. I forgot what songs Super Girls performs, LOL, but they performed Max Otome Kokoro lolol. πŸ˜€

After the live, skip fast forward to the next event – Idol Koushien at Zepp Diver city which is still inside Odaiba.

Idol Koshien concert tix

The event is indeed a very long one, as the first performers starts at 1pm, and the last one perform all the way at 22:35pm !!!

Idol Koshien concert Schedule

The one i really wanted to see (Dorothy Little Happy) starts at 21:10 (!!!!) That means you need to wait all the way seeing all the unknown idol groups you never see before lol. Some are good , but some are definitely not my taste. πŸ˜›

And oh, there’s also performance by Mano Erina as a special guest ! She performed total 5 songs, some of the songs i remembered are “Ambitious Girl” and “Genkimono de Ikou!” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Also saw the Idol College performance, they perform 5 songs also, if i remember they performed “Ichigo Parfait”, “One for All”, “Yozora” and as well the new single. And oh, i also took 2shot with Idol College member – Yuka Ebihara!. The other previous idol college members i liked (Nonchan) already graduated, so i have to move on lol. πŸ™

2shot with Yuka Ebihara

I also went to give her present/gift i bring all the way from Indonesia (want to know what’s inside? Secret !!!! πŸ˜€ :P). She thanked me, but since i can’t give her directly, she asked me to give it to the staff. after i give to the staff, the staff gave my present to her, and she looks really happy lol. The funny thing is that we’re just next to each other lol. so its not really a much different if i give to the staff or give her directly. But a rule is always a rule eh…you can’t give her present directly no matter what lol. One thing i forgot is to take 2shot of her while she holding the gift !!! Oh well :/

Anyways, skip fast forward to the Dorothy Little Happy performance at 21:10pm. They went to perform 5 songs total – “Cold Blue, Doko Ta Tsurereitte, 2 The Sky, Story and Set Yourself Free” with Sky Traveller outfit.

Inside the stage

I think the setlist could’ve been better as there is no “high” or “Fast paced” songs like Koi wo hashiridashita, but oh well, maybe we’ll get it tomorrow at TIF Lol !! πŸ˜›

After the Dorothy Little Happy performances, there’s still 2-3 more groups performing along with the finale, but since it’s getting late we decided to leave early. Went to eat supper at Chikara Meshi on the way back , before heading back to the hostel. What a day!!

Now. Tomorrow is the day, Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Wooooooooooooo!! And!! im still not really prepared actually lol. My schedule keeps on changing and i still havent decided 100% which stages i should visit tomrrow, although i have made a draft few days ago, but i doubt if the result will be the same tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes eh. πŸ˜€

If i didnt update tomorrow, then it’s probably after TIF or after my Japan trip ended when im back at home. Recently it’s really hard to blog since i keep going back to the hostel late at night – but i always try to update my blog while i still remember everything, lol. Sometimes i am afraid that i might miss out a thing or two if i didnt blog immediately haha.

That’s about it today, see ya until the next post~

Summer Jap Trip – 31st July 2014 – Day 1

Posted: July 31, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

My trip begins with a bad note really. Got sms from Airasia that my flight will be delayed for 4 hours. Lol. So im stuck in Kuala Lumpur Airport (it’s a transit flight) for around 4-5 hours with nothing to do (yeah, even after they resecheduled the flight for 4 hours, they still manage to delay the plane for further 30 minutes -_-).

In the end Airasia gave all the passenger free ham sandwich and a bottle of mineral water (lol) but it doesn’t really help as many other passengers complained (and even demanded a compesassion lol). Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 terminal where i landed is not so bad though.

KL Airport for Transit

More pix

Anyways, putting aside my flight with Airasia, let’s fast forward after i arrived in Tokyo. Yay πŸ˜€

Day 1

Arrived in Narita Airport at around 16:00 and took Narita Express straight to Tokyo. Went to my hostel first at Minami Senju area to check in to my hostel, and took a quick shower. Afterwards, i went straight to Akihabara for 2 events in a row lol πŸ˜€

The first one is AV Event at M’s Studio at Akihabara. The Av acress is a new face Ayane Suzukawa. The event is kinda empty though, there’s only like 32 people around including me haha. πŸ˜›

If you read my blog before then you know the standard AV event prochedure begins with Photosession, 2shot, then followed by a Handshake/Sign event. As usual i asked her to write my name on the cover, but she almost wrote wrongly as “Herry” Instead of Henry lol. She apologize for that later haha. πŸ˜›

The Autographed DVD + Event Tixx

2shot with her

After the event, went to meet my Singapore friends to attend the Alice Project live in PARMS theater in Akihabara. This is the first time i attended the live btw. Saw Alice Project before in joint idol concert, but not in their REAL theatre like this. The live tix cost around 2000 yen plus drink ticket.

Alice project live shows

I attended the concert without knowing much of the songs. Think from 1 and half hour concert theres only 1-2 songs that i know lol. But then again, i only want to see my fav Alice Project members – Jun Amaki. She did plenty of gravure and she is really cute in real life !! Lol !! πŸ˜€

After the live finished there’s a 2shot session, 1000 yen for each 2shot in normal polaroid, and there’s a more expensive option, like 2000 yen for a bigger size poloarid, or a group picture with some of the members. I only tried the first option though, the normal 2shot with Jun Amaki. Yay πŸ˜€

2shot with Jun Amaki ^^

After the concert finished, went to eat a late dinner at this Yakiniku with my singaporean friends in this place called “Nagomiya” in Ueno. It’s an “All you can eat” Yakiniku and i ate alot cuz im damn hungry, since i haven’t really eat anything since morning at the airplane.

Buffet Yakiniku

Went back to the hostel after that, and it’s already past midnight when i reach my hostel :O. Geez. And mind you, i wrote this blog post at around 3am as usual as i cant sleep lol. And i need to wake up tomorrow at around 8am for more events… GG !!

Tomorrow Schedule : Idol Street (GEM, Cheeky Parade, Super Girls live) at Odaiba, followed by Idol Koushien concert that starts from 13:00 to 22:35…yes…this is all just one day before TIF…Hectic schedule indeed…but while in Japan, you really gotta make the most of it lol. πŸ˜›

Anyways, will update the blog again tomorrow if i have the time ,for now i will try to get some sleep…Gnite World~~

General TIF Facts + Strategies for 1st timer!!

Posted: July 26, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF) 2014 is one week away ! πŸ˜€ Before that i want to update the blog again with yet-another-TIF- post, with some facts and tips for those who never attended TIF before ^^ Here ya go~~



Yes, one thing you should know first is that….Tokyo Idol Festival is actually FREE!!! There is many different stages and Market place area which you can access without the tickets.

If you do buy the tickets (sold separately as 1 day or 2 day pass), you will be given a “wristband”, which ENABLES you to access ALL areas of the festival, especially the more “premium” stages (most of them are the indoor ones), such as the Hot Stage”, “Doll Factory, “Enjoy Studium”, etc etc.

The Wristband that allow you all access of the festival

But if you are cheapo and don’t want to buy a ticket…then you still can access “some” areas around the festival just fine. My friend went to the festival last year without a ticket, and he’s still able to see HKT48, 9nine, etc etc just fine because they performed there at the Smile Garden area (the free stage lol).


The good and bad thing about TIF is the stages. As i said before, there are multiple stages, which means you get more options to choose, and more variation as well. You have the decision to choose which idols you want to see!!! It’s on you !! πŸ˜€

TIF2014 World Map

My favorite stages since the first TIF i went to in 2012, is the Sky Stage obviously. During sunset, the stage is just too awesome. You can see the sky, the sunset, and the idols performing at the same time ^^

Me at the Sky Stage in TIF 2013 :3

But the bad thing is, of course, you can’t see them all. At some point, there’s gotta be one or two idols you want to see, but they performed TOGETHER at the same time at different stages(clash of timings) so you have to think and prepare your own schedule properly.


One place that you need to pay attention is the Market Place.

As the title says, this is the place where you can buy idol goods. Most idol groups will set-up their own booths here, and you can buy concert goods and stuffs – with added bonus most of the time.

Prepare your Wallet !!!

Yeah, usually the idol themself will sell you the goods themself, or you will get some bonus added service such as handshake or in some cases, even 2shots lol.

Me with Idol College’s Non-chan in TIF2013

Oh, for the cheapos, some groups will also hand out free flyers and free uchiwas too!


Yeah some of the idols will walk around the festival, AND !!! the lesser known ones, sometimes they walk around in the festival WITHOUT any staffs guarding them at all!! lol. This allows you to talk to them for free, but of course, this is not really recommended, so please draw a limit, and don’t stalk your idols that much if you really like them !!! (LOL)

Some Japs stalking some idols i dont know the name lol

Also one thing you also need before attending TIF is to arrange your own “stategy” lol


Since there are many things happening at the same time , you need to take a closer look on the schedule and decide which groups you want to see. Now, this seems EASY at first, but once you experienced TIF once, then you will know that sometimes…, things aren’t as easy as it looks.

1. The Weather factor.
Rain. This has happened to me in TIF 2013 on the first day, during Dorothy Little Happy performance at the smile garden, since it rained heavily, they have to postpone the performance…thankfully they shifted the performance to the 2nd day, and not really cancel the entire performance!!

Another thing you need to consider is the HEAT. Some outdoor stages such as Smile Garden and the Sky Stage is REALLY HOT during day time.

The Outdoor Smile Garden Stage

Summer in Japan can be very harsh, and if you really can’t stand the heat, you need to consider to go the indoor stages during day time, and only see the outdoor stages in the late afternoon or night.

2. Time and Distance.

There is also DISTANCE and TIME factor too. To go between stages to stages, The further the stage, the more time you need to prepare to go there. Some stages, as Doll Factory, has an attendace limit. when there’s too many people inside, the staff will block the entrance and you need to wait outside in the waiting list. To avoid such thing happened, be sure to arrive at the stage at least one time block / one artist Before the ones you wanted to see, so you have time buffer in case you can’t get in to the stages.

3. The “front row” trick.

After each performance, most of the fans will leave the stage, allowing you to squeeze in front to get nearer to the stage. If you don’t want to go in between the stages, and decided to stay in the same stage for a while, you can always do this, and squeeze through all the way until you reach the front row. Just wait after each group finish performing, and you will be able to to squeeze in front. Usually, squeezing from the left/right sides is much easier than from the middle areas, so do take note lol.

Do note though the more front you reach, the more “fierce” the fans would be, some of them will keep pushing you, moshing, screaming, and all other crazy shit ! If you’re just a normal fan who don’t want to do anything and just want to enjoy the show…well.. I suggest you to Stay in the Back!!

Everyone wants to be in front !! Admit it !!!

Cheeky parade, BiS and Passpo for example, their fans is famous for it’s moshing and pushing, so you really need to becareful lol πŸ˜€

Another interesting thing is that, some japanese fans are kind enough to give you way to go in front of them, if you ask. Sometimes they will check your tshirt too, if you are wearing your favorite idol groups tshirt during their time of the performance. Just remember that you need to do the same for them, and go to the back once their performance is finished.

4.The DAMNED Sky Stage LIFT

Now this happened to me in TIF 2012 and i dont want it to happen again. So, the Sky Stage has this “flaws” that, to get upstairs, you need to take a lift. The lift has it limits, so sometimes the queue to go in and up the lift takes some time…and the bad news is that, the building only has 2 damn Lift to go up and down !!! lol.

So, if any famous groups performed there, it will be very crowded, and it can took a while for you to get up there — OR — Going Down. In 2012, im stuck upstairs in the Sky stage for more than 30 minutes, just waiting for the lift to go downstairs.

If you’re too slow to go to the lift, this is what happens – the QUEUE

If you are in the sky stage, my advise is that, after (or even BEFORE) some groups finish performing, you need to be QUICK and RUN all the way to the lift before the others reached there, so you can go back downstairs quicky in peace lol. f you wait a while after the groups finished performing, then there’s a chance that you will be stuck upstairs, waiting with a huge wave of people who wanted to go downstairs too, like me last time lol.

So in short – be prepare with your schedule, and allow some time buffer to avoid such things!!

Last Words / Random Ramblings:
My Japan trip is only one week away, and i’m waaay too excited that i will be going for Tokyo Idol Festival for the 3rd time in a row (since 2012 !) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› Im still sad that Cheeky Parade, E-Girls or 9nine isn’t in this year’s performer list, but at least we’ve got Dempagumi Inc in exchange!!! Not bad. πŸ˜€

And oh… one funny thing i noticed is that Idol College is not going to perform at the Hot Stage this year lol. I remember last year when they performed before HKT48 at the Hot Stage…those where the days haha. This year is not a good year for Idol College fans for sure…. after the mass member graduation and stuffs, and now they can’t even get a space on the Hot Stage in TIF..oh dear :/…but well…at least they have a NEW single this year! LOL.

Ok, so putting all my random rambling & stuffs aside, i will still do a coverage/review of this year’s TIF as usual, so please do wait for my next update ^^ Cheers~

TIF 2014 – *Wish List* + Ramblings PART 2 !!

Posted: July 17, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

So, i made an article last week about my TIF wish list…turns out, i got some of my wish granted…:D πŸ˜€ yippie!! Suddenly Denpagumi.inc announced that they would be appearing at TIF 2014 !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And in the other news…HKT48 would be appearing AGAIN in this year’s festival lol, as a representative from the 48 groups. Damn. Hoping for NMB48 at least :/

Some Random Ramblings

Seeing the line up page now, they just added the dates of when the groups would be performing. For Example:

There’s one thing i really hate from the current schedule man……Passpo, Denpagumi Inc and GEM would only be appearing for one day only – on the 3rd of August !! That means, on the 2nd day of TIF, i will need to arrange my schedule carefully in order to see them all lol…Of course, the full timetable isnt out yet (probably will be released 1 week before concert as usual), but from now on i should be prepared to focus on the other groups i wanted to see, such as Dorothy Little Happy, Idol College, Palet etc etc. ON THE 1st DAY OF TIF…In that case i can give them a miss on the 2nd day, and focus on the other groups which havent appeared yet lol

One good thing though, is that HKT48 would appears ONLY on the 1st day (2nd August), and not on the 2nd day (yay). so on the 2nd day, probably there will be lesser people without all the 48 fans around haha. Yippie~

Oh. then Rev from DVL. Wow. it seems they will be appearing in both days of the festival !! That’s good, because i want to see how good they really are. I already saw them during last japan trip when they performed “Love Arigatou” in Music Japan, but this time i probably can see them much much closer. I still didn’t get all the hype about this “Kanna hashimoto”, sure she is cute. but the “once-in-a-thousand-year” idol “Tagline”, as THIS Article suggest is a little overdoing it imo…

Oooh yeah Kanna, lets see if you can poison me this time !!

So yeah, we’ll see if i’d changed my mind about “Kanna and Rev from DVL” after this TIF trip lol.

Other Stuffs:

Recently i got really addicted with E-Girls too, so it’s too bad that they wont be performing at this year’s fest (probably too big and famous already lol). And this year’s Sakura Gakuin is without Suuchan (Graduated), while Moa and Yui would be busy with their world tour with Babymetal. So yeah, i can pretty much give Sakura Gakuin a miss this year. haha. Nobody else i know is in the group for the Festival lol.

Another thing i heard is that some ex-BiS member would be appearing on this year’s festival. I probably should check them out too when i have the time. And oh, my interested in AeLL suddenly drops because they will be doing a Hiatus soon πŸ™ But i will definitely check them out for one last time in case they really disband “forever” or something lol.

Some other groups i would check out too when i have the time:
Babyraids, Tokyo 2 Cheer Party, Tsuribit, etc etc

One Last Wish:

I hope they’d announce Cheeky parade on the performer list on the very last minute….pretty please???? But i guess that won’t happen >_< Current Line up for Idol Groups in TIF2014 can be seen here

TIF 2014 – *Wish List*

Posted: July 8, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

Well, ever since they announced this year’s “Tokyo Idol Festival”, i can’t help but wait and hope for my favorite groups to appears on the line up for this year’s “BIGGEST” idol festival. Now there is only one month left, and… don’t get me wrong, i am all set for this year TIF, being my favorite group “Passpo”, “Dorothy Little Happy”, “Palet” and “Idol College” are already in it anyway, so im pretty much happy already. But i also can’t help to think that some groups are still missing from this year’s performer list… πŸ™

UPDATE 18th July 2014 – Turns out Denpa and HKT48 is appearing for this years fest lol.

Of course, There’s still some time (few more weeks) until the festival kicks off in august, and i still remember how they announced HKT48 so late to appears in the festival last year, so yeah, there’s still hope… πŸ™

Not sure when they gonna announce the “final” list for the festival, but here is my top 5 idol groups that’ “still” missing from this year festival’s performer list. *Rants begin here* xD πŸ˜›

1. Idol Street’s – “Super girls” / “Cheeky Parade”

Well well well…so idol street has announced their sister groups “GEM” and “W-Street + E-Street” but there’s something missing obviously…..where the hell is SUPERGIRLS and CHEEKY PARADE ??? :O

Now. i am not the biggest Supergirls fan, in fact, i rated Cheeky Parade (which also missing sadly) much highly than SuperGirls, but then again, i’m still surprised that they didnt get to appears for this year festival. I mean, they have been performing at TIF since the first TIF back in 2010 !! Not sure why they decided to pull out from this one…

As for cheeky parade, this is another blow for this year’s TIF, as i think they are one of my favorite performers during last year’s TIF :/ Sigh… Maybe cuz they too mainstream already? Lol πŸ™

2. 9nine

Another familiar/regular group that is missing from this year’s line up is none other than 9nine.Now i think this is one of the most “WTF” one because they decided to appears in “Rock In Japan” festival 2014 instead. WTF, they choose to appears in “rock” festival instead of idol festival :O *scratches head*

3. BiS (BrandNew Idol Society)
Ah yes. BiS. The reason why they wont be appearing in this festival is that they are disbanding (sadly), exactly a month’s before this year idol festival, on Yokohama Arena – 8 July 2014, which is a shame πŸ™

Their “Nerve” performance at last year’s TIF 2013 is one of the main highlights, and one of my favorite performance too, check it out

Although their performance and group’s image is not for everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re still awesome, and after they disband, they will be missed surely πŸ™ R.I.P BiS πŸ™

4. xxx48 groups

Yeah. SKE48 gets to perform in TIF 2012, and HKT48 in TIF 2013, but there’s no news yet on whatever any 48 groups will actually appears on this year’s fest. Probably not, but that’s actually a great thing because most of the stages will be emptier. Everytime any 48 groups performs, they tends to bring tons of people and traffic, people will be stuck / squeezed like sardines lol. So yeah, i am actually still ok with this one – if it means that i can be closer in front of the stage because there will be lesser people. HAHA.

Update! 18th July So yeah, they sent HKT48 again for their representative this year lol.

5. Denpagumi Inc

I still remember the first time i saw Denpagumi inc in TIF 2012 – Their single “Kira Kira Tunes” back then totally sold me out, and i actually even bought the real single lol (well actually, bought it from my friend, but still same thing haha). I am really dissapointed last year when i didnt get to see their name on the perfomer list, and looks like it will be the same case again this year πŸ™ sigh.

Update! 18th July They will be appearing this year actualy. OMG F*** yes !!!

Bonus – Momoiro Clover Z

Well….Momoiro Clover has been missing in the last few years of TIF, so it’s not a surprise…but yeah, i dont think they’ll ever come back for this; they’re just too big/mainstream already lol

Other thoughts:

There’s been talks about more “famous” and more “mainstream” group to withdraw from this year’s festival because they want to give more time for those lesser known idol groups, and to promote them more towards wider audience, but we’ll see how it goes eh. The performers/idol list is still open, so there’s still “last minute chance” that some of these groups to appears last minute, but i am not hoping much.

I’ve been attending TIF since 2012, and this year will be my 3rd year in a row. I already have my favorite group performing in this year’s festival, so all is good. But you know. It could’ve been “better”…lol. Let’s just hope for the best for this comign weeks. haha. πŸ˜€

~ end rants ~

PS: I will be in Japan on 31st July until 4th August 2014, so you will see this blog being updated again in few weeks time, so stay tuned for it xD

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2014 March Trip – Day 19

Posted: March 30, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

30th March 2014

Last Day in Tokyo. Wow. Tomorrow i will be going back already, can’t believe how time flies by so fast >_< So today i did all my last minute shopping and last minute sightseeing for Sakura trees in Ueno lol....Woke up in the morning around 10am, and went straight to Akihabara. After buying some stuffs there, i went to Ueno Park to take some Sakura pictures sakura01

After some sakura sight-seeing, i went to my next event for the day, “Fairies” Mini live at Laqua. Before going i had to confirm with my friend first if the event still going on (my friend went there earlier than me for the earlier session), and turns out the event still go on even though it’s raining + heavy wind throughout tokyo today…well..the AKB concert today got cancelled because of the wind, so i have to make sure lol…but once my friend informed me that the Fairies event still on…i went there asap lol. πŸ˜€

Fairies Mini Live @ Laqua City – 15:30 session

When i reached there it’s still raining. The stage has shelter, but the audience areas doesnt have anything, so most of the fans has to wear rain-jacket or holding umbrella to take cover lol. I am here to take pictures by the way, since for Fairies events, you are allowed to take photos, so it’s a perfect oppurtunity for me to use my DSLR once again lol.

And As for me, when i took pictures, i have to fold my umbrella and shoot in the rain lol…no choice, since there’s no way i can hold umbrella and shoot at the same time lol.

Here are some pictures.




My friend went to handshake with fairies, and since i got to rush somewhere else, so i left the place. Later on though my friend told me that they actually sang one more song after the handshake is finished lol, oh well.

After that, i went to do more shopping in Nakano Trio shop (for more idol goods, bought Passpo 2nd hand tshirt for 1500 yen, not bad lol.) then i went to Ikebukuro for the next event…

Palet’s handshake/cheki event at Ikebukuro HMV 19:00

Yeah the next event is the handshake/cheki event lol. Palet actually got live today, but i couldnt go because of something lol…so in the end i attended this event. The event is held inside HMV @ Ikebukuro Lumine.


There’s all member handshake, individual handshake, autograph signing, and random cheki event. For autograph, it requires 2 tickets, meaning you need to preorder 2 cds lol. The random cheki only requires 1 ticket (1 cd) but yeah, it is random so you cannot choose member lol.


I went to buy one CD only just for the random cheki and want to see my luck xD Btw, after i bought the cd i just realized so far i have purchased of total 5 PALET CDs for pre-order (1 for 3shot event, 1 for noodol cafe event, 2 yesterday at the Idol Koushien, and another one today lol), but the worst part is that, i couldnt collect them because the single is released on the 23th of April >_<. So yeah, im paying all this for the event benefits only, since i know i can't collect the CDs anyway...the timing is a bit bad, i dont think any of my friend would be in Japan by then lol. So anyways, i waited for my turn, took about 1 hour cuz the random cheki segment is the last one, after all the handshake and signing events lol. So finally at the end...i got cheki with Mitsuki (Mikki) lol. mikki

Well…she didnt appears yesterday at the idol koushien for some reason, so yeah, not bad. Actually i am okay with all of the palet member so there’s nothing to lose for me lol…although i kinda hoped i would get Sakimo or Yuicchi at least lol.

After the event, went back to my guest house to pack my bags and stuffs. I will be leaving Tokyo tomorrow at 11:50am, but since it took around 2 and half hours to reach Narita airport from my guesthouse, i have to wake up at around 6am lol…so i doubt i can sleep today haha.

Oh well that’s about it. Probably this will be my last post for this trip, there’s no need for me to write for the 20th Day since it would be about me going to the airport only haha πŸ˜€ But i will probably do a recap of my 20 days trip in japan (as usual) hehe.

Time to get some rest, good nigths, and thanks for reading all my crap lol, til’ next time xD πŸ˜€

2014 March Trip – Day 18

Posted: March 29, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

29th March 2014

Woke up around 10am to prepare for today events…quite busy today. First i got to meet my friend from malaysia at the Tsuribit event @ Shibuya Marui City. The mini live is free and they performed around 4-5 songs…lol…damn one of the song stuck in my head but i dont know the title lol…My friend went to take group photo with them, need to buy 3 cds for the event ticket…i decided to save some money instead haha.

After the Tsuribit event finished at 14:00, went to Akihabara for the Ai Shinozaki event. Reached just on time and went to proceed to the level 8 of the event area of softmap…lol…its damn spacious…can easily fit 200 ppl here lol. Waited until the event starts at 15:00 at Sofmap akiba.

Ai Shinozaki DVD launch event

Didnt know how the event would be as they never mention it on the site lol…so turns out you get to take pictures of ai chan in bikini first, in group of 8 people…everyone gets 10 seconds each of eye contact with her, so probably you can snap around 4-5 photos with her eye contact, before she moved on to the guy next to you lol.

After the photoshoot session, is the handshake session, followed by the 2shot session. Ai chan wore the fashion outfit again during the handshake though (damn) i though the 2shot would be in bikini lol.


Also, the autograph is already pre-signed, not she sign her self, haha. but i get 2 copies of the cover with her autograph in it though,so not bad after all lol.


After that i proceeded to take 2shot with her πŸ˜€


Once i took the 2shot with aichan, i quickly rushed to the next venue- Studio Coast for the Idol Koushien live. The event actually starts from 10.45 am, but since i got other things to do, i can only arrive here on 530pm lol…anyways all the groups i wanted to see performing after 6pm so thats fine with me.

Idol Koushien Festival 29th March 2014

When i arrived there, i managed to see GEM…for like 30 seconds only before they finished their turn lol…yeah come abit late…:/ Predia performs after that, but i dont know much of their songs lol


After Predia, its “Idol College” , “Palet” , “Cheeky Parade”, and “Passpo”. I didnt get to see Bellring and Kikkawa You because i went outside to queue for palet event lolol. Anyways, here is the setlist for some of the artist, some songs are missing because i dont know the title or forgot the title lol.

Idol College
1. Shoujo Zotsugyou
2. Ichigo Parfait
3. Cherry Girl
4. Ryuuseigun~ Meteor Stream
5. Yozora

1. Believe in yourself
2. Keep on loving you
3. (coupling song of the new single)
4. Shouri no Seal

Cheeky Parade
1. Mugendai Shoujo A
2. CPU
3. Tactics
4. ?
5. BunBun nine9
6. Cheeky Dreamer

1. Wing
2. Natsuzora Hanabi
3. Sakura Komachi
4. Beast in You
5. Wanted
6. Perfect Sky

Some interesting things…during idol college…everybody went berserk when they sing “Ichigo Parfait” lol…i guess it is their trademark songs hahaha.

For Cheeky Parade, during the first song “Mugendai Shoujo A” there’s audio problem lol. It stopped halfway, before they went back inside, and re-did the song LOL, so they did the song twice.

During Passpo…im already high since the first song lol, when they sing “Wing” (it’s one of my fav passpo single), followed by “Natsuzora Hanabi” wooooo. They also went to perform their new single “Perfect Sky”…too bad they didnt sing “Material Girl” or “Lalala love train though”. Also, im starting to like “Beast in You” now because Annya is the centre for the performance LOL !! πŸ˜€

Anyways, while waiting for passpo, i went to go out to see the handshake events outside…saw the Palet’s section and there’s not much people there…so i dropped by to see see. Then i see Sakimo pointed at me, turns out she didnt remember my name but at least she still remember im from Indonesia lol :D…not bad…so i asked the female staff if can “2shot/cheki” with her, and she say needs to preorder 2 single…lol…i am weak, so yeah, there goes another 2400 yen πŸ™


Btw i took the cheki 2times, as the staff made a mistake during the first time (she didnt use flash) so it ended up too dark lol. I ask her if can re-take the picture since its too dark, and she says “ok” haha. Well it’s better be, or i just wasted 2400 yen on a failed picture lol.

Anyways, after the passpo performance, some of the groups appears again on the main stage to say goodbye, and also, to throw away a ball with their signature on it…lol…too bad most of them didnt throw so far away i couldnt catch any.. most of them ended up to the guys in the front lol…oh well.

After that went back home to rest at the guest house…it’s a long way back from Shin-Kiba to my guesthouse in Musashi-Seki….zzzz..

Tomorrow…is my last day. Haven’t really decided what to do, but definitely will do last minute shopping before i go back to Indonesia haha. Time to rest…good nights~

2014 March Trip – Day 17

Posted: March 28, 2014 by InfinityZer0 in Japan!!

28th Marh 2014

Today…abit lazy to go out because tomorrow will be a busy day for me lol. But since i have to meet some friends today, i decided to go out anyway at around 3pm lol.

So first, i went to meet my friend from Malaysia in the afternoon to pass him the Ai Shinozaki DVDs and event tickets i have purchased last week lol…and since i want to go some event in Shibuya, i decided to meet him at Shibuya Ax too, which at the same time, is the venue for Sakura Gakuin Live today. I didnt go to the live though πŸ˜€ Had some chat for a while before i moved on


From Shibuya Ax, i walk around in Tower Records first, before going to the ‘Tsuribit’ mini live at Shibuya Marui City event hall. I haven’t really listened to Tsuribit songs before, i only went there because it’s a free event lol. There’s about 50+ ppl there, and they only went to sing 3 songs, including the latest single i think.


After the ‘Tsuribit” Mini live, i went on to the next building, “shibuya tower records” for the next (and free :D) mini live, idol group “Lyrical School”. Very convenient for me that there’s 2 free idol live back to back, and the venue is next to each other too hahaha :3 πŸ˜›

For the “Lyrical School” live, there’s more people than the Tsuribit event lol, and most of the fans are still wearing their business/office suits, while dancing,and chanting throghout the live, quite funny to see lol. Lyrical School went to sing 4 – 5 songs before the mini live ended. Their new single “Brand new day” sounds not bad for me though haha.


After the live, went to eat dinner before going back to my guest house. Haha yeah, today is quite a short day. Saving my energy for tomorrow…”Idol Koushien” live, and Ai Shinozaki event at softmap Akiba…I think i need to wake up like 8am tomorrow to prepare for the live lol…so goodnights ~